Lana Rose Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Father, Wiki

Lana Rose is just one of the many celebrities that came to fame by YouTube for their many interests and their interesting personalities.

She has a very wide range of different video topics, one of them being makeup videos and also lifestyle video and supercar videos. Lana has an impressive amount of followers, especially on her Instagram where she has 1.2 million followers.

Early years

She was born in Dubai on 21st of September in 1989 by the name Parisa. Her parents were Esmail and Nadereh. Her last name was Beiraghdary, and it was very complicated for her since she was young.

Lana always knew she wanted to be famous and known, and her last name would make it harder for her, so she chose to change her name to Lana Rose so she would be more recognizable.

Her brother is a vlogger. His name is Mohamed and they were always close, since they were little kids, and are still now in good relations.

They went together to London where Lana was studying and educating herself so she could easily find a serious job, that she could make a nice living out of.

When Lana finished with her education, she and her brother Mohamed decided that it was best for them to return to Dubai where they had much more opportunities than in the UK.

Lana always enjoyed to draw, and she did it for as long as she remembers. She started making her first oil paintings when she was around 11 years old.

Her most recognized work was made when she was about 17 and it was a turning point for her, she decided that she should start focusing on her artistry more.

Throughout the years she learned that it was best for her to be single rather than in a relationship because all of her relationships were holding her back, and she couldn’t properly focus on her work and career.

Career development

Lana Rose created her YouTube channel back in 2013, in hopes to become known. She simply called it by her name, “Lana Rose”.

She decided to share videos of her doing makeup because she was a professional makeup artist and she wanted to help people in their artistry.

She is also very passionate about teaching young women and men of her little secrets and how to do makeup in a professional way, using good techniques.

She occasionally does vlogs in which she shows her wealthy way of living. She shares all her supercars, and possessions she had for her whole life.

Because her channel was in constant growth Lana Rose decided to include some other YouTube celebrities on her channel so she did many collaborations with YouTubers like Logan Paul (an extremely controversial figure in the YouTube world), Mona Monica Kattan, Karim Benzema, KSI and Huda Kattan, a popular makeup artist who has an extremely successful line of makeup.

A huge number od her YouTube videos have over 1 million views, and some special ones have few million views.

Some of the videos with more than one million views are “My Indian Makeover” where she gets back to her roots, “Beach Day with Lana” in which she talks about all the good time she spends back home and “Driving the Lamborghini Aventador”, where we can clearly see that Lana has a huge passion for fast, expensive cars.

Lana has many talents, and although she is a YouTuber and a makeup artist she gets a lot of her income by selling the paintings she does with oil paints.

She shares her artwork on Twitter and there she shows of her artwork for potential buyers and it works for her because she gets a lot of offers there.

She also makes a big amount of money modeling, along with monetizing and other things. She has a lot of talents and they all pay off!

Sometimes, she makes money from advertisements from big makeup brands that like to pay for her to share their product on her big network.

Personal life

Lana currently lives with her mother and her brother, Mohamed. She has always been very close to them.

Lana’s father doesn’t live with the rest of the family because he and her mother are divorced. Although they still maintain a great relationship, they prefer not to live together.

Lana always had a luxurious lifestyle and that hasn’t changed yet. She spends a lot on her supercars and her favorite one is a Lamborghini Huracan that costs a quarter million dollars.

She stated that some of her favorite hobbies include traveling, painting, blogging, and shopping. Although she loves to spend her free time outside, she works from home and loves how convenient it is for her.

Her favorite places to be are both London and Dubai, where she spent most of her life (in London when she was a child and Dubai right now). She is really used to those two cities and prefers them because of it.

She has stated that her favorite YouTubers are Huda Kattan and Logan Paul. She loves Logan for his comedy and creative content.

Huda was always a huge role model of hers because they are of similar origin and are in a similar field of work and Huda showed her how successful she can be.

Lana loves to experiment with her hair and dye it in many colors. She also likes to match her hair color with her makeup looks. Because of that, she has worn wigs in the past but doesn’t wear them now.

On Lana’s Instagram, we can see how she often travels and how luxurious her lifestyle is, but we can also see how she enjoys lifting weights and work out in the gym.

She has lost a lot of weight that way, although it was hard for her in the beginning, but now she loves to work out and takes care of her physique.

Lana is really proud of her origins and of her people and because of that she often posts her family pictures.

She is also really inspired by her own culture and it is visible in her work as a professional makeup artist.

She is also a singer and has posted few covers and singing videos on her Instagram in the past. She never considered it as a career but more as a personal pleasure.

Lana always shares her talks with girls all around the globe about body image and hateful comments.

She said that she was made fun of herself because of her native features and that she was told she would never succeed because of her chubby face but she has proved them all wrong and she wants to spread a message that everyone can make it in the industry. Its all about hard work and devotion.

She also wants young girls to learn how to love their bodies and the features they were given.

Quick summary

Full name: Parisa Beiraghdary

Date of birth: September 21, 1989

Birthplace:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Age: 30

Profession: vlogger, makeup artist, artist, YouTube star

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $4 million

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