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Harley Morenstein is a known actor from Canada who is especially famous for his vlogs and as a host of a very popular YouTube show called “Epic Meal Time”.

Early years

Harley was born as Harland Morenstein on July 29, 1985 in a town Montreal in Quebec in Canada.

He comes from a Jewish family since his grandparents came to Canada and became the citizens of Canada a very long time ago, when they migrated from Europe after the war.

He has spent all of his childhood with his brother Darren and the two of them have an unbreakable bond.

Since he was a kid he loved eating very much: this wasn’t surprising since he was tall  and very heavily built. He jus could eat a lot of food.

He learned how to cook when he was young and he was great at it,  so his brother ultimately revelaed to him that it is a pitty not to share his love of food and recipes on the Internet and told him to open his YouTube Food Channel to turn his hobby into a steady income.

Career development

His first choice of career was being a history teacher at an academy in Lachine. This was not a surprise to anyone because history was his favorite school subject and he finished it as a student at Dawson College. After that he got himself the degree from McGill University which allowed him to become a teacher.

One of the first videos he took when he was younger was the one which went viral and became popular because people liked his looks and his ability to eat a giant cheeseburger.

That hamburger was the beginning of it all because he ate it quickly, through laughter and fun and following the rhythm of a theme song from “The Terminator”.

He made a lot of videos with his school friends like David Heuff and Josh Elkin.

In 2010 he was one of the creators of a YouTube channel called “Epic Meal Time” which is now one of the most popular food channels ever.

The channel is close to 10 million subscribers and is especially popular because Harley often has some guests in the show such as Seth Rogen, Tony Hawk and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His cooking show was so popular that he decided to open his own production company under the name “Next Time Productions” and he did it alongside his brother who is his big supporter and help and one of the main persons in Harley’s life.

Although he is the main star of the channel, there are more people acting on this show. For example, the show gave attention to  Sterling Toth and Alex “Muscle Glasses” Perrault which have left their jobs and earned money based on the show.

He also became known because of his looks since he is very tall and has a big beard.

That made him open the new channel about beards and this caused him to turn to vlogging.

He’s vlogging Channel is very popular and has half a million of subscribers and in it he shares details of his personal life which includes his girlfriend, his pets and all the people involved in the work of his food channel.

His first appearance as a cast member in a music video was in a video called “Epic wRap” which was performed by Destorm in 2011.

In 2011, he won a Shorty Award for Best in Food category.

Toth and Perrault both left the show in 2013 due to the disagreements they had with Harley and especially his brother.

He was a guest star on Freddy Bronx Video Game High School and appeared in Just Dance 4 promotional campaign for the Ubisoft. His first big appearance was in a horror comedy film called “Tusk” made by Kevin Smith.

He was also an actor in the movie called “Holidays” and in a horror trilogy called “Moose Jaws”.

Harley had a role in the 2015 movie about zombies titled “Dead Rising: Watchtower.” In 2015 he was on the 29th place on the Forbe’s list “The 30 under 30”.

Doing all this time he works is a history teacher because he loves to do it.

His net worth is estimated at 7 million dollars so we can surely say there is no other reason for him to teach history other than because he loves it.

He appeared in a lot of TV shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and was invited to “The Ellen Show”. The both shows are very popular both in America and in Canada.

Harley gained a nickname during his show Epic Meal Time and it is “Sauce boss”.

He is a terrific cook but he is different from other cooks because he makes very caloric food and he loves to use bacon sauces and alcohol. That is why he garnered that nickname.

Because everybody knows he loves bacon he was invited to act in the music video called “Rub Some Bacon on it”.

Other than the income he earns from the show, Harley also receives income from selling T-Shirts, video games, cookbooks and phone applications.

Harley says that his show is inspired by another TV show called “Jackass” and that they even put a similar logo for their show.

Personal life

He started his relationship with Kyla Leon (she gave herself a stage name Chola Barbie), an actress and they are very happy since. They have been together from 2014 but they still aren’t engaged or married.

It is interesting to see them together because he is very huge but she is quite tiny and small.

She sometimes joins him on his TV show “Epic Meal Empire” and cooks with him and he then shares their personal information to the public and shows his love to her.

Harley gained weight since he started his food show on the internet but he is not worried about his because he’s extremely tall.

Quick summary

Full name: Harland Morenstein

Date of birth: July 29, 1985

Birthplace:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Age: 33

Profession: cook, Youtuber, Viner, vlogger, history proffessor

Height: 1,98 m

Weight: 100 kgs

Net Worth: $6 million

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