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Randall Pich is a known American entrepreneur and a personal trainer who gained his wealth from his fitness clothing business.

He was very interested in graphic design and he has done it all through his high school which brought him collaboration and work with many companies.

Early years

Randall Pich was born on on February 7th 1988 in Long Beach in United States and his birth sign is Aquarius.

He has both Asian and American roots since his parents are Cambodians and then they came to America as refugees.

His childhood was tough, since his parents were immigrants and had jobs with lower incomes at the beginning, when they first came to the country.

They tried to raise their children as best they could considering the situation and to afford them the things other kids had.

Since he was a restless kid who was always trying to learn more, he even started playing various musical instruments.

He was a teenager of 13 when he decided to go on tours with a musical bend. He decided to invest more time in growing in this hobby and therefore he thought that joining a band would be a really good practice.

Since the bend needed a lot of money to travel and to buy instruments which are their main tools,  they started producing items for fans and it was very successful. They didn’t expect it at all and therefore this was a huge surprise to them.

After Randall saw that the items he designed for the group are being sold very quickly, he decided to start his own clothing brand. This required a lot of work, but he commited himself to it.

He was a student at Cal State University where he studied Kinesiology and Exercise science but he decided to drop out just a little before ending. His parents weren’t pleased.

He had only six subjects to pass when he decided to quit and nobody couldn’t persuade him otherwise. All of his fitness clients recommended him to stay at college but he still decided otherwise.

The college we are talking about is settled at Long Beach State and during all the studies he worked as a personal trainer. But he hasn’t sit still so he and his friend Bruce opened a T-shirt store.

He hasn’t finished college because lots of his friends became successful in clothing business and he thought that he will miss his opportunity to do the same.

He had a great income while he was in college because he did three jobs and three different incomes.

He was a great skateboarder and his hobby was to design clothes four other skateboarders and local brands.

He turned to skateboarders, surfers and bodybuilders too – they were his great promoters. He had a plan and didn’t want to go off tracks for nothing.

Career development

His favorite activities when he was younger were skateboarding and surfing. He loved the adrenaline and being outdoors so these sports were his best choice.

He also found interest in photography and in graphic design. This was his other passion than sports: he always had a good eye for art and fashion and this was the way to bring them to life.

After he started being involved in bodybuilding he entered college study the logistics of personal training business which was all a base for his new company.

Although people knew he had a tough childhood, he emphasized that it made him a workaholic because he tried twice as hard.

He says that everybody think that it was more hard for him to succeed in business because he is a Cambodian and covered in tattoos but it’s not the truth.

He’s a huge fan of fitness so personal training was very natural to him and he even tried himself in bodybuilding shows where he gained a lot of positive grades.

Since he had more and more work as a personal trainer he decided to open a clothing company called “Live Fit” where he would design clothes for his clients only.

He was a personal trainer for 7 years and designing and making T-shirts was just something he made to show off his talent and earn some extra income.

He was always booked and in one period of time there was a waiting list for him at the gym, which prooves that he was excellent in his job and was a great personal trainer. After that came the idea to do something more serious about this apparel.

He used his social media account on Instagram to connect with other people and he advertised as a brand after he realized how powerful internet is.

Personal training business was named RP Fitness and he advertised it with videos and photos on Instagram.

This was much easier for him because he was a graphic designer and he could do a lot of it by himself.

He started getting followers and more and more people started buying his “Life Fit” clothes.

He also had his YouTube channel to put his content on it and to release videos of his trainings and his bodybuilding routine.

He started his business in a very plain warehouse but he hired one friend who was still underaged to help him.

The two of them packed orders together but he was the one who did the design for it and took care of all other paper work. After that he hired a girl who has worked at Apple Inc. and she was very good at logistics which is a base of every business.

After that the business started growing and he had to hire even more people.

He always worked hard and was used to little sleep and long hours so he could manage all of it. This can be proved by the fact that he had three jobs and went to college at the same time.

Personal life

His biggest inspiration is Nipsey Hussle, a hip hop star and a businessman. Randall says that they are very much alike since they both came from rough neighbourhoids and are both covered in tattoos but he succeeded in his entrepreneurship and became a leader and independent.

He has a black Lamborghini and often puts pictures of him and the vehicle on his Instagram account with over 250,000 followers.

He loves to bragg about it especially since he comes from a poor background. He also puts motivational sayings on the same photos.

He combines a lot of different training metodhs for his client but he especially Muay Thai and similar boxing techniques.

Quick summary

Full name: Randall Pich

Date of birth: February 7, 1988

Birthplace:  Long Beach, California

Age: 30

Profession: entrepreneur, personal trainer, bodybuilder, social media star.

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: 1,8 million

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