FaZe Jev Net Worth 2024: How Rich is this Youtuber?

There are 5.26 million people who follow FaZe Jev on YouTube, making it a popular site. It began in 2009.FaZe Jev is a well-known American YouTube gamer. In 2012, he started his channel with a commentary video for “Modern War 3.”

After joining the e-sports team FaZe Clan, he slowly became more famous. People mostly know him for his “RAGETAGE” videos and how he plays Call of Duty. 2.7 million people are now following him on YouTube.

FaZe Jev

FaZe Jev’s Net Worth

Net Worth Spot says that FaZe Jev’s net worth is more than $2.46 million. Even though no one knows how much FaZe Jev is worth. The people who work on our site think that FaZe Jev’s net worth is around $2.46 million, but no one knows for sure.

However, Net Spot Worth’s estimate only looks at one source of income. FaZe Jev may be worth more than $2.46 million. Because of these other ways of making money, FaZe Jev might be worth around $3.44 million.

Faze Jev’s Sources of Income

Jason put up his first YouTube movie with the title “HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE!” This is because he often yells and screams when something bad happens in the game he’s playing. It has been going on since 2014 that Jason has been working with the FaZe group.YouTubePeople knows about the “RAGETAGE” movies that Jason put on both his  channels and “CoDKarnage.”

FaZe Jev

For the first Ragetage movie, which was a collection of many outbursts by him and his friends, he played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with his friends x AkG, x SrK, and x HnR. In these kinds of movies, people break desks, scream, and whine loudly, and in one case, Jason’s friend breaks a hole in his  TV (see RAGETAGE #4).

More than 5.3 million people follow him on YouTube, and more than 2 billion videos have been watched. SocialBlade says he makes between $3.4K and $55.2K a month, or $41.4K to $662.4K a year.


Jason has 479k Instagram friends, and each post gets an average of 150,000 likes. His channel is mostly made up of pictures from his daily life, game clips, selfies, and ads. It’s unknown how much he makes on Instagram, but since he has almost 500,000 followers, brands find him to be a great fit for deals and ads.


Jason used to stream a lot on Twitch, but he hasn’t done so since 2018. No one knows why that is the case. Two hundred and fifty thousand people follow him on the streaming service, and he mostly streams games like CS: GO, Vanguard, Battlefield, and many more.

FaZe Jev

Other projects

We don’t know much about Jason’s business or the deal he made with the FaZe group. GFUEL pays for some of the videos on his YouTube page, and some other companies also work with Jev on videos.

Faze Jev’s Expenditures

Faze Jev has kept his personal life out of the public eye, and not much is known about how much money he spends.

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Faze Jev’s Career

What is FaZe Jev’s real name? Jason Eugene is the name, but he hasn’t told anyone what his last name is yet. His YouTube page, FaZe Jev, began in 2009 as poketLWEWT. He has been into games since he was a child.

At first, this channel wasn’t very famous, but FaZe Jev kept making videos while working shifts at a full-time job that no one knew about. No one knows much about FaZe Jev’s personal life because he doesn’t talk about it.

He is different because he still records his play in the room where he began years ago. We don’t know much about him from that, though. In 2012, FaZe Jev posted his first analysis video for “Modern War 3.” This video made him more well-known. Most of his videos were either gaming or commentary clips for Call of Duty.

He began the trend of sharing game techniques and tips for getting through tough levels. The gaming group FaZe Clan was interested in these images. When the clan asked FaZe Jev to join, it brought more attention to his channel. Jev from FaZe still plays in the group as a shooter.

As FaZe Jev has said, joining the clan was never in his plans, but he is glad for the chance. He seems to think that none of this success was planned, and he’s just as shocked as everyone else. He works hard to keep his spot, of course! People know FaZe Jev for his “RAGETAGE” movies, which are part of the CODKarnage channel and aren’t just about games.

FaZe Jev

These videos are collections of FaZe Jev and his gaming friends yelling and going crazy when things go wrong in Call of Duty or Halo. FaZe Jev can’t help but wonder what he did to earn this. These videos are for you if you like responses with a lot of screaming, swearing, cursing, desk smashing, and one time a gamer smashing through his TV.

FaZe Jev’s gaming videos are mostly about guns like Call of Duty, but he has played a lot of different types of games. On his channel, he also posts vlogs in which he often talks about his life or gives his viewers help and support. He posts things on Twitter, like work on videos and other short pieces of comments.

Fan favorite FaZe Jev has also used his fame to fight against drugs and alcohol. More than 117k people follow FaZe Jev on Twitch, and he has over 149 million views on YouTube. 1.33 million people follow him on Twitter, and 369k people follow him on Instagram. FaZe Jev’s net worth is thought to be around $1 million. He makes most of his money from YouTube.

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