FaZe Jev Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

FaZe Jev is very popular player of the game “Call of Duty” and he is on the position of sniper in a gaming clan under name “FaZeClan” that is known in whole world.

He is amazing game player but he gained a big fame thanks to his fans who really loves his comedian and fun videos.

The real name of FaZe Jev is Jason Eugene.

More about this interesting gamer you can read in the text below.

Early years

As we already said in the introduction  the initial (born) name of gamer FaZe Jev is Jason Eugene Vonderhar.

He is born on October 18 1993 in a Browns Mills in New Jersey, United States of America.

Jason has a Puerto Rican, Indian and African American descent.

Jason keep his private life from the public eyes and there is not many information about his childhood.

It is known that he finished South-Doyle high school and according to his statements he spent a great and fun time there joking with his classmates and other pupils.

During his high school education he was playing games the most of time and that was his biggest passion although he also was good basketball player.

Unfortunately, he didn’t develop the basketball career and he decided to devote to playing games.

After he graduated on South-Doyle high school he found a full time job to provide himself a material safety but he continued to play a games in a free time (after or before his work).

Career development

Jason (FaZe Jev) open his YouTube channel under name “poketLWEWT” In 2009 and from that period he started to post videos with playing games. This videos on this channel didn’t attract to much attention.

In 2012 Jason for the first time uploaded video with his comments on playing a game named “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and this video attract the attention of COD fans so he continue to post tutorials with play games strategies.

He revealed in his videos the secrets and tricks to his fans and followers how to pass the levels and they were pleasantly surprised because he shared his great play game knowledge with them.

Soon after that, on of the most popular man e-sports clan called “FaZe Clan”, who compet in playing games on the internet, notice Jason’s videos and invited him to join to their group on the sniper position.

He accepted their offer of course and this brought him huge popularity because as a part of a famous game clan he attracted the attention on his own channel which became very popular.

FaZe Jev is still a member of “FaZe Clan” on the same position (sniper) and he never supposed  that he would became the part of such popular game players group.

He is satisfied with his great success and popularity that he enjoys in a world of playing games.

FaZe is recognized by his yelling, screaming, cursing, smashing things such as desk, television during playing games.

This loudly and crazy behavior in his videos became his trademark and nowdays most of his tutorials have a caution sign written with big letters “HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE”. On this way he warns the viewers who have a headphones on their ears that video can be too loud and surprising for them.

FaZe also has very popular series of videos named “RAGETAGE” that belongs to the “CODKarnage” channel which is one of two FaZe’s channels.

In this videos FaZe is playing game “Call of Duty” or “Hello” with his friends or colleagues. He used to play “Call of Duty” online.

Currently, FaZe has even 2.9 millions of followers on his channel nad this large number is still growing and he is very proud on himself because of his great success.

The game players really respect FaZe because of his amazing play games strategies and tricks.

Besides YouTube channel he has accounts on the other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

He has more than 350.000 of followers on his own Instagram account under name “mrjeverson”.

He has about one million and 300 thousands followers on his Twitter profile on which he often posts a comments about his playing game videos.

FaZe also use his online influence in campaigns against alcoholism and narcotics.

Personal life

Jason (FaZe) has a girlfriend named Alexis who is also passionate and very popular online game player.

They started living together in 2017. FaZe wanted became independent especially because he lived in home with his grandparents and he wasn’t happy there so he decided to leave his family.

She is known under her online (internet) name “SoAr Abstract Sweater”. Their relationship is nice and they posts their together photos on social networks and also a comments on their Twitter accounts.

FaZe and Alexis have a two pets – cat under name Cameron and a dog called Ari and this two pretty animals are often with them on photos they post on their social media accounts.

He likes to wear pink headphones during playing games.

The most popular and viewed video on his channel is “JEV REACTS TO OLD REGETAES” and it’s has 6.7 millions of views.

Net worth

The net worth of FaZe is estimated between $500.000 and $700.000. He earns annually about $400.000 from ads which are shown on his videos. His daily salary is $1.100.

Quick summary

Full name: Jason Eugene Vonderhar

Nickname: FaZe Jev

Date of birth: October 18 1993

Age:  25

Zodiac sign: Libra

Birthplace: Browns Mills, New Jersey, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: YouTuber, game playeer

Net worth and salary: between $500.000 and $700.000 in total, $400.000 annualy

Height: 170 cmn (5 feet and 6 inches)

Weight: 65 kg

Marital status: not married

Love status: in a relationship with game player and YouTuber Alexis who is known under online name “SoAr Abstract Sweater”


Nationality: American

Origin: Puerto Rican, Indian and African American

Ethnicity: mixed

Social media accounts and web site:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/poketLWEWT/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrjeverson/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fazejev

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