Starlito Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

If you love rap music, then you may have heard of Starlito. He is one of the most popular American rappers nowadays.

Also, we have to say that many people know him as a great singer and actor. If you would like to find out who Starlito is and why he is so famous, then you should read this article.

We are going to tell you something about the early years of both the private life and the career of Starlito and we will also explain you the development of his career.

You will see something about his personal life as well, even though there is not much information about that.

We hope that you will like this article and we are sure that you will find out all you wanted to know about this popular rapper.

At the end of this article a quick summary is expecting you and you will see once again the most important things about Starlito and his life.

Early Years

Before we tell you something about the early years of Starlito, you need to know that his real name is Jermaine Eric Shute. He was born on December 15, 1984 in the U.S., actually in Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up in the East Nashville city.

When it comes to his family, we have to say that Starlito is very close with them. They support him in everything that he is doing.

When it comes to Starlito’s education, it is important to say that he was very intelligent and also hard working. Starlito attended the famous Tennessee State University and later he chose the Bachelor of Science. At the time of his studying, Starlito began with making music.

Actually, his first mixtape was produced at that time. Because of the music that he started to produce, he left the studies and his father was very angry because of that. It is also important to say that he was playing basketball at the time when he was at the university. Let’s see now what Starlito has been doing in his career and why he deserves such fame.


As we have already said, the nickname of Jermaine Eric Shute is Starlito. Actually, he changed his name into Starlito at the moment when he left the group called Birdman’s Cash Money Label.

His first song was Grey Goose and it was released in the year 2007. This song was very popular because it featured the rappers Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy. The second song of Starlito was Campagne Crazy, made together with Lil Wayne. His next singl I Go Ham was also very popular and it featured Gucci Mane, a famous rapper from Atlanta. The albums of Starlito were many times on the famous Billboard Top 200 albums and one of his most popular albums was Cold Turkey. Starlito worked in collaboration with Nikki Minaj, Darke and other famous rappers.

We have to mention two mixtapes of Starlito that were very popular – Starlito’s Way and Starlito’s Way 2. There were also other mixtapes, such as Post Traumatic Stress, Introversion, It Ain’t a Game No More, Theories, etc.

One of the most important projects in the career of Starlito was the project Stepbrothers Three that was made together with Don Trip. After releasing this project, Starlito went to the tour in 43 different cities in the United States.

As you can see, Starlito is a very successful rapper and there are a lot of popular singles in his career. But, you need to know that Starlito made great success in acting as well. We will mention the short film under the name Reasonable Edition, in which Starlito played an interesting role. Some other films in which Starlito has appeared were Prince of the Ville, Fried Turkey, Cold Turkey and many others.

You have seen in this chapter some of the most important things about the career of Starlito. Now you will get to know something about his personal life as well.

Personal Life

You may be disappointed when you hear that there is not much information about the personal life of Starlito. What we can tell you for sure is that Starlito lives in a big mansion in the U.S. and he also owns a big apartment in East Nashville. There is no doubt that Starlito enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. We can also mention his expensive cars, such as Chevrolet and Bugatti Chiron.

Now when you have found out some of the most important things from the private life and career of Starlito, you will see in short his biography, personal traits, personal life and net worth.


Full name: Jermaine Eric Shute

Nickname: Starlito, All $tar Cashville Prince

Date of Birth: December 15, 1984

Age: 35

Birth-sign: Saggitarius

Birth place: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Education: Tennessee State University

Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Actor

Discography: I still Love You (2007)

                   Free at Last (2010)

Step Brothers (2011)

                   Ultimate Warrior (2011)

Post Traumatic Stress (2012)

Cold Turkey (2013)

Passed the Present (2015)

                   Hot Chicken (2017)

At WAR with Myself Too (2018)

We have presented you only a couple of the songs that Starlito has produced until now, but of course there are also a lot of others.

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Marital status: Unknown

Children: /

Hobbies: One of the hobbies of this popular rapper could be the collecting of new cars.

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

Weight: 80 kg (176 pounds)

Chest Size: 40 inches

Waist Size: 32 inches

Biceps Size: 13 inches

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: dark brown

Distinctive Features: He is a very tall man.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $3.5 Million

The estimated net worth of this amazing rapper, singer and actor is about $3.5 Million. Of course, the biggest part of his net worth comes from rap music. Apart from his career, he earns a lot of money for different advertisements and sponsorships. He was very successful in acting as well, so it represents one more source of his earnings.

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Quick Summary

Starlito is a very popular American rapper and people usually recognize him for his great hits, such as Grey Goose, I Go Ham and Champagne Crazy. Also, he had a lot of other singles in his career and we are sure that he will have many of them in the future as well.

As we have already said, his most important mixtapes are Starlito’s Way and also Starlito’s Way 2. He had a couple of studio albums as well and one of them is Prince of the Ville that was released in the year 2005.

We have also told you that a lot of things related to Starlito’s private life are not known to the public. The only thing we know is that he has great relations with his family members and he appreciates their opinions very much.

Also, it s known that Starlito lives in luxury and wealth and his estimated net worth is approximately 3.5 million dollars.

We hope that you liked this article about Starlito and his career. Today this rapper is very popular, especially among younger generations. He has a lot of great singles, but he is also very popular as an actor. If you have watched any of the films in which Starlito was acting, then you had certainly great time.

We hope that this article was useful for you and that it helped you discover all about the life of famous Starlito. The next time when you hear any of his songs, you will certainly remember this article and all that we have told you about this famous American rapper.

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