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Joseph Garrett is a known British commentator on YouTube performing as Stampy Cat who posts videos about Minecraft on the internet.

His channel is one of the most watched YouTube channels in the whole world and he often gets invitations to appear on TV and especially on Disney Channel.

Early years

He was born on December 13, 1990 in Havant, Hampshire, England, in United Kingdom to loving parents.

He was an ambitious student on the Southampton Solent University where he started doing video productions and he wanted to become a games journalist.

That’s why at first he was primarily focused on “let’s play videos”.

It wasn’t long when he started to notice how much the children love to watch his channel. Especially those who gain access to their phones very early such as those who get them in elementary school. What is great about having this type of audience is the fact that they are prone to reclick and rewatch videos and therefore bring greater money.

That is when he decided to switch his gaming to more family-friendly version.

Career development

He decided to create his popular YouTube channel named stampylonghead in July 2011.

At the beginning of his successful career he was working as a barman and he decided to leave this job and focus only on uploading and advertising videos for his channel.

Why did Garrett become so popular? Why is he different? It seems that he found a way to mix fun and education for kids.

He invented the character of Stampy Cat who is basically an orange-white cat.

He plays and he tells stories about Minecraft and other games,  and tries to get his viewers interested in pursuing a lot of activities in these games in order to improve their skills.

He receives mail from his viewers and he answers to them because he rather wants to be their friend and not only the game presenter.

In 2014 he was nominated for Trending Gamer at The Game Awards. Q

There are two more characters in his YouTube videos and they are both his friends. They are David Spencer as iBallisticSquid and Bethany Bates as a duck.

In 2015 he was hired by The Maker Studios to make a special educational hannel called Wonder Quest which was designed to be used in schools.

Jared also appeared as Stampy Cat on Disney XD sitcom series  “Gold Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything”.

Joseph also released “Stampy’s Lovely Book” in 2015 for little children from 4 to 10 and one year later he released “Stampy Cat: Stick with Stampy” which is kind of a sequel.

He has over 8 million subscribers on his channel and his views are counted in billions. There is a lot of positivity on hjs channel and he rarely gets hate comments. The kids love him and parents think he is a great person to look up to since there is no history of him doing drugs, abusing alcohol… He even tries to say nice words abd avoids cussing. He is considered to be very polite amongst YouTubers of his age.

He joined YouTube in 2006, and today he has five Youtube channels: stampylonghead, stampylongnose, MagicAnimalClub, Wonder Quest, Let’s Cress.

Personal life

He has two sisters with whom he is in good relations but his older sister Netty is also a YouTuber and has her own channel called “Netty Plays”. He helped her to get it started since he was already pretty popular back then, and she tends to look up to him and tries to be like him.

His parents both help him with work on his channel: father helps in creating Stampy Cats items for the shop and mother is a moderator for his social media accounts.

His mother’s name is Katherine but his father’s name is still unknown. They refer to him as Stampy Dog and it is known that he is thecpeeson behind the channel’s logo.

Bethany Bates is his girlfriend for a very long time and they plan a future together. She is simple just like him and they get along very well. The media loves them because they are very calm, there are no attention-seeking rumors and therefore the couple is seen to be very honest and lovely.

They travel around the world together and have fun. This is very important to both of them because they are fans of various city capitals.

They moved in together into a big house where they live with their pets: dogs Ory and Alyx. They both love pets.

There was never any kind of scandal in the media about him. He and hjs girlfriend tend to live their lives very peacefully and therefore they don’t like to get involved into any drama.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Garrett

Date of birth: December 13, 1990

Birthplace:  Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Age: 28

Profession: YouTuber, commentator, gamer, educator, video producer

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 72 kgs

Net Worth:

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