Ingrid Nilsen Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Ingrid Nilsen is a popular YouTuber, TV hostess and a blogger, who also got skilled as a make-up artist. She is a big beauty influencer.

Ingrid uses her influence to raise awareness about prejudice for LGBT people.

Early years

Ingrid Nilsen was born on February 2, 1989 in Rowland Heights, California, in United States.

She is of Norwegian and Thai descent. Her father is from Norway and her mum is from Thailand.

After enrolling high school, Ingrid decided that she wanted to study architecture just like her father but eventually her career went in a whole different way.

She was bullied at school because of her mother’s descent, because Ingrid is half-Asian, her schoolmates made fun of her.

Career development

Her Youtube career began in 2009 after she opened a channel to help her overcome her own fear of speaking in public. She thought that such a huge step can help her in defeating that fear. She was right.

She named her channel with an interesting name “Missglamorazzi”. That soon became very known and people thought that she was very creative too.

She was focused on fashion, lifestyle, social covers and make-up tutorials. She started small but today she has over 4 million subscribers.

Besides this channel, Nilsen created another channel and named it “TheGridMonster”. It is her channel for vlogs where she is more opened and sincere with her viewers.

In 2013, she made a guest appearance in a reality TV show named “YouTubers React”. This is a great way to earn much fame because a lot of people watch this and find new content creators.

In 2014, she gained great success by becoming a judge on a famous reality TV show called “Project Runway: Threads”.

She was twice nominated for Choice Web Star in Fashion&Beauty Category at Teen Choice Awards in 2014 and 2015.

But in 2014, Ingrid managed to get the Streamy Award for Best Beauty Channel. This is a pretty big achievment and she was very proud.

Her most viewed video creations are GIY or “Glam It Yourself” series and “Sense of Self”.

She receives huge income from her Youtube channel but also from endorsements. She is the first Youtuber to become an ambassador for CoverGirl.

In 2016, she was hired for a big job: she had to interviewthe US President Barack Obama in the White House.

She was sesnsational there and she asked a lot of questions people didn’t expected her to ask, such as terrorism in the US and about the discrimination of LGBT community.

People were surprised about how well prepared she was and mostly good at communicating.

It was in the same year when she became the United Nations Change Ambassador. She became one of six Youtuber girls to get the chance to fight for gender equality.

That brought her on the OUT100 list of the samenamed magazine in 2016.

In summer 2016, she started a campaign named “Do Something to start Power To The Period” in collaboration with “U” by Kotex.

In 2016, Oprah Winfrey selected her on her SuperSoul100 list which lists people who have a vision of making the world a better place.

In 2016, she has received the Trevor Digital Innovator Award which was goven to people who use their online popularity in helping others and in raising awareness against any kind of discrimination.

In 2017, she also became an ambassador for BareMinerals. It is a brand owned by Shiseido and it is considered that she gained huge profit out of it.

Personal life

In 2011 Ingrid started a relationship with Luke Conard, a musician in a band “Ministry of Magic”. In summer 2013 they split up and informed their fans about it over Twitter.

The same year, she started dating Christopher Erwin, who was a CEO of   “Big Frame” Youtube agency and they got engaged in 2015.

Unfortunately, a few months later, they ended their relationship.

A few months later, after she broke up with Chris, she expressed herself as lesbian and decided that it was time to live her life truthfully. She created a Youtube video in which she explained her fans the change.

She isn’t afraid to show who she truly is and therefore she is always very sincere and positive.

She started dating Hannah Hart at the end of 2015. She is also a Youtube star but they were together very briefly. They took separate ways in 2016.

In 2016, she has been dating Jules Kutner but it didn’t last long. Many think that she isn’t really good with relationships because they last short.

She never lost faith in love and is still looking for the right partner. She says that for now she can focus on other things.

Quick summary

Full name: Ingrid Nilsen

Date of birth: February 2, 1989

Birthplace: Rowland Heights, California, United States

Age: 29

Profession: Youtuber, vlogger, fashion icon, make-up artist

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 56 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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