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Lance Stewart is a known YouTuber and Viner from Philadelphia in United States.

Lance became known for his comedic vines and videos that he uploades on his social media accounts.

Early years

Lance was born on June 20th in 1996 in Philadelphia, which is in United States. He spent his childhood in a small town called Franklinville in New Jersey (Also USA). He had a very healthy childhood.

He is the youngest child of two. He has an older sister named Sabrina Stewart. She was always there for him and encouraged him, alrhough they, as every siblings, often fought.

Lance originates from Italy and Ireland. He was always taught to respect his traditions and cultures. He does look like he is from Italy, but many people cannot see the Ireland part. However, he likes to travel and sometimes visits this countries as well.

Unfortunately, although he had many opportunities to learn Italian, he was never really interested in it. He was not very good in school either, so it was never something that he struggled to do.

Lance also had the support of his parents, too so that made him follow his passions even more. He was never under pressure and he always decided things on his own.

His father is Bruce and his mother is Nina. They always taught their children the value of doing something you like as your job. That’s why Lance later decided to do something not many people would feel comfortable doing.

Lance attended his high school from 2010 to 2014. He was excellent in it but he never wanted to go to college. It was never his thing and he knew that he wouldn’t be great at it, so he decided to use the time and energy for something else.

His high school was called Delsea Regional High School.

Career development

His sister Sabrina always made sure that Lance knew all of the trends. She was the one who showed him Vine, a social media platform where he was famous first.

She didn’t Vine herself, but she liked watching them and showed few of them to her brother. It got him really interested.

He started recording videos for his Vine. He wasn’t posting anything in the beginning because it took him a lot to actually figure out how to shot Vines that are funny and good quality. It was really fun to make them and he started to hang out with other people from Vine as well.

At first his videos weren’t popular at all, but after few months he got more and more followers and views. He started to appear on the homepage and his views blew up soon.

He had 5,7 million followers on his Vine channel. However, Vine closed and he had to move over to another social media network.

In 2014 he decided to open his YouTube channel because he wanted to share his videos to a larger audience, as well as stay secure.

The video he posted called “It’s my money and I need it now” was one of his most known videos at that time. It got a lot of attentions from the public.

His two channels are called “Lance Stewart” and “Lance210”. The Lance Stewart one is far more succesfull than the other one.

Lance has a lot of popular videos made but one has reached the top and became No.1.

“My girlfriend shows her nipples on Camera” was his most viewed video. It has several million of views on YouTube.  He often has criticism on his videos because most of them are clickbait.

He makes a lot of his earning by selling his clothes on his channel. He has a line of a lot of items like T-shirts and hoodies.

Lance still hasn’t gotten any awards as an entertainer. He was nominated once, for a Shorty award in the category “comedy” but unfortunately didn’t win.

A famous talent agency called “LITA” from Los Angeles signed a collaboration with him back in 2015, and made his net worth even bigger.

Lance currently has 5 million subscribers on his main channel.

He is really active and posts 3 videos a week on his YouTube channel. People like the videos, but don’t like the fact that most of them are staged. It is known that they are fake and that makes them not funny.

His pranks videos are one of his most viewed videos on his channel.

In 2016, Lance seriously injured his hand. He was playing real life ninja fruit. He had to get 12 stitches and a surgery.

He is often calles a Clickbait king by other YouTubers like Marcus Dibble and H3h3Productions.

Personal life

He lives in New Jersey and also in L.A.

In 2013, he started dating Elizabeth Wurst. He met her on the Internet because she is a popular Instagram star and Viner. Most people just call her Lizzy on the social media.

The two of them often do videos together, and some of them are made outside of the US.

They uploaded a video on december 19th, 2018 titled “we broke up” where they talk about their mutual agreement to end their relationship. It got 3 million views.

Some of their fans thought their breakup was fake because the reactions (at least Lizzy’s) seemed a bit forced, but Lance again stated that their breakup is real in one of their vlogs.

They are still in good relations, although they aren’t together anymore.

Lance is extremely close to his family and friends. He often makes videos with them starring in it.

The videos he likes doing most with them are the ones in which he surprises them with a gift if somekind. In one of his videos he gave his father a Corvette for his birthday.

He respect his grandparents a lot. He often has his grandmother in his videos. She became pretty known for them.

Their fanbase even gave her a nickname, “Badass Grandmom”. People often admire his grandma for her positivity and her outlook on life.

Lance was a huge fan of Harry Potter series when he was little. He still enjoys fantastic movies and novels.

His favorite food is Italian food which isn’t that surprising because his family is Italian. He likes Pizza’s with everything on them.

Lance really loves to give back to his community and charity in general. Once he ordered more than a hundres hamburgers while ordering for himself. He paid it on his own and gave it to random people.

He also had few events where he donated a sollar for each share of his video.

He likes to travel a lot and often posts it on his social media accounts.

His insporation in comedy is Adam Sandler, an american actor and a comedian.

He is currently driving a 2016 Audi R8. In his free time he likes to play soccer and basketball. His favorite types of shoes are Air Jordan’s.

He also tries to stay health and goes to gym almost every day. Sometimes he just can’t keep up with it due to his work commitments.

He and his girlfriend Lizzy have two soga together, Bella and Theo.

Quick summary

Full name: Lance Stewart

Date of birth: June 20, 1996

Birthplace: Philadelphia, United States

Age: 23

Profession: Youtuber, comedian

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 76 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million

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