Dawn Ward Net Worth in 2024: How Rich is this Business Woman?

Dawn Ward is very popular as interior designer and a business woman. She became popular for her participation in reality TV show which is called The Real Housewives.

Dawn Ward Early life:

Dawn was born in Salford, Great Manchester in the United Kingdom. Date of her birth is July 16, 1973. According to this information she is now 45 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. She was raised by her parents in Salford, her birth place.

Dawn does not reveal to much about herself and there are many informations that are not available for the media and audience, for example her childhood and her education. We don’t know how she spent her childhood and which skills she developed since early ages. We don’t even know where she was educated and which schools she attended.


Dawn Ward Career Development:

Dawn is very successful business woman. She have great skill for building and designing mansions. She is so good in this job that she is doing this in her country and also across the whole Europe.

She can transform anything into a beautiful mansion, all by her own. Before she even got her present popularity, Dawn had a successful transformation of a whole call center into a mansion.

She have a huge recognition in her job and her clients are mostly elite. She now lives in her own house which is very luxurious. Her homes value is around 18 million dollars. This, her dedication and success in her work, but also her marriage, got her popularity.

She is also well know as a very talented woman for her work. Dawn is also a owner of one clinic. The word is about beauty clinic which name is Skulpt.

This clinic is very popular among famous people and her clients are mostly TV stars, actors, models, and more. Kylie Jenner is often visitor of this clinic and she enjoy in the treatments that this clinic offers.


In 2015, Dawn became one of members of reality TV show which name is The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She was a member of original cast and she continued to appear in this show for a long time. She was part of the show for five seasons. This reality show made her popular and famous.

Time that she spent in the show was not peaceful at all. She was involved in several catfights with other stars of the show.

After that she supposed to be part of the Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, but she pulled out her presence in the show little time before show had to be launched. This was really messy and a producers was in a chaotic scramble to find substitution for her.


Dawn work very hard and she is ambitious woman who like to earn a huge amount of money for her and her family. Her net worth is amazing and it is around 42 million dollars.

She like to help to other people and she also deals with charity. Once in a year, Dawn is a host of charity ball which she organize in her beautiful mansion. She is also an owner of company whose name is Bilton Ward Developments. She works there with her husband.

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Dawn Ward’s Net Worth in 2024

Dawn Ward used to play football and is married to the famous interior designer and builder Dawn Ward. The couple also runs a successful business building homes. It’s no surprise that Dawn is very wealthy and lives in a fancy house worth about £12 million ($18 million). Wealthy Genius says that Ward has a net worth of about £42 million ($64 million) as of 2024.


How did Dawn Ward get so much money?

When Dawn joined the group of The Real Housewives of Cheshire at the beginning of 2015, she became nationally known. The second season should begin in September of this year. Dawn’s clients include Coleen Rooney and Alex Gerrard, who are both well-known names in the fashion world.

Because he used to play soccer, her husband is also not poor. That means the family has a lot of money. Dawn and Ahley live in a beautiful house that looks like a castle with their four kids. It has space for a personal beauty shop, a gym, a movie theater complex, and an underground bar with big fish tanks.


It is worth £12 million ($18 million) to buy this fancy house. Together with her husband, Dawn runs Bilton Ward Developments, a business that builds and fixes up high-end houses. Rich sports players and other famous people are among their clients. Ward is also very kind, and every year she holds a charity ball in her big house.

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