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Hank Baskett is a very popular ex-football player from America who played in NFL mostly in Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings until his retirement in 2011.

Early years

He was born as Henry Randall Baskett III. on September 4, 1982, in Clovis in New Mexico in a well-situated family.

His father Henry from whom he gained the same name was a worker at AirForce for over 30 years, and his mother was a director at Cannon AirForce Base in their hometown for almost three decades.

He was a student at Clavis High School, and he was exceptional in many sports: football, track, and basketball were the major ones. It seemed that he couldn’t make up his mind for which sport to decide.

He broke the record in the High jump in 2000.

He graduated in 2001 with a very good score (4.0), so he decided to continue his sports career alongside a serious education.

He enrolled the University of New Mexico and became team’s lead wide receiver. He also received „Reese Leroy Hill Memorial Award“ in both 2004 and 2005 as the Player of the Year.

He graduated with honors, gaining a degree in General Management. He was one of the best students in the class.

In his older years, he also gained the  All-Mountain West Conference honors.

Career development

He became a Minnesota Vikings rookie after he signed the club in 2006. He didn’t stay long there since he was traded to Philadelphia.

He started his Philadelphia career with a great accomplishment as Rookie of the Week. In 2007, he became the MVP in special teams. He was trying to show his talent, but his game often oscillated from great to average.

He was released from Philadelphia at the end of 2009. A lot of his fans were disappointed because they thought he had still a lot to offer to the club.

He signed a contract with Indianapolis Colts the same year. He was released from Colts the same year after he failed to give a good performance in a very important game against New Orleans Saints.

He re-signed his contract with Philadelphia Eagles in 2010 for nearly $1 million. Again he was released from Eagles the same year.

He returned to Minnesota Vikings, and in 2011 he became a free agent. He hoped that he would find some football club to take him as a player, but he didn’t. This eventually ended his NFL career which included going to many clubs.

Personal life

He has a brother, Randy Curtis, who also worked in the military as their parents: he served for 13 years.

His girlfriend was Kendra Wilkinson, a Playboy model, and after only six months of dating, they got married. He proposed to her on November 1, 2008. It was in June 2009, and the wedding occurred in Playboy Mansion.

Everybody was intrigued by the fact that he went through with the wedding at the Playboy Mansion since his future to be wife Kendra was one of Hugh’s lovers.

Kendra and Hank had met at Playboy Golf Scramble when Kendra was still one of Hugh’s girlfriends.

Kendra dated Hugh Hefner from 2004-2008 and was one of his favorite bunnies.

Kendra and Hank have a son, Henry Randall Basket IV, who was born in December 2009.

Five years later, in 2014, Kendra gave birth to their daughter Alijah Mary Baskett in May 2014. They live in New Jersey.

Hank and Kendra are very devoted to their children, just as their parents were to them. They spent as much time with them as they can, juggling between making careers and taking care of the family.

He co-starred next to his wife Kendra in a reality TV series called „The Girls Next Door“ which was a TV series made especially about Kendra who was a very popular TV star.

The show was premiered on !E television in 2009. It ran until 2012 when it was changed into „Kendra on Top“ reality show which aired on WE TV channel.

In 2014, Hank was involved in a shocking affair which included a transgender woman. It was a transsexual model Ava London. It seemed that he reacted positively to her romantical suggestions.

After the scandal broke out, his wife Kendra decided to stay with her husband no matter what the yellow pages claimed. After she heard about the scandal, she threatened him with divorce, but she decided to give him a chance and hear his side of the story.

After he told her the truth and people who were there confirmed it, she realized that she had put their marriage in jeopardy by believing the newspaper’s story.

He appeared on a reality TV-series in 2015, called „Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.“ They talked very openly about their marital problems, and because of that, they were one of the most popular couples in the camp.

They are known to be opened towards media, and they don’t mind being asked questions about their personal life and everyday life.

They are both great supporters of Griffin Gives Foundation, an organization which helps military personnel. Hank is even their Honorary Chairman.

His wife Kendra wrote a book about her battle with depression after giving birth to their first child. The book is called: ”Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sex Back.”

Quick summary

Full name: Henry Randall Baskett III.

Date of birth: September 4, 1982

Birthplace:  Clovis in New Mexico

Age: 36

Profession: former NFL player

Height: 1,91 m

Weight: 100 kg

Net Worth: $4 million

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