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Andy Bassich is an American reality TV star known for „Life Below Zero“ series which shows life of six people in Alaska’s „off the grid“ area.

It is a Discovery Channel reality TV series that became extremely popular in a short period of time.

Early life:

Andy Bassich was born in 1959 and grew up in Wheaton in Maryland. He grew up in suburban Maryland, north of Washington, D.C. and spent almost all of his free time outside.

Even as a kid he loved to be in the woods and it always felt so natural to him. He always found peace here and was trying to convince all of his friends to join him in outside play whenever possible.

His parents saw his love for outdoors so they got him in Scouting and later in a father-son club which his father organized with some co-workers. They would meet twice a month and teach each other skills and activities they were good at.

Every year on Father’s Day, they would all pack up and spend an entire week on a camping trip. It was an extremely valuable and interesting experience for him.

He relocated to Alaska in 1980, because he wanted privacy and wanted to be alone in the nature.

Career development:

He was a resident in Anchorage for almost 2 years but he finally decided to move to the bush, away from civilization.

Andy makes his earnings from running a survival school and dog mushing school. He has 26 sled dogs and he and his wife take good care of them. He started from scratch and through years he learned to hunt and harvest anything Alaska can offer.

He eats moose, wolves, salmon and a lot of vegetables from the bush. The salmon is a great meal for winter because it can be dried, salted, frozen and smoked.

He has solar power because days are very short in Alaska. He also built his own outdoor steam bath and sauna. It is operated and heated by the wood he chopped himself.

It is interesting to look at him how he makes his own weapons (knives and bullets for hunting animals), how he brewes his own beer which tastes great and he has built a little comfortable house there.

He graduated from JFK high school and became a carpenter. He started working in that line of work in Virginia but at the age of 22 he felt like he wasn’t satisfied by his way of life. So he moved to Alaska. His grandmother encouraged him to live his dream so he did. She was the only who was on his side at that moment but later on the whole family realized that it is the best thing for Andy.

Andy and his wife Kate live in Eagle in Alaska, near the Yukon Rover. Temperature’s go to 60 degrees below zero in the winter and the river completely freezes. In that period Bassich family is isolated. After they separated she confessed that she missed the crowds and that it was too quiet for her.

They live off the grid using wind and solar power which requires for him to check batteries every day in order to have electricity.

He heats by wood he chops by himself and collects water from Yukon river,  under the ice, which is very difficult phisically and he has to keep trails open in order to maintain his hunting positions and to have the road open to the nearest human habitat.

Personal life:

He met his wife Kate in Dawson City. She came there as a tourist in 2003 and they are together since. When they met he was a riverboat captain on the Yukon River for 20 years.

He loves his dogs. He traded a truck loaded with wood for a puppy and raised him. After that he acquired more dogs every 3 year. He trained them to go trapping with him all the time so he wouldn’t feel lonesome in the bush.

The dogs require a lot of time and care so every winter his main focus is feeding rhe dogs and learning them skills for hunting. He has to catch over 2000 salmons to provide food for his dogs during the winter.

Kate has her own blog and plays the guitar. He makes knives and jewelry and carpentry. He was a great carpenter before and he made all the cabinets, chairs and tables.

They have a daughter together but her name is kept away from the media.

He almost died once when he fell through the ice on Yukon and the current under it was so strong that he almost drowned. That hasn’t stopped him to continue getting water and salmon after that.

He and Kate were together for 10 years before they got separated at her request in 2016.

Quick summary

Full name: Andy Bassich

Date of birth: 1959

Birthplace: Washington

Age: 58

Profession: carpenter, TV person, trapper, adventurist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $250 000

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