Yousef Erakat FouseyTube Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Yousef Erakat is a known American former Youtuber, comedian, vlogger, rapper and actor.

He became famous for his channel called FouseyTube (fouseyTUBE) where he made lots of comedy sketches, pranks, parodies and also vlogs which received good critics.

Early years

Yousef was born on January 22th in 1990 in Fremont, located in California, the United States by the name Yousef Saleh Erakat.

His parents are from Palestine so he is of Palestinian origin. He was raised by them with three siblings, who were all older than Yousef. They were called Ahmad, Noura, and Mohammad Erakat and he is still connected to them very closely.

His family cherrish their time together and highly respect each other. Because they are very well connected, they have always been supportive of each other as well. Yousef believes that tradition and religion brought them up together and that they wouldn’t be where they are, together and happy, if they were born somewhere else.

He was going to the San Jose State University and became a major in theatre arts. He was doing very well at college and never had any problems although there were some subjects that he disliked more.

After he graduated he decided to move to Los Angeles so he can follow his true passion, acting. He thought he would find a lot more oppurtunities there.

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Los Angeles is a widely known American city where the movie and music industry are the biggest of all industries. Everyone that wants to succeed in becoming a star comes here to get some opportunities and get noticed.

Career development

Before he became famous, Yousef had plenty of Youtube channels that were focused mostly on fitness, and they weren’t as popular as the channel he made afterward.

He received subscribers but not as fast as he wanted to and he never felt that he reached enough people with his videos.

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In that channel, he decided to focus on videos targeted to Middle Easterners and their culture (because he was a part of it) and he became very popular because of it.

On his older channels, he was doing workout routines, reviewing them and so on.

In 2012 Yousef became one of the “40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40” list that was published by a magzine called MBMuslima Magazine. He was on the third place in it which is a very high place.

Erakat released his first song ever called “Prideland” on January 1st in 2015. It was done under the stage name „fousey“.

On the same day, he also released a music video for the already mentioned single. It was posted on his vlog channel called DOSEofFOUSEY.

Yousef made a video edvertising Guest Nutrition’s protein bar flavor by pranking other known Youtuber stars. He decided to do something different and he chose to prank fellow Youtubers.

In the video, he peed on the Youtubers’ faces. That video got more than one million views so he considered it as a very successful video.

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Yousef loves cars and owns a BMW 435i. He posted a video in October in 2015 where he showed the full transformation of this car. He loved BMW from when he was a teenager.

Yousef was inspired by Nike shoe composer and decided to make his car into hsi favorite colors. He got to West Coast Customs so they could completely change his car and make it represent not only Yousef but also his audience that he adores so much and calls „bruh bruhs”.

They transformed the car and he posted the video of it on both his main channel called „fouseyTUBE“ and his vlog channel.

In 2016 Yousef made it to the big screen as one of the cast members in a movie titled “Fight of the Living Dead”.

This was also very well received and gained a lot of views. He was very happy about that since he worked pretty hard to get to that.

In October in 2015 Yousef announced that he signed an agency called Creative Artists Agency that was located in Los Angeles in Century City.

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Yousef did a five-day tour with his fellow Youtube stars. One of them is Roman Atwood. They started the tour on February 24th in 2016.

The tour was named the “Roman vs Fousey Tour”. They went along the west coast through five states todo a little tour before their big 30-day one. That one had the same name as the 5-day one.

Yousef reached 10 million followers on his main Youtube channel in the summer of 2017. That they he earned his Youtube Diamond Play Button. It was a really big milestone for him and he was especially proud of this achievement.

In August in 2018 Yousef decided to erase all of his posts from his social media accounts. This was a very big step in his life.

In September in 2018 uploaded a video to his channel where he stated that his channel FouseyTube was going to be opened so all of the creative content creators can publish their videos there.

Although he opened the account, he and a group of his friends always moderated the content that was going to be posted.

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Yousef stated that he thinks opening this channel to the public will be his way of giving back to his audience so they can share their work with everyone.

In September this channel lost more than 60,000 subscribers because Fousey stopped being as popular as he was and in October he had to close his channel.

Yousef was raised in a very religious family of Muslims. Although he was brought up in this environment, he dealt with a lot of struggles regarding his religious identity.

Yousef stated more than once that negative stereotyping of Muslims has to stop because it’s a peaceful religion and a whole group of people cannot be put in the same box.

In July in 2014 Yousef uploaded a shocking video to his vlogging channel that was titled”WHY I WANTED TO END MY LIFE”. He had issues he couldn’t solve with his family and it brought him on a verge of mental breakdown.

In the video, he talks about how he got a tattoo and another one after the first two but had a breakdown because of the views of his family on it and in general Arabs.

Because of that, he had both his tattoos removed but never agreed with these opinions. This showed his vulnerability and his disagreement with his family’s conservative opinion.

Yousef often openes up about his depression and his bipolar disorder on his vlogging channel. He believes that it should be talked about more. He also talked about it on VH1, trying to show people how it can affect their lives.

In 2016, Erakat appeared in a movie for the first time, in a comedy named  “Natural Born Pranksters”.

It was in 2009 that he entered his first TV show but by giving his voice to an animated TV series character called Emperor. It was in a series named “The Secret Saturdays”.

In a TV show titled “NigaHiga”, led by a popular Youtuber Ryan Higa, he gained a role in an episode named “Best Dance Crew”.

Yousef was nominated for two categories at the 5th Streamy Awards. It was for the Prank of The Year and Show of The Year. He one his Streamy award for the Show of The Year in September in 2015.

Yousef tried to make a festival on July 15th in 2018 that would be free and all his fans would be able to enjoy it.

It was supposed to be in the Greek Theatre located in Los Angeles but was canceled due to an alleged bomb threat.

Yousef and his fans, however, went to the parking lot where he talked about his mental health and his ambitions for the future.

Personal life

In 2015, Yousef’s name became often connected to Lilly Singh, a fellow Youtuber.

They started showing up in each other’s posts and videos, collaborating more than with other YouTubers.

They never confirmed their relationship but they seemed really close. After that, he started dating Alycia Tyre, also a social media star. They started making a lot of collaborations together which suddenly stopped when they broke up.

He announced the end of their relationship in December 2016 through his vlogs.

His next girlfriend was Daniela Banikova, who lived in Los Angeles and had similar views to life as him. They collaborated together on raising funds.

In July 2018 Yousef started dating a Youtube star called Simmi Singh. She originates from India and they were both brought up in similar cultures.

They know each other from before so it was very easy for them to start dating. They seem to know each other very closely.

His baseball cap is considered to be his signature sign since he likes to wear it will all kind of clothes, from sporting to more elegant.

Quick summary

Full name: Yousef Saleh Erakat

Date of birth: January 22, 1990

Birthplace:  Fremont, California, United States

Age: 29

Profession: Youtuber, rapper, comedian, vlogger

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 79 kgs

Net Worth: $3 million

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