Joey Swoll Net Worth 2024: A Deep Dive In Bodybuilder’s Life!

For Joey Swoll, he has found his calling. He has been a small figure in bodybuilding for more than ten years. These days, though, his videos on TikTok and other social media sites that are “gym positivity” (also called “anti-workout-shaming”) have made him very famous.

The British GQ and the New York Post are just two of the many media that have already written about Swoll this year. He says he’s the CEO of Gym Positivity and calls himself the anti-bullying teacher of workout-shaming videos. Who is he, though? What’s his story?

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll’s Net Worth in 2024

With so many fans in such a short time, Joey Swoll has become one of the most famous exercise stars in the business. He mostly makes money from his jobbut he also has a supplement business, writes books, and does other things for money. 

Also, Joey started his YouTube account in January 2023 and had over 28,000 subscribers in just one month. It is thought that Joey Swoll’s net worth is $2 million as of 2024, according to Gorilla Overview.  

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Early Years

Joey Sergo was born in Chicago, USA, on January 11, 1983. Besides the fact that he grew up with his brother, he hasn’t said anything else about his parents and relatives. He started playing a lot of different games and competitions as he got older. Joey became interested in football in high school and joined the school’s football team. 

He first went to a few schools in Chicago and then went to Maine South High School in Illinois to study. Due to his thin build (he weighed only 140 lbs.), he wasn’t the best choice for school competitions at the time. After finishing high school, Swoll moved to a different place to go to college there.

Joey Swoll

At first, he was picked on by older kids because he  didn’t have much confidence. The next year, Joey moved into the cafeteria next to the neighborhood gym. When he had the chance to go to the gym, that’s when he found his love for bodybuilding. Joey started pulling heavy things at the gym, which made him feel better about himself.


As Joey worked harder at the gym, more and more people told him how great he looked. This made him fall in love with exercise. To avoid the crowds, he chose to go to the gym late at night.

This gave him more time to work on his body. To go along with his workouts, Swoll paid close attention to his food, which included healthy, high-protein meals. He slowly but surely got in great shape and began getting modeling jobs from big supplement companies and other brands.

Joey Swoll


When Joey chose to make his passion for fitness his full-time job, it was a big turning point in his career. He also made social media accounts and started posting his photos. On Instagram, he now has more than 2 million fans. After having a lot of success in the exercise business, Swoll thought it would be a great idea to help start a Shredz supplement company.

He had a lot of success at this company and kept growing his business. Joey also wrote a book called “Train Harder   Than Me” where he shared training secrets and tips. Arnold and Joey met, and the two guys want to work together on projects in the future.

Joey Swoll

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