VanossGaming Net Worth 2024: Know the Wealth of the Youtuber

Get to know Evan Fong, the lively person behind the hugely famous YouTube channel VanossGaming. Fong has made a name for himself in the digital world since he was born in May 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His channel has over 25.9 million followers and is a hub for both gamers and people who like funny videos.   

Fong’s content, which includes both jokes and comments on games with friends, has struck a chord with millions of people and put him in the spotlight of the gaming community.

Vanoss Gaming’s Net Worth in 2024

Celebrity Net Worth saya that Evan Fong has a net worth of $25 million. He is a Canadian gamer and internet star. The Canadian-born Evan Fong was in Toronto in May 1992. There are more than 21 million subscribers to his YouTube account, VanossGaming, and more than 8 billion views. This makes it one of the 20 channels with the most subscribers. 


In the videos, Fong and his friends often joke around or talk while playing games like Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty: World at War. The name VanossGaming comes from the PlayStation 3 name that Fong took over from his father.  It was first based on BMW’s VANOS system, which has flexible valve timing. In 2014, Fong was up for a The Game Award for Trending Gamer. 

 The next year, he was up for a Shorty Award for Tech and Innovation: Gaming. He planned to study business in college, but he quit to focus on YouTube.

Earnings: Evan Fong was the second-best paid YouTuber in 2017.   It is thought that he made about $15 million in 2017 from other sources besides the site. He made $18.5 million in 2018, which put him in the top 10 highest paid YouTube stars in the world. He made $11.5 million in 2019.   

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Vanoss Gaming Sources of Income 

It’s hard to believe that Vanoss Gaming is worth more than $25 million. The majority of his high value came from VanossGaming’s AdSense income, sponsorships, his work as a music artist, and the creation of his line of merchandise.


Videos on YouTube 

According to Net Worth Spot, the VanossGaming YouTube channel is worth about $13.94 million all by itself. Each month, the channel makes about $140,000 in ads, which adds up to $2 million a year.  This is because it is thought that YouTube sites make between $3 and $7 for every thousand views. But these are only rough guesses; Vanoss Gaming could easily make more than $3.81 million a year

Along with this one, he has two other YouTube sites that also make a good amount of money through AdSense. It is said that VanossGamingExtras makes between $675 and $10.8K a month, or between $8.1K and $129.6K a year. Celebrity Net Worth says that  Fong makes about $20,000 a day from YouTube AdSense. 

Career in music 

Over 166,375 people listen to Rynx’s music every month on Spotify.  Fong gets a good amount of money from his music career in addition to the money he makes from YouTube. He has released two albums and gone on a tour of North America.


Endorsements of Brands

Tubular Insights says that Ubisoft has supported Vanoss Gaming in the past. This would have been a very profitable partnership since Fong’s subscribers helped Ubisoft get over two million views. Not only that, but his films have also shown games like Monster Legends and Dauntless. Besides that, he has worked with names like Monster Energy and Red Bull. Business Ventures

Fong was just named the creative head of a game called Dead Realm. YouTube Red’s Paranormal Action Squad and Alpha Betas, which played on his  channel, are two animated shows he has worked on. There are a lot of cool things in  Vanoss Gaming’s merchandise store that have his well-designed owl logo on them, like T-shirts, basketball shorts, pins, lanyards, card decks, posters, hats, and more.

An entertainment company called 3Blackdot was started by Fong, along with YouTubers Tom “Syndicate” Cassell and Adam  “SeaNanners”  Montoya. The company has made a lot of video games, such as Zombie Killer Squad. The company was sold for “several tens of millions of Euros” in the end.


Vanoss Gaming’s Expenditures

People all over the world know Fong as Vanoss, so it shouldn’t be a wonder that the company that gave him that name also makes his favorite cars.

21 Reports on cars notes that Fong has a BMW i8 Coupe that costs $149,000, a BMW 7 Series that costs $87,000, and a BMW 5 Series that costs $52,000. He just moved into his new home in Los Angeles in 2020, but we don’t know how much it cost or what kind of property it is yet.  

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