Desi Perkins Net Worth in 2024: How Wealthy is the American makeup artist?

Desi Perkins is an American makeup artist who became famous by sharing videos and pictures of her work on social media to get more clients.

She used to look for clients on social media to become a popular makeup artist in California. It took her a lot of hard work, dedication, and skill. 

Who is Desi Perkins?

Desi Perkins'

The American singer Desi Perkins was born in Los Angeles. Three boys live with her. She once said that her father was someone she admired because he never got stressed out or worried about things that were out of his control

She said she wants to be like her dad and always believe in herself. A big part of her life is also her momOn her social media pages,  she often writes thank-you notes to her mom, especially on Mother’s Day. 

How old is Desi Perkins?

Desi Perkins is 34 years old now, in 2021That’s when Desi Perkins was born, on March 3, 1987

Desi Perkins’ Net Worth in 2024

Desi Perkins, a well-known YouTuber and beauty blogger, has had a big effect on the fashion and makeup worlds. According to several sources, Desiree’s net worth is about $1 million as of 2024, as per reports of Sportskeeda.

Desi Perkins was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 3, 1987. She started her career as a freelance makeup artist, where she developed her beauty skills and love. She then moved on to beauty vlogging.

Desi Perkins'

Desi has over 4.2 million fans on Instagram and over 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube as of 2024. You can find him on all of these sites.

Desi Perkins’ Income Sources

Desi Perkins makes money in several ways, but her 3.23 million YouTube subscribers subscribe to her program more than any other. Perkins has worked with well-known cosmetics companies outside of YouTube. 

She uses her fame to make limited-edition products that usually sell out very quickly because people want them so much. Along with her website, Perkins has expanded her income streams by starting her skin care line, Dezi Skin, and a glasses company, DEZI.


Social Blade says that in the last month, the Desi Perkins page has had close to 40,288K views. An ad-based income of $10 to $161 per month and $121 to $9,000 per year comes inIt’s been seen over 264 million times so far. Other Sites for Social MediaDesi Perkins spends a lot of time on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Over 4 million people follow her on Instagram, where she talks about her personal life, new clothes, and makeup looks. She often shares high- quality photos and videos on Instagram with her product suggestions, beauty tips, and collaborations with makeup companies

She also uses her fame to push her businesses, such as the DEZI eyeglasses line and the DEZI Skin cosmetics line. Desi has over 666k fans on Twitter, and she talks to them by sharing news and thoughts on a variety of topics.

Desi Perkins'


Because Desi Perkins is a private person, she doesn’t tell her fans about her things or spending habits. The public does not see details about the money she spends on herself. 

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Desi Perkins’ Career

Wish Perkins had an easy time becoming an online makeup and beauty expert because she had been a makeup artist for a long time.

So that she could share all the makeup tips and tricks she had learned, she began sharing her work on Instagram. Because of how famous her Instagram page was and her desire to reach more people, she finally made a YouTube channel in 2013.

At first, she only regularly posted makeup videos on her channel. In August 2013, she added her first makeup lesson video, called Soft Warm Sultry Eye lesson.

 A lot of people subscribed to her station after seeing the tutorial video, which was a big hit. At first, Desi mostly posted videos about makeup, but she would also post videos about hair and fashion tips from time to time.

Desi Perkins'

She also put up movies with makeup ideas for both formal and everyday looks.  Eyebrow Tutorial is the name of the movie that made her famous.

Over 17 million people have already watched the film. The experienced makeup artist’s choice to start putting tutorials and other videos on YouTube has turned out to be a very interesting business move. 

She is now one of the most sought-after makeup artists in California, and she has millions of fans and friends on many social media sites. Over 200 million people have watched her videos on YouTube. Eyebrow Tutorial and Husband Does My Makeup are her most watched videos.

Desi Perkins'

He was a stylist at the Generation Beauty Conference in New York City for  The job came with a place to record and a photographer.

Perkins does more than just makeup. She also runs her own businessShe started and runs a brand of glasses called DEZI. Her work has gone to fresh new heights since she started showing off her skills on social media.

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