Desi Perkins Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Desi Perkins is a very noticed American YouTuber and a social media star. She gained great success becoming the trend leader of many women all around the world.

She earns a lot of money and is currently having her net worth somewhere around $1 million. Desi has millions of followers on her social media accounts and she earns a lot of money thanks to the sponsored work she does on those accounts.

Early years

Desi was born as Desiree in a mixed Spanish and Mexican family on  March 3, 1987. She was born in a big Californian city called Los Angeles, which is settled in the United States of America.

She was alwayd very well connected with her roots and her family never let her forget who she is and where she came from.

She claims that it was very stressful at first to enjoy her daily living so far away from other people who are similar ti her, but she got used to it later because The United States of America are pretty full of cultures.

Her childhood was very happy and she was always a very happy child. She was always  close to her three brothers which protected her when they were big enough.

Desi has a very thankful relationship with her father who always pointed out that success comes from hard work and being positive in life. He is her great inspiration and she respects him a lot.

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Desi always took her father’s advices more seeious than her brothers because she knew that he speaks from the heart and that he will be true to her. Also, he has much more experience and that was one of the reasons why she always trusted him.

While being in college, she used to put make-up on many of her friends because she was already really good at it. It was something she enjoyed and, most of the time, doing make up was like therapy for her.

While she was playing with the products and the brushes, everything else seemed to fade away and all of the stress she was feeling wad gone for that artistic moment where she was trying to figure out cool designs and looks.

Desi realized that she could earn herself money by doing make-up so she supported herself nicely through college by becoming a freelance makeup artist.

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At first, it was hard to get customers so her friends shared the pictures and the good words related to her work. As she started to get first customers, she started to get recognized much better and earned more.

Career development

She was busy with freelancing for roughly four years when she decided that it is time to share her special skills with a bigger audience. It was very hard for her to start the whole thing, though, because she knew that setting up a page isn’t an easy thing.

That is why she started posting her work on Michelle Phan’s website called It was really exiting for her to do it because it was her first opportunity to reach  a bigger audience.

It took just a little time for her to become  famous and soon she was booked full-time. A lot of celebrities liked her and her work so she started earning a lot of money.

Kim Kardashian really liked her work and that was the push her career needed. After Kim praised her work on social media everybody knew who Desi Perkins is. This helped her, obviously, and her social media blew up with likes, comments and followers.

That was the event which convinced her to focus on her social media account and improve her work on her YouTube channel. She started to post more often and edit her videos more carefully, for she knew that people are now focused on her work more.

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Desi decided to use her skills to teach other girls around the world some beauty tricks and tips which will help them do perfect make-up. She is very happy because of the fact that many girls can get free lessons for her.

Desi realized that Instagram became a very serious media platform so she started posting there a lot.

Today her Instagram account has almost four million followers. It is an amazing number that keeps growing daily.

Her husband Stephen Perkins is her bog help and he takes care of her business. She has much confidence in him and she knows that she will do the best for her.

Stephen also shoots most of her photos and makes almost all of her videos and tutorials.

One of her videos named “Eyebrow tutorial” has over 10 million views and was very succesfull alltogether.

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Desi is very impressed by Jennifer Lopez and The Kardashian sisters, not only because of their beauty but also because of their success and self-confidence.

In 2013 she uploaded her first video titled “Soft Warm Sultry Eye Tutorial”. This video was a very huge hit and she became recognized all over the world.

Desi loves to make tutorials ment for women who go on some special events or for special occassions such as weddings or red carpets.

Another interesting video she uploaded was the one named “Husband Does My Makeup” which was funny and interesting and showed her and Stephen as a young and loving couple.

Her best friend is named Katy DeGroot, and she is a very prominent Youtuber too. The girls have connected very well and they are very supportive of each other.

This is very important in the nowadays community, especially the beauty part of it. There are a lot of fights going on and the girls are trying to stay away from them.

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The two best friends created ther own make-up collection which was so popular that it was sold out in a rush. This huge hit collection was called Dose of Colors.

Desi also accepted an offer to design a make-up collection for a known  brand hailing from Australia, called “Quay Australia”. She has designed accessories for them and has a very popular line of sun glasses made for that brand.

Personal life

Desi considered herself to be very creative and she thinks it is her very valuable trait. That is why she has tattooed it on her arm. It is something that is very relevant to her and so she wants to stay reminded of it.

A lot of her fans didn’t know that she is very talented in drawing too. She always drew a lot when she was a kid. It was something that kept her relaxed in the moments when she had very little friends and couldn’t relax.

Desi likes to mention her Mexican descent and that she is proud of it. To honor her Mexican roots she has named several of her collections with spanish words. “Mìrame” and “Fuego” are some of them.

She gets angry when people start questioning her Mexican roots saying that she has no Mexican features and that her skin is too pale to be Mexican. Desi thinks that it is none of their business and she is annoyed by the amount of comments there are about this.

Her Mexican descent is the reason why she loves Mexican food and eats it very often. When she wants to eat some really awesome Mexican meal she goes to her mother’s house. Her mum is a great cook.

Desi loves being close to her family and sees them as often as she can. She claims that family moments are precious and every single one of them is important. Desi always put her family in front of her career and her friends.

Although she eats homemade food a lot, she watches out on processed food, carbs and drinks. She focuses on a lot of veggies in her diet.

Her favorite actors are Robert Downey, Jr. and Megan Fox. She is a big fan of movies and enjoys watching them with her family.

She is also a big fan of Italian Cuisine, but she loves food in general. She is not ashamed to say that she loves to eat, although the internet people like to call everyone out for their weight and habits. Desi is very brave to be talking about these things.

Desi loves to travel and she was partucularly impressed by London. Europe was interesting for her and she enjoyed the culture since it is very different from the USA one.

Desi and Stephen got married in 2012. Stephen is graphic designer and a great photographer who makes most of her photos.

He was a student at Norco College after which he started working for SIGELEI Technology Co., Ltd. He was employed there both as a graphic designer and a photographer.

He was a very good athlete, and before started working as a graphic designer and a photographer, he played baseball for Santa Ana College team.

They are very close and are one of the rare couples that function really good both online and offline. Their fans know that the relationship they have is very healthy and are not worried for them. They were called out for the most beautiful couple many times.

Stephen is just as creative as his wife. He was a DJ and a club promoter in LA. He took many extra classes in business, marketing and management  at Riverside City College.

The couple lives together in Rodondo Beach on California, United States. They share a lot about their personal life and even post the photos of their home.

Quick summary

Full name: Desiree Desi Perkins

Date of birth: March 3,1987

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Age: 32

Profession: Youtuber, make-up artist, designer, fashion guru, Instagram star

Height: 1,65 m

Weight: 53 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million

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