India Arie Net Worth in 2024: Income of American singer and songwriter Explored

India Arie was born in Denver, Colorado, on October 3, 1975. She is a famous American singer and songwriter. Find out about India Arie’s job, age, family, pictures, background, and more. Find out about all of India Arie’s most important successes.

India Arie’s Net Worth in 2024

India Arie makes music and makes records in the United States. Celebrity Net Worth says that She is worth $4 million. India Arie has won the Grammy Awards and has been praised by both fans and reviewers. 

As of this writing, she has won four Grammys out of 23 nominees and sold five million albums in the US and many more around the world. India’s first record, “Acoustic Soul,” came out in 2001.  

India Arie

The record went platinum in the end, and songs from it became hits, such as “Video,” “Brown Skin,” and “Ready For Love.” An additional year went by after the release of her second record, “Voyage to India.”

She then put out the album “Testimony,” which was supposed to be a double album but ended up being split into two different albums: Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship (2006) and Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics (2009). 

Then, after a long break, Arie’s fifth studio record, “SongVersation,” came out in the summer of 2013. India  Arie has also worked with a lot of big names in music, like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Ashley Judd, and Elton John.   

India Arie’s Career

Arie helped to start the independent music group Groovement EarthShare in Atlanta. In 1998, the group put out a collection of their songs.  Arie sang one song on the compilation, which helped her get a few fans and got her a spot on a second stage at the 1998 Lilith Fair.

A Universal/Motown music scout signed her the next year, in 1999.In March 2001, Arie put out her first record, called “Acoustic Soul.”

The record debuted at number 10 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and got good reviews and sales. It also came out in third place on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums list.

Even though the record didn’t get a lot of focused radio play, Arie had built up a loyal fan base from it. The Recording Industry Association of America certified the record as double platinum, which means it sold over two million copies in the US and over three million copies around the world.

India Arie

It was also marked as platinum in Canada and gold in England. There were two tracks from the album: “Video” and “Brown Skin.” The song “Acoustic Soul” by Arie was nominated for seven Grammy Awards in 2002, but she didn’t win any.    But at the end of the event, she sang her song “Video.”

After her first record did well, Arie put out her second album, “Voyage to India,” in September 2002.  It came out at number six on the Billboard 2000 and number one on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. The record was given a platinum award by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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It won Best R&B Album at the 2003 Grammys, and the single “Little Things” got Best Urban/Alternative Performance. The song “Get It Together” was also on the soundtracks of many movies, such as “Brown Sugar” (2002) and “Shark Tale” (2004).That same year, Arie was on Stevie Wonder’s record “A Time to Love.”

The song they sang together was written by Arie and was called “A Time to Love.”  At the 2006 Grammy Awards, the song was up for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. “Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship” was her third record, which came out in 2006. After that, the record was given a gold award in the US.

India Arie

The song “I Am Not My Hair,” which she worked on with Akon, was the main hit from the record.That year, she put out her next record, “Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics.” It came out in third place on the Billboard 200 and second place on the R&B list. It had a lot of duets with other artists, like Sezen Aksu, Keb Mo, Gramps Morgan, and Musiq Soulchild. 

After leaving her label, it was also her first record that she produced herself. At the Roundabout Theatre Company in the same year, she also played singer Nina Simone in a reading of the Broadway show “Soul Doctor.” Daniel Wise wrote the play, which was about the life of Shlomo Carlebach.

Arie was one of more than 70 singers who sang on the charity single “We Are the World: 25 for Haiti” in 2010 to help people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. They also sang  the song “Imagine” on Herbie Hancock’s 2010 album “The Imagine Project.”

Carlos Santana’s version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on his record “Guitar Heaven” also had her singing as a guest.”Songversation,” Arie’s fifth record, came out in June 2013. There were two songs from it: “6th Avenue” and “Cocoa Butter.”

Together with Joe Sample, she put out a record in 2015 called “Christmas with Friends.” Her first song, “Breathe,” came out in July 2016. It was influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement.After that, “Breathe” was on the EP “Songversation: Medicine,” which came out in June 2017.   

India Arie

The next year, she released her brand-new song, “That Magic.” When her sixth studio album, “Worthy,” came out in February 2019, this song was the first hit from it.


India bought a house in Stone Mountain, Georgia, for $340,000 in 2003. This 1.4-acre farm is still her main home today.

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