What is Anwar Jibawi Net Worth (2024) & Income From His Youtube Channel

Anwar Jibawi is a well-known creator of comedy videos who became popular on the internet.He became popular and made his fortune on a social platform called YouTube, but he started off on Vine, same as the many other famous influencers of today. Vine was an extremely popular platform at that time, and on it, people were posting 6-seconds long clips in order to entertain the public with their comedy

Anwar started his career back in 2013 by uploading his comedy sketches to Vine.He is still so popular because of his devotion to his platform. He posts very regularly on both his YouTube channel and Instagram account. Anwar has more than five million followers, and will soon have 6 million. 

Attribute Detail
Full Name Robert John Odenkirk
Age: 30
Born: August 9, 1991
Estimated Net Worth: $5 million
Source of Wealth: Internet Personality, Actor, Director

Anwar Jibawi Early years

Anwar Jibawi was born on August 9th, 1991 in Chicago, Illinois (United States). His family is Muslim, so he was raised as a Muslim from his birth. Anwar spent his childhood in Chicago, where he enjoyed the company of his brother Malik Jibawi and his other siblings. Their family had five kids in total and they were all in good relationships with each other.

Anwar’s parents moved to the United States from Pakistan so they could provide a better life for themselves and their upcoming children. His family is very important to him because it is in their culture. Pakistan families are always very connected to each other.

Attribute Details
Full Name Robert John Odenkirk
Date of Birth October 22, 1962
Age 61
Place of Birth Berwyn, Illinois, U.S.
Alma Mater Southern Illinois University
Occupations Actor, Comedian, Filmmaker
Years Active 1987–present
Spouse Naomi Yomtov (married in 1997)
Children 2
Family Bill Odenkirk (brother)
Official Website bobodenkirk.com
Net Worth Estimated at $5 Million (in 2024)

How Much Wealth Does Anwar Jibawi Have?

According to the source (eric-singer), the estimated net worth of Anwar Jibawi is projected to be around $5 million as of 2024. Despite his remarkable success, Anwar stays humble and actively contributes to the community through various charitable activities. His journey highlights the transformative potential of digital media, enabling creative minds to engage with global audiences and carve out lucrative careers.

Anwar Jibawi has also diversified his investments into real estate, further enhancing his net worth. He owns a lavish residence in Los Angeles, California, valued at over $1 million, showcasing his financial acumen and success beyond the digital sphere.

Anwar Jibawi estimated earnings by months

Last update of the table: 6 Mar 2024.

month estimated earnings
February 2024 $ 219K
January 2024 $ 158K
December 2023 $ 122K
November 2023 $ 128K
October 2023 $ 247K
July 2023 $ 34.1K
June 2023 $ 85.7K
May 2023 $ 102K
April 2023 $ 161K
March 2023 $ 174K
February 2023 $ 118K
January 2023 $ 96.8K
December 2022 $ 56K
November 2022 $ 49.8K


Special Appearances and Featured Projects

Anwar Jibawi frequently graces special events and teams up with fellow social media luminaries and celebrities. These appearances span across a spectrum, from live gigs and comedic performances to guest spots in movies or television shows. Anwar’s adeptness at leveraging his popularity and comedic prowess secures him these opportunities, providing an additional stream of income.

Brand Collaborations, Promotions, and Sponsorships

Anwar Jibawi Brand Collaborations, Promotions, and Sponsorships

Anwar Jibawi, as a notable influencer in the realm of social media, has forged partnerships with various brands for collaborations, promotions, and sponsorships. Renowned companies like Brita water filters, The Walking Dead, and Universal Studios Orlando have enlisted his support. Through these partnerships, Anwar crafts compelling content showcasing the brands’ offerings, all while reaping substantial financial rewards.

Ad Sense Revenue and Promotional Posts on TikTok

Anwar Jibawi’s presence on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok yields significant ad sense revenue. According to data from Social Blade, his monthly ad sense earnings range from $20.6K to $329.3K, culminating in an estimated yearly income of $247K to $4 million. Moreover, Anwar monetizes his TikTok account through promotional posts, earning approximately $2 to $7 per thousand followers for each sponsored content piece.

Anwar Jibawi’s diverse revenue streams, coupled with his vast following and strong engagement, play a pivotal role in his financial prosperity. These avenues afford him the ability to continue delivering entertaining content to his audience while indulging in a luxurious lifestyle

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Instagram Account

As of now in march 2024, he has over 14 million followers on Instagram. Check out his latest post below.

Anwar Jibawi Career development:

He started doing his comedy sketched on Vine when he was 22 years old. The first one he uploaded was called “When Sounds Interrupt Your Dreams” and it was released in 2013. He thought that it would be smarter and better for him to start on Vine and gradually pull his Vine followers onto YouTube for him to create content there.

Vine opened Anwar a path to start his YouTube channel and to succeed. It was a great thing for him to start his career in comedy, since many people already got to a great point in their career this way. Soon, his videos on YouTube became viral and he was finally recognized. His videos were shared on all social platforms, including Facebook.

After few of his videos became viral he started collaborating with other influencers such as Jeddy Purpdrank and King Bach. He doesn’t post as often because he believes that quality is more important than quantity. Anwar was starting to notice that some creators lost inspiration so he used it to put out a lot more interesting and of better quality than other YouTubers.

Some of Anwar’s most popular videos are “#DropThatNaeNae” and “ Sagging at its Finest”. When Vine died out in 2017, Anwar was already having 3 million followers but mostly all already followed him on his YouTube channel. When Anwar found out that Vine is going to shut down he told all his followers he will be creating content on YouTube.

In 2016 he started posting longer videos on his YouTube. He has gained one million followers, and already had 200 million views on his YouTube channel at that time. His most successful video is “Killer Clown” and it had 30 million views just a few days after it was released. Some of his other very known videos are:  “Crazy Drug Lord” and “Worst Liar” and “The Broke Life”.

Anwar decided to repost some of his most popular vines on his Instagram account so all of his fans can see them although Vine is gone. Anwar promotes a lot of brands on his social media platforms. Dolce & Gabbana, a famous fashion brand invited Anwar to join them on their Milan Men’s Fashion Week show in 2018.

Anwar was involved in a lot of controversies after some of his tweets against the US President Donald Trump became known. It was not surprising to anyone because Anwar is from Pakistan and president Trump has a tendency to speak poorly of all immigrants and considers Middle Eastern people and Asian people as a problem. A boxing legend Mike Tyson asks Anwar to create Mike’s YouTube channel in 2017. This resulted in many collaborations with Mike. Anwar always respected Mike Tyson and admired him because of his hard work and devotion as a boxer.

Anwar is a very good friend with a famous singer Justin Bieber. Jerry Purpdrank and Logan Paul were just one of the stars he collaborated with. Anwar has a contract with Shot Studios and his promoter is called William Morris Endeavor. Anwar was named one of the Top 100 Viners in 2015 and gained a huge amount of followers because of it.

He was in a comedy movie called “Airplane Mode” in 2017. Some other influential internet stars like Logan Paul, Chloe Bridges, and Jake Amanda Cerny were also in this movie. In 2016, before being in this movie he had few minor roles in some short films, but nothing major or award winning.

Anwar Jibawi Personal life:

In 2012 he told his fans in one of his videos that his dad doesn’t live with his family anymore. We currently don’t have any information regarding their parents and if they’re divorced. Anwar also stated that he will be visiting his father after not seeing him for eight years.

Anwar has a lot of hobbies and only some of them are singing and dancing. Anwar tries his best to keep his physique and trains a lot but he doesn’t have a constant routine. He is a really big fan of fast food, burgers, and pizza to be specific, but he tries to be moderate in eating such food.

Anwar stated that his favorite actress is Emma Watson. His favorite movie is a 1997’s classic “Titanic” with famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. He has seen it several times. Anwar adores reading mythology books and watches movies of the same genre.

His favorite places to visit on the holidays are most certainly Iceland, Dubai, and Spain. He also took his mother to see Dubai with him and shared the moment on his Instagram account. He adores cars and his favorite brands are Audi and BMW. He likes them better than Italian cars. Anwar was in lots of relationships and his most recent one is with YouTube star Hannah Stocking. She is known for her part in a movie called “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween”. Hannah was a part of his famous video called “Having a Tall Girlfriend”. He was also in a lot of other videos of Anwar’s. They often share their photos together.

Quick summary

Full name: Anwar Jibawi

Date of birth: August 9, 1991

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 28

Profession: Youtuber, former Viner, actor, producer

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 64 kgs

Net Worth: $5 Million

Anwar Jibawi Frequently Asked Questions:

How many subscribers does Anwar Jibawi have?

Ans: 11,100,000 As of March 2024 (socialblade.com)

What is Anwar Jibawi’s ethnicity?

Ans: Anwar Jibawi is a Palestinian-American internet personality notable for his videos on YouTube, and previously on the Vine app.


What is Anwar Jibawi's ethnicity

In summary, Anwar Jibawi’s net worth for 2024 is estimated to be approximately $5 million, derived from a multitude of revenue streams. These include his flourishing YouTube presence, acting endeavors, brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and investments in real estate. Despite his considerable success, Anwar maintains a humble demeanor and actively participates in philanthropic endeavors, giving back to the community. His journey exemplifies the potential of digital media, showcasing how creative individuals can leverage these platforms to engage with audiences and cultivate prosperous careers.

Disclaimer: The net worth figures and related information mentioned here are sourced from various public outlets. Please note that these numbers are not definitive and may change over time due to fluctuations in financial positions and valuations.

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