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Erica Dixon is a beautiful and popular American actress, reality TV celebrity and a successful writer who got widely known after she starred in a huge American reality TV show named “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

Early years

Erica was born on October 12, 1984 in a town Atlanta, Georgia in United States. She is the youngest child in a very big family of six brothers and three sisters. She was raised in a family filled with problems, both financial and drug abuse connected.

She was very close to her siblings and to her aunt and uncle who raised her since her mother Mignon Dixon was a drug addict and wasn’t capable to take care of her children.

But her aunt and uncle couldn’t cope with all of them so the children were placed in foster care.

Erica came to live with a foster family in a place called Hempstead when she was six years old. She later stated that it was the first time that she felt that she is living a normal life, a childhood like everyone else.

Seven years after, the social service returned Erica to her mother but their life together lasted very shortly.

Erica’s mum had problems with drugs again so Erica came to live with her father. There isn’t much informations about her parents now or does she has any contact with them.

She was a student at Forest Park High School where she graduated and joined The Professional Institute in Atlanta to continue her education and finish higher studies. While in college, she worked as a biller to earn enough money to support herself through schooling.

Career development

In 2012, after she split with Scrapoy, Erica became a cast member of a reality TV series called “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” which aired on VH1. This popular reality show follows the lives of several women who are in some kind connected to hip-hop. Erica has been connected through Lil Scrappy.

She had an opportunity to star in four seasons of this popular show but she decided not to enter the 5th season.

She was popular during her time in the show although she had some issues with other members of the cast.

She decided to use her popularity and create her own beauty brand. She named it “Klass6”. Her clothing line is mainly focused on the production of body-con dresses.

Her clothing line is very affordable and some dresses are even under $100 which is rare in celebrity lines, but she says that she wants her line to be accessible to all women, not only to reach one.

Erica decided to speak about her rough childhood through a children’s book named “The Southern Bell”. She is eager to explain to children who have parents fighting with addiction to know that their parent’s addiction has nothing to do with them and they aren’t guilty for it.

She uses her knowledge and experience to help children cope with life in families which have alcohol and drug issues.

She is very busy, and is currently working with Darryl Drake, who is a CEO of a company called “Total Life Changes”. She is giving advices to people about gaining business success.

She is very passionate when it comes to women rights and she tries to help women as much as she can.

She gained a lot of income through endorsements, and one of them was ”The Flattummy Tea”. Since she was very popular during her time in the show, she had used it wisely to gain contacts in the business world so she would have an open door after she will leave the show.

Personal life

It was at the Atlanta Professional Institute that she met Darryl Richardson, a rapper more known for his stage name Lil Scrappy.

The two of them started dating and their relationship lasted very long, for almost ten years they were partners. Their relationship had some issues bit they were mostly in a stabile relationship.

In 2005 she gave birth to their first child named Emani who was born on July 29, 2005.

Erica adores her child and she often says that she and Scrappy broke up because he is not a father material.

She also stated that Lil’ Scrappy wasn’t happy that she started taking her career more seriously.

In 2012, Erica and Lil Scrappy got engaged and started planning marriage. It was the same year they broke up the engagements.

Since her break up with Scrappy, Erica dated a few known men. First she was in relationship with O’ Shea Russel and it lasted for 2 years. She left Russel because of his huge financial problems.

After that, she started dating Duke Willams, a football player although he was still in a relationship with his girlfriend at the time: Nazia.

She was involved in a controversy when she was arrested in 2016.

It seems that she was caught speeding by police officers and got involved in altercation with them.

A very rough period of her life was a custody battle for Emani between her and her former fianceé Lil Scrappy. During that period of time Lil Scrappy made a restraining order about her because he was tired of her coming to his place and asking him to pay her the child support he owes.

Erica won this court battle and gained a very high child support from Scrappy. She states that she wants to give her child the best education and a normal childhood and so should her father.

It seems that Lil Scrappy and her are in better terms now and it is probably because of their daughter.

She is very popular on her social media accounts and only on Instagram she has over 2 million followers.

Lil Scrappy is in a relationship with Bambi today, and bambi doesn’t like the fact that he is on good terms with his former girlfriend Erica so she often disses her in her statements and speaks about her negatively.

Quick summary

Full name: Erica Dixon

Date of birth: October 12, 1984

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Age: 34

Profession: reality TV star, entrepreneur, writer

Height: 1,70 m

Weight: 68 kgs

Net Worth: $300,000

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