Bradley Martyn Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Bradley Martyn is a widely known personality from the US. He is a fitness influencer and a social media star. Along with that, he is a famous competitor in men’s physique.

His famous because of his tendency to help other attain the best pysique they can have. He gives his audience tips and shows them tricks on how to get a great body.

Early years

He was born on May 22th in 1989 in Los Angeles, United States of America. His family was Christian and valued their religion. His mother, Diane Martyn raised him.

Bradley started working out in the gym when he was only 15 years old. He wanted to go because all of his friends were and he wanted to fit in. He also learned a ton lot about nutrition because he wanted to stay healthy during all that exercising he did. He was also pretty proud of his knowledge because he could advice his friends about it.

There isn’t a lot about Bradley’s childhood that we know of. He wasn’t really fond of education and didn’t like going to school. It was also because his father commited suicide and he wasn’t feeling so good at the time.

He used gym to get out all of his anger and all the negative feelings he had after the already mentioned death of his father.

Bradley wanted to help other people out ans therefore opened his channel and started his programme where he showed off his skills and helped people out by giving them his tips. The most popular videos he uploaded were the ones in which Bradley shows what he eats in a day because a lot of his audience had trouble combining nutrition eith exercising.

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His followers started listening to his advice and it gave them good results which made his audience trust him. His channel started growing faster than Bradley could have ever imagined.

Career development

Bradley co-founds a company calles Zoo Culture Gym and is one of the most important people in this business. He is really busy all the time because he gives all he can to his business and also coaches and workd daily on his workout advising and his own body.

Bradley also started his own online fitness business in 2006. But he only started uploading on his YouTube channel in 2014, 8 years later. Bradley always wanted to make sure people have right informations about healthy living.

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He had a famous collaboratiin with another youtuber calle FouseyTube. Together they made few videos about how Bradley helped a man loose his weight and start training.

He has a program calles BMFit. BM in its name stand for his first and last name, Bradley Martyn.

Bradley also sells his gear and suplements on his website so his fans can buy it. He also sells his coaching. His viewers can also buy his merch. He sells shirts, hats, bottoms, beanies and also lifting gear.

This website says it focuses on the quality of the products rather than quantaty. He makes small amount of his products but teies to nake them as creative as he can so they look unique.

He is often critisized because people think he lack educarion because he dropped out of college. Bradley states few times that all info he needs for his business and his audience he already had and that he dropped oit only because he thiught that school was a waste of time because he was only sitting and listening his teachers instead of helping people out.

Bradley also decided that all his training and business will adopt to him, not the other way around. Sometimes he injures himself or hes sick. Because of that, one week he trains everyday while the other week je trains three days.

Bradley says that he thinks that its cruxial to listen to your body and what is good for you ratjer than copying other peoples routines.

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When he’s in gym hes usually there for about an hour to hour and a half.

When he had a career in fitness he was often in competitions he won few times. He said that he never liked those competitions and championships because he thinks that its important to work for yourself rather than fornother people.

He won a first place in the NPC Southern California Championship that was held in 2011. In the same year he was second in the 2011’s NPC USA Championship.

In 2012 he was on the same event as in 2011 and in 2013 he competed in the NPC Phil Heath Classic event where he got the first place. He said that it was a great experience for him because he met a lot of his fans. Thats when he realised he could help all those young people to achieve their body goals and that he could coach them.

Bradley likes leading all sorts of businesses so he founded a company named AlphaCre3tivedesigns back in July in 2012. It was a prrtty ambitious step for him but he was sure that this company would pay off.

Bradley also coaches a lot of celebrities but he never talks about his clients unless they want to share their work on their own.

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Bradley’s routine is made of 8-12 repwtitions of 3-5 sets of each exercise he does. He stated a few times that he doesn’t follow this everytime because sometimes he doesn’t feel so well and also it depends on what body part he is working on at the moment.

Bradley used to do intermittent fasting (also known as IF). It’s a technique in which you don’t est anything for 16 hours but then eat during those 8 hours you have left. He doesn’t do it anymore because he says that it isn’t easy enough to do with his job. He just has his high calorie, high fat and high protein diet and doesn’t eat carbs.

He also became a lot more famous after coaching Sommer Ray, a famous personality and a model. She wanted to get a better figure so she could get a better modeling contract and Bradley helped her reach those goals.

Personal life

Bradley grew up in a pretty stressful envivroment because of his family problems. Bradley’s mother had to take care of him alone since he was 6 years old. Bradley had a really hars time growing up without his father beside him.

His father’s death was the biggedt reason why Bradley himself dealt with anxiety and depression. Although he dealt with a lot he always had hope for the future.

Bradleys inspirations come from his close friends and family and also competitors that were competing with him in the past.

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He has a best friend named Brandon Gerdes. They work out together. They were there for eachither since the beginning and love to hang out with each other, eat and have fun.

We don’t know much about his personal life because he decides not to share a lot of it one the social media. We know that he is single because he hasn’t been going out as much as he used to. He is trying to focus on his career. In the past there were rumours that he was satin Sommer Ray.

He posted a tweet saying “I want a girlfriend lol” in November, 2017 which was really funny to his fans.

He has a really wide audience on his social media. He bas over 150k followers on his YouTube channels, and over 2.8 million people follow his Instagram account and listen to his advice. He has abiut 2.9 million followers on his Facebook, but he isn’t as popular there anymore.

Some of Bradley’s most viewed videos on his YouTube channel are: “KSI accepted my challenge”, “The transformation of Alex Wasabi” and the video in which he was hut by Logan Paul.

He gets most of his income through coaching, but he also earn a lot on YouTube. There he gets about 500$ daily.

A lot of people admire his body because he has the perfect ration of lower and upper body muscles. He has a really proportional body and doesn’t look “too buff”.

People have been saying that he uses steroids, but Bradley never comments those thing because he finds them ridicolous.

Bradley’s favourite color is green and he wears a lot of items in that color.

Quick summary

Full name: Bradley Martyn

Date of birth: 22nd May 1989

Birthplace:  Los Angeles, The United States of America

Age: 29

Profession: social media influencer, fitness person, trainer, bodybuilder

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 111 kg

Net Worth:  $750,000

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