TJ Hunt Net Worth 2024: How Wealthy The Famous YouTuber Is?

TJ Hunt is a famous Canadian YouTuber who became known for his great videos which all involve cars and vehicles. He made his career very early in life and today earns a lot of money.

How Was the Early Life of TJ Hunt?

TJ Hunt was born as Thomas Hunt on December 28, 1994 in Montreal in Canada. He had a very nice childhood, surrounded by a loving family. When his parents decided to relocate to San Diego in California, he had no objections because he always wanted to live somewhere warm.

Thomas started being interested in making videos very early in his life. He started uploading his videos on YouTube and they soon became popular. His „Dye NT Shooting“ became very popular and it made him upload a new one named „Dye NT Unboxing“. After uploading several new videos he had a break and it took him three years to start uploading again.

What is the Net Worth of TJ Hunt in 2024?

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of TJ Hunt is $4.09 million.

TJ Hunt, a notable entrepreneur, showcases the significance of business investment. He dedicated $20,000 to Street Hunter’s development and possesses Hunt&Co products inventory valued at $50,000. His net worth further benefits from tangible assets. His collection of cars stands at a value of $300,000, with home equity in San Diego approximating $700,000.

Hunt distinguishes himself through diversified income sources. His brand value reaches $150,000, and he owns $30,000 worth of shares in Street Hunter. Moreover, he sustains a workforce, incurring an annual expense of $400,000. His journey underscores the challenges and rewards of being a YouTuber and entrepreneur. Through relentless effort and savvy business tactics, TJ Hunt embodies the potential for extraordinary success.

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Instagram Account

As of now, TJ Hunt has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Check out his latest post below.

How Did He Begin His Career?

Thomas began posting on YouTube in the fall of 2009. He turned to making videos that are related to cars. His first was connected to BMW 338 and he gained a lot of followers on his channel. His video „A Little Introductory“ also gained a lot of views. He followed it with another video called „Automotive Photography Garage Shoot“. In 2014, he gained great positive reviews on his new videos „Toyota Fest 204“ and „Palm Springs Cruisin“. He also maked Q&A videos which his fans like very much.

TJ’s most viewed video is called „I Got a Wideboy Kit For the BRZ“ with more then 3 million views. „Making a Lexus Loud“ is also very well viewed and it brought him wide attention because people love to see extraordinary things done with his car. In 2015, he uploaded a video titled „Meet my girlfriend“ where he invited her girlfriend to appear in it. In 2018, he released new videos called „Entering the Rotary World“ and „Our Last Day“.

TJ Hunt Net Worth

TJ has a girlfriend called Sabrina Leamon. In 2017 he was involved in a controversy related to another YouTube artist called Smurfin WRF. Smurfin WRF was his business partner for a while then but TJ went on creating a new company without Smurfin WRF knowing it. Smurfin WRF called him out because of his low ethics and bad business principles. TJ created his own company whose main branch was clothing business so we know that his fashion line is called „Hunt & Co“. He is a very handsome tall guy with light brown hair and blue eyes and his fans often comment on it. Many think that this is the reason why he is so popular. He was a student at Del Norte High School in San Diego in California and he continued his education at San Marcos California State University. He didn’t really enjoy school, though. It was never his thing.

TJ and his girlfriend currently reside in Poway in San Diego which is a great place to live in. They are both great fans of life in California. TJ is a great car enthusiast which is not surprising due to his work. He himself owns a Subaru BRZ and a beautiful Nissan 350 Z. He had a great collaboration with a fellow YouTuber named Tanner Fox. They have made a video together and it was called „Calling Out Tanner Fox To Race“. It got a lot of views and they exchanged followers as well, which ended up being a great deal. Until today, his most viewed video is named “I Got a Widebody Kit For the BRZ”, and it surpassed 3 million views.

How Is the Personal life of TJ Hunt?

His mother is mentally disabled and has a heart condition due to her heart attack which led her to suffer damage. He always takes care of her, although it is very hard. He was 13 years old when his mother had a cardiac arrest. He found his mother unconsious in her room when she had a heart attack. He helped her because he knew how to: his father was a firemen so he had the knowledge about helping. She was in a coma long and received brain damage. This personal video called „My Story with My Mom“ gained 140k views. It is a story about how his mother is still sick, lying in bed, with little body movement and not recpgnizing a lot of people.

He has 1,2 million subscribers on his very popular YouTube Channel and the number is still growing. He has a brother Chris who is a great surfer and a sister Kim, a biologist and a scientist. They are close and spend a lot of time together. He was the youngest child and was often alone because his siblings were on college when he was little. He played hockey when he was a kid and it gave him great joy. He was always hoping to become a world known hockey player and became one of the persons to be on a children card. He played for “San Diego Gulls” while in high school and always wished a great hockey career. He travelled a lot with his hockey team, even out of the country. He didn’t enter NFL because he was too small and that was very upseting for him because he absloutely loves hockey and everything about it. TJHuntArmy is the name of his fanbase and they are counted in thousands. They often communicate with Hunt over social media.

He goes to medical college to become a nurse and want give up although he can live out of Youtube. But he wants to be more usefull and he wants to help his mum even more. The name of his first video was “Dye NT Shooting”, and he uploaded it on his channel in the fall of 2009. Most of his first videos were connected to paintball and after posting a few he took a break.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Hunt

Date of birth: December 28, 1994

Birthplace:  Toronto, Canada

Age: 25

Profession: Youtuber, social media star

Height: 183 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $4.09 million.

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