Hodgetwins Net Worth 2024: How Wealthy They Are?

Hodgetwins is a known nickname of two tein brothers named Kevin and Keith Hodge who gained fame through their hardwork in the fitness niche. The brothers also came to limelight as great comedians and Youtubers who were interested in every part of video making and wanted to give the audience a stunning experience. The brothers are inseparable and even live next to each other. In one of many interviews they had the twins pointed out that they were never in their life separated longer than 10 hours.

How Was the Early Life of Hodgetwins?

Kevin and Keith Hodge were born on September 17, 1975 in a town named Martinsville in the state of Virginia, United States. The twins were the last siblings in the family which also made them the youngest in it. Kevin and Keith have an older brother and a sister who took care of them when they were kids. They still play a large role in the lives of the twins although the twins mainly rely on each other.

Keith and Kevin grew up in Virginia but their childhood was far from ideal. Their family had a very low income so the boys learned to look after themselves from a very early age. The twins were known for shoplifting and were even caught several times while doing that. It was something that followed them around and they were not proud of this. They later often used their tough childhood and poverty as the idea for their stand-up comedy act. Their hard childhood, in anything but ideal conditions made them very ambitious because they wanted to succeed in life.

A few years later, the situation in their life changed for the better. The twins even ended up in the college. They enrolled together the American Intercontinental University. Kevin and Keith both finished college without problem. They gained their degrees in the fields of Accounting and Finance. The degrees are from the American InterContinental University. They have finished the class of 2012.

What is the Net Worth of Hodgetwins?

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Hodgetwins is $20 million.

The Hodgetwins’ main source of income stems from the earnings acquired through advertisements on their YouTube videos. They also boost their overall net worth by selling branded merchandise through their official website. Even though they’ve seen a recent decrease in views, attributed to their conservative political stances, the Hodgetwins persist in connecting with their audience, expressing their viewpoints on a range of subjects. Transitioning from comedy to political commentary, their path has attracted both accolades and critique, yet they stay committed to their profession, aiming to both entertain and enlighten their audience.

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How Did He Begin Their Career?

The dynamic duo found themselves working in a lot of different areas and even joined the Marine Corps. After leaving the Marines, the twins started working as security guards. It was something they didn’t really enjoy and they wanted to have a better job.

For a while, Kevin and Keith Hodge have even sold insurances. But they both knew that they are not as pleased with their work as they should be. It was obvious that they needed to change their plans. That is how they came up to an idea to start making Youtube videos: 2008 was the year they first uploaded a video on their YT channel. The channel was simply called “TheHodgetwins”. The first video they uploaded had comedy elements and since it was getting enough attention their channel also became a comedy channel.

hodgetwins Net Worth

Their comentaries about current events were hillarious and highly viewed and most of them were connected to actual problems and interesting things that were happening in their country. After some time, their fans started asking them advices about various things such as relationship problems, family issues and carreer related problems. Even today, the twins receive hundreds of letters every day with fan questions about love, sex, relationship and similar. One of the brothers, Keith, chooses the most interesting ones and they talk about them on their channel.

Following the success they reached they have opened their new YouTube channel. It was a wish that they had for a long time. The main motive of this channel is fitness and this turned out to be their most popular channel. Today they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on this channel. Some of the negative comments from people who watched their channel made them come up with an answer which is today considered to be their catchphrase. It says “Do whatever the f*** you want.” It is a famous phrase, but people don’t really enjoy it. Many mothers are worried about their children watching them. The other catchphrase is “I’m making all kinds of gains”. It is related to their workout routine and their mental changes and is related with their fitnesy Youtube channel.

Stand-up acting was the logical next step for them and acting became their great passion. They started going on stand-up tours all over the country and all over the world. The Hodgetwins have role models inRichard Pryor and Bill Burr. Some of the topics for their comedy screenplays included their private life, the poverty they lived in and similar. They are not ashamed of the way they lived and they are now learning to change and to become better people.

Kevin and Keith Hodge starred together in a film called “The Last of the Great Romantics” which was filmed in 2014. The film was directed by Duncan Skiles. Their fellow actors was an actress named Skyler Joy and Kumail Nanjiani. The Hodgetwins have created a clothing business connected to their fitness channel and they have a supplement brand. The Hodgetwins have an ISSA certification so they have their personal trainers degree. Their favorite junk food are pizza, ribs and biscuits. They love to bulk so they eat all of the time.

Although they are both very humorous everyone can tell that Keith is more serious. The name of their most popular workout is  “Twin Muscle workout”. “Hodgetwins You Are Not Black” is a name of their most popular video with 2,5 million views. It was released in 2013. Their agent is named Valentijn Sloot and he manages both of them very successfully. The Hodgetwins visit Fit Expo every year and a few times they even hosted several events there and made interviews with many fitness icons. The Hodgetwins have a lot of money earned from their fitness business. They have $3,7 million together.

Personal life

The Hodgetwins have a special bond and are never separated for a long time. They even live door to door. It’s something that characterises their life. They came back to live in Virginia with theif families after a long period of time they have spend in Los Angeles or other big cities. Both Kevin and Keith are married and consider themselves blessed with their wives.  Each of them have at least three children. They both got married the same year, in 2000 which means they are almost married for twenty years. As for their diet they take good care about  their intake. They eat 120 to 140 grams of protein every day. It’s important for them since they bulk all of the time.

Kevin and Keith take great care about their children’s diet and try to keep them eating healthy. They also try to provide anything their kids wish, probably because of the things they couldn’t have in their childhood. But children are also involved in sports which they find very important. They want to be good role models for their kids. In 2013, their mother have passed away which was very shocking for them because she was very important to them. The brothers got even closer after that, knowing how important is the family connection.

Quick summary

Full name: Keith W. Hodge / Kevin N. Hodge

Date of birth: September 17, 1975

Birthplace:  Martinsville, Virginia, United States

Age: 44

Profession: Youtubers, fitness icons, entrepreneurs

Height: 192 cm / 194 cm

Weight: 95 kgs / 98 kgs

Net Worth: $20 Million


How Much Do They Earn Through YouTube?

The Hodge Twins have made a considerable impact on their net worth through their YouTube channels. With an impressive following of millions of subscribers and a staggering number of views, they’ve managed to rake in a hefty sum through advertising revenue and endorsements.

What About Comedy Show Income?

Their ventures into stand-up comedy have markedly increased their financial standing. Touring across various cities in the United States, they’ve generated a significant amount of revenue from the sales of show tickets.

How Much Do They Earn from Fitness Coaching?

Additionally, their foray into fitness coaching, offering personalized training and nutritional advice, has further supplemented their income. They operate a dedicated website to market their exercise routines and nutritional plans.

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