Huda Kattan Net Worth 2024: Look at a Makeup Artist Wealth

Huda Kattan is a known American internet personality and a makeup artist who turned her career in cosmetics into a serious business with her cosmetics line called “Huda Beauty”.

Early years

She was born as Huda Kattan on October 2, 1983 in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma in United States. Her parents are Iraqi and she has spent all of her childhood with her three siblings with whom she is still very close. Her parents are Susu Al Qazzaz and Ibrahim Kattan. She respects their privacy and doesn’t put them in the spotlight too often. The family often moved, first to Cookeville in Tennessee and after that to Boston in Massachusetts due to her parents jobs. Hula finished her high school as a very good student and became a student at Michigan University. She graduated in the field of Finance.

In 2006 Huda relocated with her family to Dubai because her father gained a good working position there: he was offered to teach pupils at the American University in Dubai. Huda was okay with that because she was always interested in meeting new people. Just a few years after Huda came back to America (to Los Angeles to be precise) where she started studying makeup artistry. It was something in what she was interested for a very long period of time and she felt like she could be really good at it.

She was extremely good at this and some of her clients were very known celebrities like Eva Longoria. She was pleased with her progress in make-up so she spent a lot of time in learning about new techniques. Celebrities liked the way she did their makeup and therefore she soon had many loyal customers. After a while she came back to Dubai where she became an employee for a known company Revlon where she worked as a makeup artist. She developed there even more. Her sisters who thought she was great at her job convinced her to start her own blog about makeup and beauty because they have seen other makeup artist to do it and become YouTube celebrities.

What Is the Net Worth of Huda Kattan in 2024?

As of 2024, Huda has an estimated net worth of $610 million.

Huda Beauty teamed up with various celebrities and influencers, adding to the brand’s popularity and sales. Notable collaborations include partnerships with Olivia Culpo and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Back in 2017, Huda Beauty secured a minority investment from TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity firm. This investment notably boosted the brand’s valuation and Huda’s overall net worth.

Huda Kattan also holds significant investments in real estate. She possesses a lavish villa in Dubai, which serves as her current residence. The value of her real estate holdings plays a substantial role in elevating her net worth.

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Instagram Account

As of March 2024, Huda has above 4.1 Million followers on Instagram Account. Check out her latest post below.

How Did She Begin Her Career?

She created her blog named “Huda Beauty”, but she never thought she may live such success. The blog was very successful and in 2013 she created her own cosmetics line also known as “Huda Beauty”. Today, this brings her most of her money. She enrolled Joe Blasco’s make-up school in Los Angeles to become even more professional as a make-up artist. The first product she released on the market were false eyelashes and they were released through a collaboration with Sephora. She decide to put them first because she was disappointed because she couldn’t find good ones for her.

huda kattan Net Worth

This eyelashes line achieved great success and she gained hundreds of clients and some of them were famous and known clients. To this day, her company is best known for the false eyelashes she makes. There are a ton of different types of them too! Her most known celebrity client became Kim Kardashian and she was one of the reasons why she became popular very fast. Kim is prone to sharing everything she does on the internet. Her company started offering other products for consumers in the beauty related area: lip liners, lipsticks, foundations, false nails and other similar and much used products. Huda became extremely popular on social media platforms so she has over 20 million followers in Instagram. She gained popularity through various Instagram MUA’s. She is also on the number one list of the most influential people on Instagram and on the internet. In 2017 a magazine called Time Magazine has put her into the list of the 25 most influential people on the internet. She is also amongst ten most powerful influencers in the world of beauty and is often compared to Kim Kardashian who is also a big beauty and lifestyle influencer.

Huda earns thousands of dollars for her posts with sponsored content from known beauty brands and receives big amounts for visiting various beauty events and similar. She is one of the most paid influencers and make-up artists in the world.

Know About Her Personal life

Huda is married and she has a husband whom she met when she was at college and the two of them have a daughter. He is Colombian and is named Christopher Goncalo. They got married in 2008 and they named their daughter Nour Giselle. They live happily in Dubai in UAE.

Huda is of Muslim religion and she holds her family very important so she has hired all of her sisters to be her workers. One of her sister is a partner in Huda’s make-up business and another sister is her social media manager. They work together and tend to make things perfect. Mona is the name of her youngest sister and Alia is her oldest sister. She also has a brother who is named Khalid.

When she was living in Tennessee she got a nickname from her friends so she was called Heidi instead of Huda and her sister Mona became Monica. Their real names Mona and Huda were very odd to the people of Tennessee. But when she moved to Massachusetts people were very attracted by their names so the sisters were happy to be called Huda and Mona again. Her first real touch with makeup was when she was a teenager when she begin working on her older sister’s eyebrows and sculpting them. She said that she never felt like women of Islam had enough representation on the internet, especially when it comes to their famous features.

Her sisters were thrilled with her talent.and soon she had to “work” on a lot of their friends and members of family. Her blog which she created in 2010 also became famous fast because she posted a lot of tips and hacks regarding to beauty and make-up and that way helped a lot of women who had issues and problems with this. As a kid she always loved Princess Jasmine from Aladin and she found inspiration in her because of her beautiful long black and shiny hair and her Arab style of makeup which included very long lashes and a big eyeliner. She collaborated with a lot of luxury brands which included Mercedes and Cartier which is something that many beauty influencers cannot bragg about. She is very often compared to Kim Kardashian because of their resemblance and love for make-up, but Huda decides not to comment on this too much. She wants people to see her as an individual.

Her favorite colors are pink and all nude colors and her favorite sweets are marshmallows. Many people think that candy is the inspiration behind one of her most famous palette’s. She has a big fear of spiders. She is a big fan of cycling and she always ride her Kawasak Ninja bike while she lived in US. She is 170 cm tall but is still the shortest of her siblings. She doesn’t mind it.

She saved a child’s life with a Heimlich manouver and this is an experience which changed her life and made her more awarw of the important things in life.

Quick summary

Full name: Huda Kattan

Date of birth: October 2, 1983

Birthplace: Oklahoma City, United States

Age: 25

Profession: YouTuber, make-up artist, influencer

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 60 kgs

Net Worth: $610 million.


Is Huda Beauty a billionaire?

In 2013, Huda, a former makeup artist who transitioned into entrepreneurship, courageously launched her beauty brand, “Huda Beauty.” Fast forward to 2023, and she not only stands as a prominent beauty influencer but also as the founder of a billion-dollar empire.

Why is Huda Beauty so successful?

“I chose to pursue my dream and undergo makeup artist training in Hollywood. A decade later, I have my own brand boasting complete product lines and continually spearheading new innovative projects,” she proudly declares. Innovation and fostering a supportive community serve as the driving forces behind Huda’s remarkable success.

Why is Huda Beauty so expensive?

The brand’s products often carry a perception of being expensive due to several reasons: High-Quality Ingredients: Huda Beauty prioritizes the use of premium ingredients in its products. Sourcing premium ingredients can result in higher production costs, contributing to the perception of higher product prices.

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