Explore How Wealthy Dave Kindig Is in 2024?

Dave Kindig is a prominent business personality and a reputed entrepreneur. He had uniquely designed his business plots that have gathered enough fortunes in his favor. His ideas are away from the normal business tactics and basically customizes on the specialization of vehicles that includes ‘Hot Rods’ restorations. Within a short span of time Kindig was successful enough to be the founder of the company Kindig –It Design in the year 1990.

He is really an expert in customizing the covers of old cars and adding stunning features thus converting the old models into brand new designs. His company founded company is famous for the uniquely customized designs of the cars. The company outlet is situated in Salt Lake, United States.

His company’s production is in high demand as he is quite capable of drawing a car design within 2 hours. His added skills and congruent business policies have enabled him to earn quite smoothly with the sincere efforts. 

Early life

Dave is quite a private person and does not like to share any information about his early childhood days. Even his birth details are not with the reach of common. His parentage details are still remains in the dark for his followers.

It can be well understood from his social media profile that Dave is quite educated and also had gone to some college to get higher education. Without any delay he must have started his business after completing the education and training which he had considered required for a successful endeavor in business.

What Is the Net Worth of Dave Kindig in 2024?

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Dave Kindig is $3 million.

Kindig possesses a sizable warehouse located in Salt Lake City, serving as the headquarters for Kindig-It Design. The substantial value of this property significantly adds to his overall net worth. Dave Kindig’s transition from a mere car enthusiast to a thriving entrepreneur and television personality is a source of inspiration for many. His unwavering passion for automobiles, coupled with his distinctive designs, has not only propelled him to fame but has also resulted in a substantial fortune.

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Instagram Account

As of now, he has over 485k followers on Instagram. Check out his Latest post below.


In the early 90’s Dave had thought about structuring his company and giving it title that is wholesomely unique Kindig –It Design. Soon he was able to give his expert advice in converting the old hackneyed designs of the old obsolete models into stunning modern outlooks.

His passion never for re-construction never went in vain and soon he successful enough to gather a patent right for making smooth door handles for vehicles. His brilliant entrepreneur ability had made him successful with his business ventures. Within a short period Kindig –It Design got specialized in customizing old vehicles with the special features of Hot Rod Restoration.

He became more famous in the automobile industry after making an appearance in the reality show “Beyond Bitchin’Rides” . The reality show was started in mid of 2015. He has his own preferences and he had chosen Schiele, to look after in the capacity of professional foreman. His company is completely based on custom fabrication and gets involved in rebuilding, vendor and designing according to the likings of the customers.

Dave is quite frequent with his air right suspension activity and puts up his expert comments for proper maintenance of the vehicle. For facilitating such a suspension he has to maintain an area acquiring 27 thousand square feet since the year 2005. He has adopted the latest technical evaluation for adding glitters to his creative endeavors. Dave always gives priority to his esteemed customer’s choice and to make thing happen mould his workings and for this customers prefers to wait then to move to some other place for their cars.

His unique way of thinking had makes him a big industrial tycoon who has extended and collaborated with several giant establishments in the automobile industry. To name some few Lamborghini, Harley Devidson, Dodge Viper, Lotus Corvette and few more. He not only deals in re-designing the models of the car but also getting the appropriate accessories to giving the car a perfect outlook. His business deals are sponsored and endorsed by the Cornwall Tools and Maverick.

Personal life

Perhaps Dave has no information about his early days. But after getting married Dave learned the way of life in company of some relationship. He understood how to design one’s life just like the detailing of the cars. Dave’s wife is very supportive and woman of action. She is herself the company’s vice president without whom Dave would finds spares of life scattered away. The couple are quite sound with their planning and are parent to two children.

The two sons are named as Bayle and Drew. His company is filled with the gallant personalities of different areas. He does not believe in racism and select his employees from various customs. He follows the golden rule of ‘smart work with smart people’. One of his favorite employee, Valerie Gillies is always preferred by his master for his techniques. Kevin Schiele, Will Lockwood and Carlos Delgado are also appreciated for their contributions in their respective areas. Dave is a philanthropist who has devoted much time in visiting charitable trust.

Quick summary:

Full Name: David Kindig

Date of Birth: Not Known

Birth Place: Not Disclosed

Age: Not Disclosed

Profession: Business Entrepreneur

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 65 Kg

Net worth: $3 Million


Throughout his professional career, Dave has garnered numerous accolades and awards:

  • 2007: GM Design Award recipient
  • 2008: Utah Hot Rod Inductee award winner
  • 2012: Master Builder Award and Trendsetter Award recipient
  • 2013: Ford Design Award recipient


Why is Dave Kindig famous?

Dave Kindig is renowned as an American reality TV personality.

How old is Dave Kindig?

Born on February 6, 1971, Dave Kindig is currently 51 years old.

How is Dave Kindig’s wife?

Dave Kindig’s wife is named Charity Kindig, and they tied the knot in 1992.

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