Explore How Wealthy Dave Kindig Is in 2024?

There is an American businessman and car designer named Dave Kindig who is best known for helping to start the custom construction shop “Kindig-It Design.”He became well-known after being on the TV show “Bitchin’ Rides.”How much money does Dave Kindig have? How much does each show pay Dave Kindig?

Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig Biography

The TV star was born in Saltlake, Utah, on August 6, 1971. In 2024, he will be 53 years old. He was born into a working-class family, and his grandfather taught him how to work with metal. The designer’s parents say that he was crazy about Hot Wheels and trucks, which were his favorite things.

The car creator found out early on that he loved art. As he got better, he pushed himself even more because he wanted to improve his skills. Lastly, he designed cars because he loved cars and drawing so much. Besides reworking cars, he likes to play golf, watch movies, and listen to music.

Dave Kindig

He lives with his family in Salt lake City, Utah, in the United States right now. The star got married to Charity at a dance club. They had been together since high school. They both said their vows on July 11, 1992 and now they have two kids, Baylee and Drew. Charity is the vice president and co-owner of Kindigit.But their daughter Baylee works at the family car business, just like her dad did.

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Dave Kindig Career

Strangely, Dave Kindig never went to art school to improve his skills. He taught himself how to be an artist, and his first job was creating cars. Over time, this has helped him make a living.

But Dave hated having a job and wanted to go to the moon, so he quit his work in 1999. He started his project with $4,000 and gave it the name KindigIt. He had a great background working on high-performance coatings. Some of Dave Kindig’s TV shows are Best of Top Gear (2019), Beyond Bitchin’ Rides (2014), and Bitchin’ Rides (2014).

On the MotorTrend network, Bitchin’ Rides first aired on September 2, 2014. There is a group of mechanics on the show who make unique cars for their clients. The show was a huge hit and ran for seven great seasons with 87 episodes. Kindig played the same character in all of them.

Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig Net Worth in 2024

Since he started from nothing, some might call him an entrepreneur. It brings in more than $500,000 a year for him. This is from his TV show Bitchin’ Rides and his business Kindig- It. In light of this, his net worth is likely around $3 million, as per reports of Briefly.. 

People all over the world know David Kindig. His net worth and fame keep growing every day. People know him for the amazing work he does to make old cars run again.  Some people say that his work has a magical quality to it.


His total net worth is thought to be more than $3 million as of 2024. Since the 1990s, Dave Kindign has been running Kindig-It Design. As a hobby, he liked to customize and fix up old classic cars, and he was able to make money from it. Kindig also owns   patent #8,894,109 for the smooth door handles he made.   

Dave Kindig

He uses this one-of-a-kind feature to make his custom designs look even more sleek. Handmade in the Kindig-It Design shop, the handles come in two different styles and can be bought there.  Dave hires many people, and his wife Charity Kindig is one of them.

She is a vice president at her job. They have two kids together, named Baylee and Drew. One of the other important people who work at Kindig-It Design is Valerie Gillies , who is the office manager and has the perfect body for promotional car materials. There are many valuable workers in the shop, such as Kevin Schiele, Will Lockwood, Carlos Delgado, and many others.

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