Shawn Ellington Net Worth 2024: Know the Wealth of Reality TV Star!

Shawn Ellington is a known reality TV star who became known by the show „Street Outlaws“. His nickname is „Murder Nova“ which is also the name of his street car.

When he isn’t engaged in the show he works at a regular blue collar job in his shop. He still enjoys going back to his roots. Shawn is the biggest star of a show called „Street Outlaws“ which runs on Discovery channel.

Let’s Have a Glance at Early years

He was born as Shawn Ellington on November 15, 1977 in Merced, California in United States. He was raised in a happy home, surrounded by loving parents.

When he was only five years old, his parents decided to move to Sayre in  Oklahoma where he has spent most of his childhood. His father Richard owned an auto body shop so Shawn knew all about cars from his early age. He enjoyed the science behind them.

He has spent a lot of time there, helping dad or helping to clean up the shop. Sweeping was one of his chores but he often says that it helped him become a man he is today, respecting every job, no matter what. He started out small and worked his way up. He loved working with his dad in the shop because they always had a car they worked on and experimented on making them faster, stronger and more beautiful.

It was a great way for the family to connect a bit better and he and his father have built a great bond.

What Is the Net Worth of Shawn Ellington?

Shawn Ellington has an estimated net worth of  $1 Million as of 2024.

Their business generates a significant income, which received a substantial boost when they both gained fame through reality television, elevating them to prominence in the street car racing industry. The renowned street racers, Murder Nova and Big Chief, host a popular podcast titled “The Chief and Shawn Show,” where they share insights into their personal lives and experiences in the streetcar business.

Shawn’s appearance on Street Outlaws in 2013 catapulted him into the spotlight, earning him the title of “king of the street” and consequently bolstering Murder Nova’s net worth. He held this prestigious position for three years until Daddy Dave claimed the title from him.

Career development

In 2005, Shawn decided to move to Oklahoma City where he purchased a car which eventually became his famous „Murder Nova“ vehicle.

Today the car has twin turbo set and is colored in an awesome black color. This Chevy Nova manufactured in 1969 runs on a Chevy Proline engine and has two Turbo Chargers (Twin Turbo), GM 210 Turbo 400 transmission and fuel injected carburetor.

Shawn Ellington Net Worth

It is lighter because today it is made from titanium and carbon fibers. He invested a bit more in this technology, but he knew it was worth it.

On September 28, 2015, unknown men had placed several bullets on the doors and  windows of his shop called „Midwest Streetcars“. Fortunately, the shop was closed when those 11 bullets flew through the glass. He runs the shop as a co-owner and the second owner is his friend and colleague from “Street Outlaws”. The event finished in a shocking way: the man in a white hoodie came to Shawn’s house but the alarms and cameras turned on and the man had to go. Shawn even followed jim briefly through town.

„Midwest Street Cars“ is a shop owned by him and another Street Outlaws star called Big Chief. They have made a deal to stay passionate about their job in order to stay the best in the field. The two of them are also known for their podcast called „The Chief and Shawn Show“. The show tells about their life in the business, the racing but a little about their personal lives too. His shop has put a bounty in amount of $5,000 for any information that lead to catching the criminals who did it, especially to find out why they did that and what were their motives.

His first appearance in „Street Outlaws“ show was in 2013 and he was soon crowned „King of the Street“. He held his position as a King for 3 years until Da and Daddi Dave took over and became the new Kings of the Street. At the end of 2016 on a Trade Show in Indianapolis, he stated that his new Murder Nova car is in making. His fans contacted him over social media trying to get more informations and wanting to know when he is coming back to the show.

He claims this new car is safer and faster that the last Murder Nova although it is lighter and has a stronger construction. He revealed his new car in the summer of 2017. and it gained a lot of interest since the series was one of the most popular in Discovery Channel. In 2018 he had to take himself of the list of racers in “Street Outlaws” because of the problems he bumped in to on his new car.

One interesting sentence he said about the car: ” Don’t call it Murder Nova 2.0″. It seems that the car, when they have finally pulled it out of the garage, had some issues which were disappointing for Shawn so he decided to skip the series in order to find time for fixing his new car and making it better for the next season of “Street Outlaws”.

Discovery Channel never revealed the amounts of money they pay to him or other Street Outlaw stars but it is known that these are big amounts we are talking about here. He was one of the stars from “Street Outlaws” who received a letter from the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). The letter notified them (more like an ultimatum than a notification) that their involvment in this show which isn’t suited to NHRA rules, will cause them to lose their NHRA licenses. They call it “revocation”.

This was very difficult for him since he greatly respected that organization but couldn’t figure out why they would left him. They knew that the organization thought that the show promotes illegal street racing but he was absolutely certain that they know that he is himself against those activities and that he is just doing it for the series, to earn money.

How Was the Personal life of Shawn Ellington?

His longtime girlfriend is Erin and he married her in the winter of 2005. They have a son Aiden who was born on February 8, 2006 and who loves cars just like his father. He says that one of his biggest blessings was family and that there’s nothing that made him happier: not even his business. The time he spends with his son is the most valuable time for him. He also helps him in his shop, just like Pete helped his dad. Pete is currently trying to fulfill his son’s dream for his first car, so they work together on sons K5 car.

He has over 3 million likes on Facebook where he often posts about all the projects he does, including Aiden’s first car. It wss a pretty emotional experience. Pete’s father Richard, to whom he is very close, has his Instagram account „murder-nova-dad“. His wife Erin also has her Instagram account named „mrs-murdernova“ where she posts photos of the family, especially on some special events such as birthdays.

Quick summary

Full name: Shawn Ellington

Date of birth: November 15, 1977

Birthplace: Merced, California.

Age: 41

Profession: reality TV star, racer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 Million


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