Urijah Faber Net Worth 2024: Know American Mixed Martial Artist and Actor Wealth

Urijah Christopher Faber is a famous star from the United States of America. He is famous for mixed martial arts and he used to be an actor too. He has a lot of experience in UFC, WEC, and NCAA.

He won a few big championships and got pretty famous in 2006. He is now one of the most famous members of the UFC Hall of Fame and he is really good in many fighting arts like jiu-jitsu and wrestling.

Early years

Urijah Faber was born on May 14th in 1979. He was born in Isla Vista which is in one of the sunniest states of the United States, California. That’s why he has a nickname The California Kid. Many people used to tease him with the nickname, but he was proud to be American. His father is called Theo and his mother is called Suzanne. They raised their son in Lincoln. He has very interesting origins because his father’s family is from the Netherlands and his mother’s family has roots in Italy, England and Ireland.

Urijah got his education in Glen Edwards Middle School and later in Casa Roble High School. However, he was never very enthusiastic about school and he didn’t find it interesting. It was boring for him to sit so much. He has an older brother called Ryan and a younger sister called Michaella. He has very good relationships with his siblings and they are very supportive of each other too. Faber isn’t stupid, though. He is insulted by the prejudices of many people who think that fighters don’t have a degree. Urijah has one from the University of California and it’s in Human Development. At this time, he was already an NCAA qualifier.

What Is The Net Worth of Urijah Faber?

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Urijah Faber is $10 million.

Faber’s primary income stems from his earnings in fights, notably in the UFC and WEC, where he has amassed substantial sums over the years.

Similar to numerous accomplished athletes, Faber has garnered a significant portion of his income through endorsements, affiliating himself with numerous prominent brands over his career.

Beyond his MMA pursuits, Faber has found success as an entrepreneur. He established Team Alpha Male, a renowned MMA training facility, and also launched his own clothing line, “Torque.”

Faber’s contributions extend beyond the realms of athletics and business; he is also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. Engaging in various charitable activities, he leverages his fame to shed light on numerous social causes.

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Instagram Account

As of now, He has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Career development

In November of 2003, he made his Mma debut and he was one of the guys to be fighting in the famous Gladiator Challenge. He won and got a lot of attention since he was new and showed some great potential. He moved to KOTC and defeated Boukai in 2004. It was a big moment for him when he won the King of the Cage championship and got the title for the first time in his life.

In March of 2005, he was back to GC and started to defeat people in row. His signature moves always included choking and many of his opponents, such as Granados, had to give up in order not to be killed. In October of 2005, he defeated Shawn Bias in only a minute and a half because he did his signature move again. The same way he defeated Charles Bennett after a bit less than 5 minutes in December of the same year.

Urijah Faber Net Worth

In Spring of 2006, he got into World Extreme Cagefighting. Some of his choking moves actually injured the people he was fighting and there was often some medical help needed to bring them back to conciousness. In 2009, he fought against Mike Browh and won by guillotine choke. It only took him a minute and a half to win this. His opponents often want to have another match with him because they feel like his style of winning, choking people at the very beginning of the game, isn’t really fair. He moved to bantamweight and featherweight often, depending on how good his current games were in each category.

In 2010, during October, WEC and UFC made a collaboration and Faber fought in March of 2011. He, of course, won and defended his title and later Domonick Cruz wanted a rematch which Urijah wasn’t well prepared for. However, the fight was called The Fight Of the Night because of its beauty and moves. He then fought at UFC 157 and one of his famous matches was with Ivanj Menjivar . He did a rear-naked choke and again won.

Urijah is always trying to be professional outside of the ring and one of the best fights he had was the one with Scott Jorgensen in 2013. It was Finale and Urijah won, but he said that it was only because Jorgensen made a small mistake that he decided to use against him. He always says nice things about fighters he thinks are truly good in what they do. He fought Iuri Alcantara and won. Later he faced Michael McDonald and, again, won. For this game, he got the Submission of the Night honors.

He had some good fights next, some of them being with Dominick Cruz, Jimmie Rivera, Frankie Edgar and similar fighters. However, Urijah couldn’t win one game and he was starting to worry about his skills. It seemed to his manager that he was just  tired and that he was getting a bit old for this game in which only the best trained can survive after year 36-37.

In October of 2016, he published that he will be retiring after the fight he has in December of the same ear with Brad Pickett. Urijah was a fighter who had a 13 year long career and he said that he doesn’t feel that much passion anymore and that he could really use a good rest from the whole thing.

Other people said that they have noticed Urijah being much more tired after games and everyone supported his retirement. However, he said that he won’t be completely quitting martial arts. He decided to found Team Alpha Male in 2004. This is a team of professionals that help fighters train and get in the best form possible for their games. Urijah said that this is also a smart move to keep himself interested into sports. They worked with people like Northcutt, Benavidez, Buchholz, Casatillo, Holdsworth, Mendes, Elkins, Garbrandt, Dillashar and similar fighters.

During his career, Urijah had many awards. Some of them were from UFC, such as the ones for most submissions in Bantamweight division. He got six of these titles. Faber fought many fights during his career. Out of 44 of them, he won 34. This is a great accomplishment.

Faber always loved acting. He said many times that he would enjoy being an actor and a moviemaker. He starred in TV series, short movies anf even feature films as well as documentaries. Some of the more notable work he did was: Leverage from 2011, Cagefighter from 2011, Reach Me from 2015 and Rampage from 2018. He had a lot of trainers and some of them were Thonglor “Master Thong”, Armatsena, Fabio “Pateta” Prado, and Martin Kampann.

Personal life

Faber has a brown belt in Brazilian art of jiu-jitsu. Although he is pretty small and lightweight, he is very famous for his fast hands and submissions. Many people think of him as a small fighter, but he can actually put a lot of force into one strike. It’s just that he is a bit smaller than regular fighters. Kristi Randel is his girlfriend and the couple has been together on Balesin Island. He shared their relationship with the media in 2015, but nobody really knows how long have they been dating before.

His girlfriend is very active on social media and she posts pictures of dogs a lot. Urijah claims that no stress from fighting can be measured to the stress of bringing home a girlfriend. Many think that he retired because of her and that she was an important factor in this decision. However, the media is not sure when did the couple start dating so they can’t know if she was crucial in this decision or not. Faber isn’t afraid to let his opinion be shared. He often tells his fighting opponents what he thinks was wrong and he lets the judges know if they did something he finds suspicious.

Quick summary

Full name: Urijah Christopher Faber

Date of birth: May 14th 1979

Birthplace:  Isla Vista, California, The United States of America

Age: 39

Profession: martial arts fighter

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Net Worth: $10 million

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