Explore the Net Worth of Prettyboyfredo in 2024

That’s right, Prettyboyfredo makes videos for YouTube. People know him for his vlogs and gaming videos. Because of this, he now has over 7.35 million subscribers on the site, and the number of people who like him is always growing. He also streams on Twitch.

Who is PrettyBoyFredo?

Alfredo Villa is a popular YouTuber who goes by the name PrettyBoyFredo online. As of June 2020, more than 6.7 million people had subscribed to his main YouTube account.

Even though Alfredo is still pretty young, he has already added a lot to his net worth,   mostly through online ads.  


Alfredo Villa’s Net Worth in 2024

Alfredo Villa, who goes by the online name Prettyboyfredo, is an American YouTuber who is known for making funny videos like prank videos, game videos, and entertaining vlogs. The website Net Worth Spot says that he is worth about USD 294,87K.

Alfredo Villa, who goes by the online name Prettyboyfredo, has made a name for himself as a famous NBA 2K player with a popular YouTube channel. Villa also posts interesting vlogs about UFC games, pranks, challenges, social experiments, and a lot more, in addition to interesting gaming material.

 His movies “Cheating on My Girlfriend Prank,” “Angry Girlfriend Throws PS4 in Pool Prank,” and “The Racism Experiment” have gotten a lot of attention. This popularity has led to amazing success, as shown by the fact that he now has over 3 million YouTube followers,  which is a huge achievement.   

Villa has a  strong online presence that goes beyond YouTube. His fans enjoy his content on “Twitch,” where he has an amazing following of more than 450K dedicated followers. He has also gained a lot of friends on Instagram and Twitter, with about 654k and 194k followers, respectively. 

What did PrettyBoyFredo do to get so rich?

He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, on August 20, 1993. He goes to school at the University of Central Florida. For his YouTube account, he made up the name PrettyBoyFredo. He makes money from ads that show up on and during his videos.


PrettyBoyFredo adds different kinds of videos to YouTube, such as vlogs, extreme challenges, and videos about the basketball video game NBA 2K17. People like the videos where he cheats on his girlfriend throws her PS4 into the pool and takes a kid from the streets on a shopping spree.

Not only does PrettyBoyFredo post videos on YouTube, but he also has over 420,000 fans on Twitch and 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Fans love it when PrettyBoyFredo’s girlfriend shows up in his videos. He works with other YouTubers sometimes, like when he played NBA 2K against KellHitEmUp.

Family and early life

He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, on August 20, 1993. His real name is Alfredo Villa. The year is 2022, and Prettyboyfredo is 28 years old. He didn’t come from a wealthy family.

His dad was from Costa Rica and was in the country illegally, and his mom was hooked on drugs. They left him and his brothers when he was only three years old. The brothers had to grow up in foster homes apart.


He finished  Ridge Community High School in 2011 after going there. He played sports and went to basketball and football games while he was in high school. He also got the name “Pretty Boy,” which he chose to keep. After that, the YouTube star went to the University of Central Florida to get a Bachelor’s degree in marketing.  

He almost quit school to focus on YouTubebut he chose to do both. Career on YouTubeAlfredo Villa posts a variety of videos on YouTube, such as pranks, dares, and NBA 2K videos. He made the channel in June 2009but he didn’t start posting his videos until October 2014, while he was still in college.  


Villa sometimes works with other famous people, like HellHitEmUP and NBA player Archie Goodwin. It’s also common for his girlfriend Jasmine to show up. The couple has their station, which used to be called The 2x Family but is now called Fredo & Jas. 

As of January 2022, Prettyboyfredo’s YouTube page had more than 7.3 million subscribers and its videos had been seen more than 1 billion times. He is also well- known on other social media sites. 

More than 400,000 people follow him on Twitter, and over 2 million people follow him on Instagram (@prettyboyfredo).  The famous person on the internet plays video games well. Over 570,000 people watch him play NBA 2K and other games on Twitch.

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How tall is the Prettyboyfredo?

The tallest person in Prettyboyfredo is 5 feet 9 inches (18 cm). Besides that, he is about 154 pounds (70 kg) heavy. There are a lot of people who follow Prettyboyfredo on YouTube and Twitch. He is currently at the top of his game, and his creative and interesting material has made his fan base bigger. 

This American social media star and popular content creator, PrettyboyFredo, has become famous on YouTube and has found other ways to make money besides the site.  

Sources of Income


Putting out merchandise is one way that PrettyboyFredo grows his business and makes money. Using his huge number of loyal fans as inspiration, he has made a line of clothes, accessories, and other branded items.

Fans can show their support for PrettyboyFredo by wearing his gear with pride, and he can make extra money at the same time.

Sponsorships for brands


Many brands and businesses are interested in PrettyboyFredo because he makes popular content. He has worked with several brands as a sponsored artist, promoting their goods and services in his videos and on social media. 

PrettyboyFredo makes extra money through these brand partnerships, and they also let his fans know about new and cool goods. Other Business PlansPrettyboyFredo has moved into other areas to increase his income besides YouTube and brand sponsorships.

There were no specifics given about these businesses, but it is usual for popular YouTubers to look into things like book deals, appearances, or even starting their own companies. 

PrettyboyFredo has built a brand that goes beyond YouTube thanks to his drive to be an entrepreneur and his attention to his craft.  

By using his fame and interaction with his fans to make money through merchandise sales, brand deals, and other businesses, he has grown his business. As PrettyboyFredo’s online following grows and his millions of fans are entertainedit’s clear that his fame goes beyond YouTube.   

With all of his different ways of making money, he has not only become wealthy but also an example to people who want to start their own content creation businesses.

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