Carli Bybel Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Carli Bybel is a famous content creator from YouTube. She is also a beauty guru and a fitness creator. And she is one of the first people to actually become famous on this huge social media platform.

Because of the way that she talks and explains in her videos, she became many people’s favorite influencer. Women want to be as beautiful as she is and follow her both channels: “CarliBel55” and “InnerBeautyBybel”.

Now, she talks about tips and tricks for hair, makeup, shopping, beauty and much more. She is a very interesting person too, being very active on her social media and always wanting to create, no matter what controversy happened to her over her years of growth.

Early years

She was born on October 17th in 1990 in Morganville in New Jersey, obviously in The United States of America. This brought her a lot of opportunities during her living: being in the center of all activities.

Her mother is called Jody and Carli is the middle child. She has a sister who is almost three years older and she gets along with her really well. The rest of her siblings decided to stay out of the spotlight but she iften mentions them and visit them on a regular basis.

Family vacations, according to Carli, were always something that she was very enthusiastic about. She used to spend time with her sister and parents there, but her parents got divorced when she was in high school.

This was very hard for the whole family since it was the father who decided to leave. The family struggled a lot to make ends meet and the daughters had to both work and study. Both girls were very responsible and knew that they should help out in any way they can.

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She met Samantha at this point of her life, her best friend and a big supporter.

She was just a regular student who worked very hard in college and high school. She had very good grades, but she had to work as a makeup artist too because her family was in much trouble financially looking.

She charged up to $30 for a makeup look and many people hired her because of the skills she had, but when she was a bit younger, she worked at the same place where her sister did: Starbucks. This was actually the first job Carli got.

Bybel never had any official training and she claims that people hold many talents that they never work around and truly discover. She believes that positive energy can be translated into opportunities.

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She was always very hardworking and stubborn and the fact that she had to be independent so young, made her very capable.

Career development

Carli realized that she won’t make enough money just with makeup so she decided to start a YouTube channel too. Her first video was on how to curl hair with a straightener and people found it very interesting so she started to post more.

Just in a week, she got a thousand followers, and later managed to get one million in a year. She was very amazed by the amount of people that are interested to see her work on YouTube. She didn’t think they would be so into it.

Because of that, she also opened up a blog called “The Fashion Bybel” where she posts and writes.

Carli tries to inspire women all around the world so she posts quotes in her videos too: one of them being “there’s an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself”.

Many people think that Carli does makeup way too harsh and that she is a natural beauty without it too, but she loves it so she doesn’t respond to the hate comments she sometimes gets.

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Bybel said many times that she believes every woman is beautiful and that everyone can show it and radiate beauty in a different way. However, people aren’t all that hyped about everything she says because Carli had some scandals that happened just a few years ago.

Her biggest collaboration was the one she had with BH cosmetics when she made the Carli Bybel palette which consists of 14 beautiful colors that she made herself in the lab. The price is about 27$ and it’s a good price point for a fancy palette.

She had two TV appearances in commercial and they were all for big stores such as Target and Macy’s.

Personal life

Bybel is a known lover of country music. She said many times that she enjoys good lyrics and she is into songs with deeper meanings.

She is also someone who spends quite a lot of time with animals. She loves her white cat and she also loves penguins, but she does not own one.

Her signature jewelry is always gold and Carli can be seen in high heels pretty often. She always gets very fancy whenever she does her looks and because of that, she ends up being one of the most beautiful women in the place.

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She loves the colour pink although she doesn’t do too much makeup looks with it because she doesn’t think it fits her eye colour.

Carli loves movies and her favorite actor is Ryan Gosling. She claims that she has watched The Noteboko for at least a thousand times already.

At one point in her life, everything finally started to fall into place. She met Brett Cap, a YouTube star that she is currently in a relationship with. They plan to stay together and there has been no controversy around them whatsoever.

She knew Brett even before they started going out because he went to the same classes as her older sister. He was already enrolled in college when they began their relationship. She was just finishing school at that time.

Carli is also vegan and she said many times that she does not support any way of being cruel towards animals, doesn’t matter is it makeup related or food related.

She loves to eat organic food and even tries to eat gluten-free food because she believes that her body likes it that way.

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She also counts sugar and doesn’t eat dairy nor drink milk because she says that hormones from the milk change her skin to worse.

She isn’t spending a lot of money on unnecessary things and is one of the rare YouTube stars that doesn’t walk around with $10,000 handbags.

Carli made a project called “CarliBybel Scholarship” which helped Cambodians to get schooled no matter what their financial situation is.

She is very positive and is included in mary charities too. Carli likes to help young girls learn how to put on make-up so she always responds to community calls for her engagement in make-up schools.

On her Snapchat, she talked about this newest kind of advertising that happens amongst the beauty community. YouTube stars are getting free plastic surgery in order to advertise the clinic that did it later on their channel.

Carli was very mad about this and she said that it isn’t okay that such big stars are trying to use young girls that are insecure and tell them that it is needed to get surgery in order to look nicer.

This cause some controversy because Carli herself had lip fillers, but she said that it is not about the surgery (because she supports whatever anyone wants to do with their face/body), but about the fact that people are earning  money over insecure teens.

Carli has eczema, a condition where skin becomes very sensitive and itchy. She managed to fight it by changing her nutrition. She is especially carefull with cleaning her cosmetic tools such as brushes because she must keep her skin cleaner than most people.

Quick summary

Full name: Caril Bybel

Date of birth: October 17th, 1990

Birthplace: Morganville, New Jersey

Age: 28

Profession: beauty influencer, makeup artist

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Net Worth: $500,000

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