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Tanner Fox is one of the most popular American YouTubers whose empire grew to the point where he became the owner of his own YouTube channels which bring him a lot of profit. His YouTube popularity came from the fact that he is one of the best scooter riders in the world and a great adventurist.

He made a fortune from his YouTube career and has a net worth of over $1 million and it grows more. He is working on his content daily and many people believe that he deserves all of the things he has.

Early years

This well known scooter rider was born on December 22, 1999 in a town of San Diego in California in United States. Since he was born in the US in the ideal era of millenials, he had no issues with pursuing his dreams.

He was a very athletic kid, always on the look for adventure. Since he was just little, he was always into boarding, whether it was a hoverboard or a skateboard. Tanner was always active: playing, jumping, running, swimming and skating.

He was especially interested in scooters and his mother helped him to develop his skills in that area, although many mothers just do the opposite because they are scared that the child will get injured. She saw that he was very enthusiastic about it and she was happy about it, for she knew that he will finally use up his energy.

His older sister Lindsay was always his best friend and they are very close to each other even today. Lindsay is very supportive and wants what is best for her brother Tanner.

Lindsay and Tanner became even closer in the period when their parents get divorced. The divorce was done in a very ugly manner and the kids were very sad because of this situation. In the end, the siblings remained very well connected and they are a huge support to each other to this day. You can see them sharing photos on social media.

The bad situation ended with the fact that Tanner had to follow his sister and mother and move out of their home. It was very stressful but they managed to survive it because they were very supportive.

This was a very tiresome and sad experience for Tanner and his sister: to move away from their home and friends. Tanner said that it felt as if he had lost a huge part of him and that he was actually trying to fill that void with bad habits, but his sister was there to stop him and support him.

Tanner and Lindsay always watched out for their mum and they pretended to be stronger than they really were,  just to help their mum to overcome this bad experience.

Tanner is very proud of his mom and her achievements. He is proud of her success in being a single mum to them. Fox claims that he had never seen a stronger woman in his life.

She had to work very hard and give up on a lot of her dreams because of her children. She never regret her decision and that is why Tanner still has a great relationship with his mother.

Tanner was a pupil at Sacred Heart School which was settled in San Diego but he didn’t go to this school very long. He never felt good at this school (which was a private Catholic school) and always felt like he was worse than other pupils.

He was expelled from this school when he was only eleven years old but it was only one year after his parents got divorced which was still a big issue for him.

He found solitude in YouTube and this was one of the reasons he was expelled from school.

He was an internet addict and watching YouTube was his great satisfaction. He was always dreaming that he will become a big YouTuber star. Tanner’s big wish later came true, but he had no idea that he would do this thanks to his dream and hobby: scooters.

He was so obssesed with YouTube and making videos that he started filming everyone everywhere without their permission and posting it on YouTube.

This was against school’s policy and was just one more reason to expell him from school.

His parents agreed that they had to do something concerning his education and behaviour so they havr sent Tanner to charter school.

Charter school meant that he had to go to school only two days a week but just for a few hours. He hated school so much that even this was hard for him to do.

Tanner had other things in mind and wanted to focus on his YouTube career. He knew that he was the right person to pursue this hobby.

Although he tried going to charter school for almost two years, it was never with too much success so his parents eventually decided to homeschool Tanner.

Homeschooling fit Tanner more because he started to be popular on YouTube and didn’t have a lot of time for studying.

It was in 2015 that he finally managed to get his diploma (to pass his final GED test) and he graduated from high school on his mother’s great pleasure.

Tanner is one of the lucky guys who turned their passion into careers, and lives by earning money from his scooter skills.

Career development

In 2011, Tanner uploaded his first YouTube videos online. Little did he know that he was soon going to be the biggest content creator in his field of interests.

It was released on September 9, 2011 and it was named “district v2 deck snap!!!!”.

He was only 12 at the time and didn’t want to do anything but ride his skateboard, hooverboard and scooter. He had no interests for school and he was always tired. It seemed as if he had used up all of his energy on playing.

He became popular by time and from simple tricks he rose to making difficult and dangerous videos.

In 2015, Tanner’s video named “Insane 7-Year-Old Hoverboard Tricks at the Skatepark” gained 20 million views. This video was one of the Top 10 videos on YouTube that year.

In 2016, he appeared in a known TV series titled “Charmed”. He appeared as baby Wyatt in that popular fantasy TV series on CBS.

By that time he already knew a lot of tricks and Flair was one of his most favorite tricks. He often practised scooter riding in Clairemont City Park in San Diego.

Tanner often emphasized the importance of role models in his life. One of them was his mum and the second was a popular world known scooter rider Jordan Clark.

Tanner spends a lot of time hanging with his best friend Jake Angeles, who is also a scooter rider and the two of them make interesting videos together.

They love to make stunts and have fun while doing them. A lot of videos Tanner uploaded on YouTube have Jake Angeles in it.

Since they both like comedy they decided not to make only videos which contain Scooter stunts and riding but to include pranking and challenges in their videos to make them more interesting to the public.

This made them different from other riders so they soon collected thousands of viewers on their channel by giving them a little different content from usual.

Tanner earns a lot of money from endorsement and advertising but he also has a lot of games on his channel. Some of them are Lucky Scooters and GrindShop.

In one of interviews he gave he stated that his biggest role model and an idol is a pro rider Dylan Morrison who makes performances no one else dares to.

Tanner decided to make a few demo videos for his viewers too. He shared his knowledge about riding in them and spoke about different techniqurs he uses in his ride.

He made a special collaboration with Roman Atwood and he drove with him in his GTR car.

The most interesting collaborations with other scooter riders were the one with Justin Stuart and Casey Neistat. Tanner is also a skilled businessman.

He created his own website and named it foxbrand.com, this site gives it’s viewers an opportunity to buy T-shirts, Fox Hats and similar, all branded “TFox”.

In 2014, he appeared in a Scooter commercial with another scooter rider called Aidan Booth-Drenk. Tanner loves animals, especially dogs and has one named Kirby. His dog has his own Instagram account.

He also earns a lot of money by making sponsored videos, mostly to companies who are involved in scooter merchandise, such as RockerBMX and The Vault ProScooters.

He has over four million followers on his Instagram account and the number is rising fast. He is becoming popular because of his YouTube channel, of course.

In the summer of 2017, Tanner Fox was roasted by RiceGum. It was a really big feud and the fans could not believe that this was happening. However, the whole thing lost its significance soon and the fans forgot about it too.

In 2018, he has participated in a charity event called  “ACE Family Charity Basketball Event”. This event was organized by Youtubers, and most of the guests were Youtubers like Kristopher London, Ryan Swayze and JC Caylen.

Personal life

His personal love life is well hidden away from the media. It was assumed that he dated Taylor Alesia but no one confirmed it. The two of them had a trip to Disneyland which caused gossip. It was in 2017.

He loves to travel and adores the city of Barcelona. When he travels, he makes sure to bring his equipment and create some interesting content for his viewers.

He loves cars and driving and was only 16 years old when he bought himself a Nissan GT-R, which costed nearly $100K.

He loves to spoil his mother and his sister too, for he believes that they should be given everything they want. He is very thankful for everything these two women have done for him.

Quick summary

Full name: Tanner Fox

Date of birth: December 22,1999

Birthplace:  Sun Diego, California, United States

Age: 19

Profession: professional stunt scooter rider, YouTuber, actor, singer

Height: 1,67 m

Weight: 60 kgs

Net Worth: $6 million

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