Stanley Enow Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Stanley Enow is a famous TV person, rapper and singer. He made his career through amazing songs and TV personality, and the audience simply adores his songs.

In today’s text we are going to talk about his career, his net worth and his personal life. If you are a fan of this talented singer, then this a perfect opportunity to learn more about him.

Early Years

Stanley Ebai Enow was born on August 2nd 1985 in Bamenda in Cameroon. He spent most of his childhood in Cameroon in the Southwest Region. He received a nickname Bayangi Boy. Stanley grew up in Bafoussam which is the main city in West Region and this is where he finished secondary and primary school. He went to the Government Bilingual High School.

He moved to Douala in 2007 which is the main city of the Littoral Region where he got a degree in business journalism from the Douala University.

Even when he was in high school he started singing, rapping and performing, it was clear from the start that he is going to be in some kind of show business career.

One of his first big performances was on the Groove and Cocktail Fit Parade. After this amazing performance he appeared in several radio shows, but also took the role of a director an animator as well.

When his performances were received well by the audience, he decided definitely that he is going to venture into the show business and start working on bigger projects.

Music was always his goal, but he had to work hard to reach this goal so he started with radio jobs at first. He is currently trying to win over the US market, so we have to wait and see what he is going to achieve.

Career Path

Enow started his career by hosting a show called Mboa. Another one of his first jobs was a voice-over for the Pan African Company called MTN Group.

His first single came out in 2013 and many called him the best singer of the 2013. He made an instant success with his song Hein Pere and the crowds simply loved him.

The song he released managed to get on the number one on the Reverbnation’s Cameroon list and also on the Trace Africa. The second song he released was the TumbuBoss in 2014.

In 2013 he received two awards for his success thus far. He got the Cameroon Academy Award for the Male Artist and Urban Artist of the year.

Another success he managed to achieve was that he got nominated by MTV Africa Music Awards. He won the Best New Act award and also got nominated for the Best Male Central Africa the same year. He released his first album called Soldier like My Papa. A video for a song called Work Hard came out in 2015.

Cameroonian superstar Stanley Enow has unveiled his latest video, which is actually a well-made and well-scripted short film.

On the music side, the piece is produced by Soft Touch who has succeeded in bringing out the central African sound influences on a melody calibrated for international standards.

What about the 5-star cast for which Stanley Enow has put the means: Laura Dave, Blanche Bailly, White Muriel, Tzy Panchak, Sweet Kola, Kiki Beyala, Martin Camus, Brice Albin … to name a few. At the realization, we find the talented Dr. Stephen Nkeng. Stanley Enow is increasingly settling into the song rather than rap.

Named “Revelation of the Year” at the last MTV Africa Music Awards in Durban, South Africa, Stanley Enow is today the spearhead of Cameroonian rap. With an album planned mid-2015, he goes to the assault of the international market. Interview.

He was the first Cameroonian to be singled out at the MTV Africa Music Awards Mass. His title “Hein Father”, went around the world. His name is now cited as an example when discussing the subject of Cameroonian rap.

Suffice to say that the expectations around Stanley Enow are strong, so he just released a single, “King Kong”. And the native of Bafoussam is determined to satisfy them.

After being named the revelation of the year, upon the release of his first song, he knew that music is his ultimate goal and he wanted to pursue it further. No matter how many obstacles he had on his path, this goal is something he was pushing to.

With this success, he had entered another phase. He just released a single, “King Kong”, whose clip is apparently the most expensive ever made in Africa. Then there will be a pidgin album, whose title will be translated as “I’m a soldier like my father”.

He said he wants to reach more people internationally, while maintaining what they have in Central Africa. The United States will open up and, if it succeeds, Nigeria will also work. It’s something that’s already happening. We do tours, the labels call us, etc. It’s a good sign. We were in the dark. Today they are in the light. I realized that I was a role model and should be used to give strength to youth.

Stanley net worth was estimated somewhere between 100 thousand and 1$ million. It is hard to determine an exact number, since this talented young singer is still making his way on the US market. He continues to publish new songs and we will certainly see many different projects from him in the following years.

Besides being into music, he is also a co-owner of a record label company and a lot of his net worth comes from the label as well. He seems to be very versatile and this is certainly going to bring him a lot more profit than just being on the radio or just on TV and music.

He has many followers on his social media, and people love following his posts. He often shares photos from his everyday life and also information about his future performances. People love the fact that he is from Cameroon and that he brings something new and exotic to the musical scene.

His authentic style is making him one of the highest rising starts in music, and we will definitely see this number (net worth) going up in the next years.

Personal life

Stanley spent his childhood in Cameroon and he managed to achieve quite a success there when it comes to music and radio career.

He grew up like all the other children in his school, but he was definitely different because of his musical talent and desire to perform.

He knew always, that he is going to be doing something related to show business. Everything was leading up to that, which is the reason why he had chosen to study journalism in Douala.

He was a good student and as soon as he ended studies, he decided to venture into the career in show business.

First he started with radio shows, he even worked as an animator and director for a while.

Later he transferred to TV, where he hosted a popular show. When it comes to his wife and personal life, there aren’t many information about that.

He likes to keep his personal life private and he loves to keep things to himself. Stanley is still trying to catch a break on the U.S. market. Stanley loves sharing photos of his personal life with his fans and judging by his current success, he will certainly reach out to American audience as well.

There is not much information about him, but we will get to know him better over time. So far we can enjoy his songs and his performances.

Quick summary

Full name: Stanley Ebai Enow

Date of birth: August 2nd 1985

Birthplace: Bamenda, Cameroon

Age: 34

Profession: Singer, Rapper, Producer

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: Unknown

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