Lud Foe Net Worth in 2024: Income and Earning of well-known American drill rapper Revealed!

Lud Foe is an American drill rapper and songwriter who is worth $1 Million. Lud Foe became well-known after putting out the songs “Im Da Man” and “Cuttin’ Up” in 2016. 

In the rap community, both of these songs made him very famous. His hit songs, such as “My Ambitions As a Rider” and “In and Out,” were played millions of times on SoundCloud and YouTube. Well-known rapper Lil Durk quickly became interested in his music, and Lud signed him as a co-sign.

Lud Foe

Lud Foe Net Worth in 2024

Lud Foe was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 15, 1996. Between 2014 and 2015, he became known as a drill rapper. When he talks about the artists that have influenced him, he names Ice Cube, N.W.A., Gucci Mane, Three 6 Mafia, and Master P. Lud Foe has a net worth of up to $1 million as of 2024, as per reports of Wealthy Genius.

The records No Hooks, No Hooks 2, Get Well Foe and Boochie Gang have made Lud Foe money, even though he is still new to the music business. It was a big year for the budding rapper in 2016, with hits like “Im Da Man” and “Cuttin’ Up.” XXL already talked to him, and he quickly earned new fans.

The well-known hip-hop singer Lil Durk co-signed him. There are new Lud Foe mixtapes called “No Hooks 2” and “Boochie Gang.” In an interview, he said   that he wants to be a “young, Black, educated, rich man.”He wears a red beanie a lot and has tattoos on both arms.

Lud Foe

Lud Foe made a YouTube channel called Elevator that gets millions of views and close to 2 million users. That’s why his net worth is thought to be slowly rising. The next step was to start putting out mixtapes. 

Early Years

The real name of Will James Akins is Lud Foe. He was born on July 15, 1996, and grew up on the West side of Chicago, Illinois. His mother raised him in Section 8 housing. His father didn’t spend as much time with Lud as he used to. Because he worked the streets from a young age, people began calling him “Shorty Foe.”

That name stuck, and over time it changed to “Lud Foe.”When Lud was in high school, he got into a lot of fights with other kids. He went to jail for the first time because he got into a fight with another kid at school. His friends quickly rushed him, and he even punched the director.

Teenage detention locked up Lud for a year when he was 15. He became interested in singing during that time. He was writing 10 raps every day at that point. After he got out of jail, Lud Foe was on probation and could no longer live with his mother.

Lud Foe


Lud Foe started as a rapper by putting out a song called “187” with the help of producer Bxnkroll|DIR.  The music video was put on the YouTube account “Viral Scope” in March 2015. Then, in January 2016, he put out the song “Im Da Man” on Tracy Garner’s YouTube account. 

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Lud Foe then put out three music videos on the channel Elevator. “Coolin’ With My Shooters” and “Cuttin’ Up” were two of themThis was also the first video with credit to his composer Kid Wond3r in the title, and it was a big hit for both of them.    It didn’t take long for the music video for “Cuttin’ Up” to reach 2 million views. 

Since then, more than 39 million people have watched the video on YouTube, and Lil Durk was interested in it. Lud Foe was called by Lil’s boss to ask if he could work with Lil on the remix. Lud agreed to have the famous musician sing the song with him.

WorldStarHipHop gave the film some attention.    After that, Lud Foe kept putting out music videos with WorldStarHipHop all through the summer of 2016. His other music videos on the channel were for “What’s The Issue” and “Very Hard.”

In October 2016, Lud put out a song called “My Ambitions As A Rider.” It has been seen over 37 million times. New songs kept coming out on WorldStarHipHop all through 2017.    

Lud Foe

Other Business Plans

His first music was by Ice Cube, N.W.A., Three 6 Mafia, Master P, and Gucci Mane when he was a little boy. His taste in music changed because of all of these acts.  Lud Foe’s main job after school was selling drugs, which made him a lot of money. It was enough to just shop at the Gucci store often.

He also got tattoos. He has a big skull and a dollar sign on his neck. After that, the tattoo artist suggested that he meet a producer. Soon after, Lud met Kid Wond3r, a producer who helped him become more serious about his rap.  

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