Lud Foe Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Lud Foe is a young American rapper with great potential. His career began to develop rapidly, and he is best known for his gangster songs.

Two singles titled Cuttin Up and I’m Da Man from 2016 brought fame to Lud, and from that moment on, he is only rising among young rappers.

The fact this drill rapper collaborated with some of the prominent rappers, such as Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, Lil Durk, and Toni Romiti, means his talent is recognized by many.

No Hooks is a mixtape from 2016 with which Foe made his breakout. Also, he drew attention by giving the audience a couple of fire tracks with the above-mentioned Lil Durk.

In addition to playing music and rapping, he also has his own YouTube channel under the name Lud Foe.

Lud welcomed Zayden, his son with his lovely girlfriend, and devoted a song to their baby boy titled Lil Zayden.

You can find out more about this talented star in further reading the text.

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Early Life

Lud Foe was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States on July 15, 1996. His name is Will James Akins, while Lud Foe is his stage name.

Lud’s parents are Afro-Americans, and he belongs to the black ethnic group, while Foe holds an American nationality.

He had a very difficult childhood because he grew up in a very dangerous region, where almost everyone wears a pistol for the purpose of daily defense.

Numerous dramatic scenes from his childhood left their mark on Lud and caused anger outbursts later when he grew up.

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Another thing that influenced his life through the years was poverty.

Lud promised himself he would make something out of his life, and he did. As a teenager, Lud Foe was dropped from high school.

The reason for that was the involvement of one of his older fellows, his teacher, and school principal.

The all got into a fight, which was a major reason for getting out of school.

Because of this, Lud Foe was forced to go into detention for one year.

After Lud went out to freedom, he never got the desire to get back to school at all.

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His goals were to roam around the streets and to focus on his rapping career instead of studying.

Career Development

Lud was going to numerous bars during the 4 year period.

One day, one of his cousins heard him rapping, and gave him additional motivation and support for looking for his fortune and career in music.

Lud used to listen to numerous songs of other gangster rappers, which gave him inspiration since he was 10 years old.

Some of his ideals were master P, Gucci Mane, and Ice Cube.

One of Lud Foe’s most important moments in life was when he met KidWond3r in the tattoo shop, who was a poet, who helped Lud release his first collaborative song after a while.

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Lud was only 15 back then, but he was still getting tattoos, while KidWond3r was about 18.

Foe was actually telling Kid about his rapping and the desire to record something, but he had no studio when Kid answered that he knew a great producer (himself).

The next day, Lud went to see KidWond3r at his studio, where the two spend three hours, while the rest is history.

KidWond3r was in charge of rhymes and rhythms, and he also produced a couple of songs, among which is Cuttin Up.

Yet, the young artist truly broke into the music scene after releasing 187, his first hit jam, from 2015.

This is when Lud Foe started gaining massive fame.

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Bxnk-Roll Records produced the song, which helped Lud achieve commercial success.

Next year, in 2016, Lud launched I’ Da Man, Suicide, and Cuttin Up.

KidWond3rz produced Cuttin Up, and this song reached over 20 million views, which brought Foe worldwide fame.

The same year, Lud launched Boochie Gang, a mixtape released via YSN Records General.

Lud truly tries to put his most in every track, which was the case with the Boochie Gang as well.

This is a 15-track project with a couple of boasting features from SG Batman, Mozzy, and G Herbo.

Lud had a serious car accident in which he almost lost his life in 2017.

On Sunday, March 5, 2017, Lud and his team were involved in a collision with a semi-trailer truck.

Lud got a broken jaw, multiple fractures, unspecific number of wounds, and two broken wrists.

Right before the accident, Lud was having fun with his friends and family at the Hillshire Bowling Alley.

He was driving a vehicle that ran into the semi trucker, which almost cut him off.

As Lud lost control, the car flipped numerous times.

However, when talking about the accident, Lud says only God and ecstasy saved his life.

He had no problems with admitting that he was under the influence of ecstasy. Actually, this drug was kept his heart pumping. Otherwise, a young rapper would be long gone now.

He released a song titled Gangstaz Don’t Live That Long a year before, which was something like a bad feeling about the future Lud had.

He lost a couple of his good friends who were gangsters and died in the streets, which gave him inspiration for this freestyle lyrics.

The accident inspired him to drop another mixtape under the title Get Well Foe.

As the audience was already questioning Lud’s health condition, releasing a new album seemed like a smart step.

The album found its way to Lud’s fans and followers and reached the iTunes Hip-Hop Top 100 charts after only one week.

One of the best-received songs from the album is titled Recuperate and it was one of the top-grossing songs for a couple of months. Recuperate amassed 7 million YouTube views.

Lud has his own YouTube channel from 2016 under the same name, which brings him additional revenue.

This instantly brought him more than 67,000 subscribers, and the number continued to grow. Lud has near 150,000 subscribers now.

According to reports, Lud makes about $2,000 a month, while his yearly revenue varies about $35,300.

In 2018, Lud’s net worth was estimated at about $250,000.

Personal Life

Just as we mentioned in the introduction, Lud has a son, Zayden, with his girlfriend (the identity of this woman is still a mystery). However, their way was rocky until now.

One night in Lud’s apartment in Cumberland Court, Lud and his girlfriend got into a heated argument.

This was back in December 2017, when Lud was 24 years old, and he wasn’t fully matured yet.

According to her words, Lud pushed his pregnant girlfriend off the bed and hit her in the face.

However, her mother got involved in all this as well, when she tried to defend her daughter, but Lud allegedly slapped and pushed her away at that moment.

Lud told his girlfriend and her mother not to make any contact with the police.

However, as the mother saw the whole situation and got scared, she hit the panic button and sent a signal to the Joliet police.

That lead to imprisoning Lud in December 2017, after the intervention of the Joliet police in Illinois.

He was charged with interfering with domestic violence and domestic battery as well.

Although he was sentenced to prison, Lud spent a day and a half in there and was released after paying $5,000.

However, this was not the first time Lud Foe was being convicted of domestic battery.

What is more, Lud is not the only rapper with a history of domestic violence and battery.

We have Dr. Dre, Nasir, Fabulous, and Eminem here as well. Zayden, Lud’s baby boy was born on March 11, 2018.

Lud shared the news with his social media friends immediately.

He said it was beautiful to see the baby and claimed this boy is the love of his life.

In the song dedicated to Zayden, Lil Zayden, Lud told a story about his bad childhood, but he promised he would be the best dad ever to his baby boy and that he would make him a king.

Also, Lud told in the song that we would teach little Zayden to respect his mother. Lud has six tattoos on his face. Jay Z and Kanye are Lud’s idols.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Will James Akins,

Date of Birth: July 15, 1996

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 23

Profession: Rapper and Singer

Height: 1.67 m

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $250,000

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