Kian Lawley Net Worth in 2024: Know How Wealthy the YouTuber Is?

A lot of people follow Kian Lawley on Instagram because he is a well-known personality. At this very moment, the promoter has gained 4.13 million fans. Let us fing out how much money does the Youtube star have?

Kian Lawley’s Net Worth in 2024

Kian Lawley

Internet star Kian Lawley is American and has a net worth of $2 million, as per reports of Celebrity Net Worth. In September 1995, Kian Lawley was born in Iowa. Someone well-known on YouTube, Twitter, and Vine. He used to be in the group Our 2nd Life, or O2L. Lawley made his SuperKian13 YouTube account in 2010. 

He put out films every week with Our 2nd Life, and a video he made with Cameron Dallas was seen over two million times. A YouTuber named Andrea Russett and Kian used to be together.  

He also has a YouTube account with Jc Caylen called KianAndJc. He is set to play the lead role in the new movie The Chosen. Lawley will also help run the production of the movie.  

How much does Kian Lawley make?

Kian Lawley

It is thought that Kian Lawley makes $3.77 million a year. Fans sometimes wonder how much money Kian Lawley makes. There are 4.13 million people who follow Kian Lawley on Instagram.  Each of Kian Lawley’s photos gets an average of 293.12 thousand likes, which is a lot more than the average of 21 likes an Instagram page gets.

Instead, Instagram users with a lot of followers can charge a lot of money to post sponsored pictures. At 1.0%, Kian Lawley has a great connection. This kind of account could charge anywhere from $2 to $3.50 for every thousand friends or even more. 

Because he has so many fans, Kian Lawley could charge $10,32,000 for a single post. While this is true sometimes, the price could be even higher, going up to $20,64,000. Kian Lawley might make $7.53 million a year from the account if he posts just one promoted post every day. 

People with a lot of followers don’t just make money from promoted posts. Usually, they have jobs, put out their stuff, go to workshops, or promote their original stuff. When our staff thinks about these other ways Kian Lawley makes money, his profits and net worth may be much higher than what NetWorthSpot says.

Kian Lawley

There is no information on Kian Lawley’s exact net worth, but our experts think that he is worth about $18.84 million right now. If we look at Kian Lawley’s other ways of making money, he might be worth more than 30.14 million. There are 4.13 million people who follow Kian Lawley on Instagram.

That means Kian Lawley has more than 27,52 thousand times as many fans as the average account. Each of Kian Lawley’s posts gets an average of 293.12 thousand likes, which is a lot more than the average of 1,261 likes an Instagram page gets.

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On June 5, 2010, Kian Lawley made his first YouTube account. It was called “Superkian13.” Lawyer and Pottorff started a YouTube account together in June 2011 called “KianSam13.” In 2012, he started an account called “Our2ndLife” with other YouTubers. Over 2.77 million people have already signed up to follow the service.

Lawyer and Caylen started their joint channel called “KianAndJc” in July 2014. The channel has more than 3.83 million followers and more than 807 million views. Lawley’s first movie role was in “The Chosen,” which came out in 2015. He played the lead role in the 2016 comedy “Shovel Buddies.”

Kian Lawley

A Madea Halloween came out that same year, and he played Bean Boy in it. Lawley was in the movie “Before I Fall” in 2017. He was also in the TV show “Zac & Mia.” In the scary-thriller movie “Monster Party,” Lawley also played Elliot Dawson. In the 2020 season of the comedy show “Perfect Commando,” he played Vantaa “Van” Hamilton.

Kian Lawley Assets

Kian Lawley

Lawley has also put some of his money into real estate. Lawyerey bought a house in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, for $2.215 million in February 2022. The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and more than 2300 square feet of living  space.


It is thought that Kian Lawley, an American YouTuber, influencer, and actress, has a net worth of $5 million. Lawley is a part of several collaborative YouTube accounts, such as Our2ndLife. He and JC Caylen, another YouTuber, run the station “KianAndJc.” Lawley also has his own YouTube account called “superkian13.”  

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