Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Being a celebrity is not as easy as we might think. There is always a lot of tribulations behind the scenes and we should know that everything in life comes with a price. Celebrities live a fast life with something happening to them each day.

Some of them handle this more easily and others not so much. This is why it is always fun to read more about their lives and understand how they managed to reach the success they did.

In today’s text we are going to talk about a Tanzanian singer and dancer Diamond Platnumz. We will be talking about his career, his accomplishments but also about his personal life and struggles.

We are going to mention his future projects and what we can expect from him in the following period. So, if you like his music and you are Diamond’s fans, keep on reading.

Early Years

Nasibu Abdul Juma was born on October 2nd 1989 in Tandale in Tanzania.

Nasibu grew up in Tanzania and never decided to move anywhere else, since this is his home country and a place where he managed to achieve huge success.

He is a very private person when it comes to his family and early life, so we don’t know much about his period of growing up or the struggles he might have faced during that period of his life.

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We will continue to his career path and see how he managed to become such a popular celebrity I Tanzania, or what set him apart from all the others.

Career Path

Diamond Platnumz has been in the show business for a while, but his debut album came out in 2018. It is unusual for a star to release their first album so late, but Diamond Platnumz made the right move by doing exactly this.

The songs from his first alum were a total hit, and won over the radio stations in Tanzania. On the Tanzanian music awards in 214, Diamond won a total of 7 awards and was finally recognized for his hard work. This went into the history as one of the largest wins in the history of Tanzanian music awards.

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One of his biggest hits is a song called Number one. He recorded the song together with another Tanzanian artist called Davido. The song was a huge hit and every radio and TV station was playing it over and over again.

In 2012, Diamond performed on the Big Brother 7 eviction, and made a huge party for everyone who attended this event. His fan base is pretty large and everyone seems to love his music and his character. He is especially popular among younger audience.

How big of a success he has made, we can conclude by the fact that he charges around 70 thousand dollars for a show outside Tanzanian borders. That is a pretty big amount of money, considering that he is a celebrity in Tanzania and not a world-wide known star.

His current net worth is estimated at around 5$ million which is an enormous amount for Tanzania. He is one of the largest stars currently in that part of the world, and his stardom seems to be growing only bigger. Diamond is very active on his social media as well and likes sharing photos with his fans.

This allows him to announce upcoming concerts and shows, but also to show off his wealth and everything he managed to achieve in such a short period of time. He earned many awards for his music and performances over the years. He has many nominations including one for African video of the year, most Gifted Afro Pop, East Africa Superhit and many more.

He came into the spotlight recently for a scandal regarding indecent phots. The minister of Information and Arts, Harrison Mwakyembe, shared this information with the parliament and the issue was discussed heatedly.

The story blew up to a larger proportion, because the Tanzanian government doesn’t take these things lightly. The police even questioned Diamond and allowed him to speak on his behalf regarding this matter.

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The government’s opinion is that social media is there to promote happiness and connect people, while Diamond was using it for a completely different purpose. This made the government officials very angry so they decided to sanction him and prevent others from acting same.

What the most controversial thing about this is, is that the phots were actually of Diamond and his partner where he is shirtless and lying in a bed. Considering what kinds of photos other people put on social media, what he did was nothing extremely offensive and wrong. But the officials thought otherwise.

The scandal that happened didn’t hurt Diamond’s reputation and we certainly believe that this won’t cause his ratings to go down. He is one of the biggest stars in Tanzania right now, so that status will be hard to break.

Diamond is still pretty active on his social media accounts, despite the recent backlash regarding his post. He doesn’t seem to mind the situation at all, and didn’t consider he was doing anything wrong. Besides being into music, Diamond is a well-known dancer, so some of the net worth he has accumulated comes from dance performances as well.

He has been able to combine his incredible talent for dancing with his singing skills, so on the stage he is a true performer. Many famous brands noticed him and decided to endorse him. This is why some of his net worth comes from these endorsements and sponsorships with various companies. If his fame continues to grow, we can expect a lot more from him and we will definitely see his net worth going up.

Since he is a young artist, we can expect even more from him in the future. Until he release new material, we can definitely enjoy his current songs and hits. Perhaps he will share with us new projects he has been working on, that have nothing to do with music.

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Personal life

Naseeb Abdul Juma, 28-year-old Diamond Platnumz, is currently the most popular musician in Tanzania and one of the most prominent in East Africa. Dancer, singer and composer, he has to his credit several hit songs whose title “Number One”.

Diamond Platnumz got himself in trouble on social media, because he posted a photo where he was kissing his girlfriend. After the incident, he was even questioned by the police and detained for few hours. Even though Diamond is one of the biggest stars in Tanzania, the strict government rules didn’t allow him to get away from this tricky situation.

Those who are living in the West, might say that there is nothing wrong with him posting this picture, but the rules in Tanzania are very much different.

Singer’s actions were nothing shocking for the people who live in other countries of the world, but Tanzania has very strict rules regarding what is appropriate and what is not. They complained that the social media should not be overflown with such content, since younger audience is sing the social media outlets as well.

Luckily, Diamond hasn’t yet been convicted by the court but if he ends up being convicted, he will have to serve 12 months in prison or pay a 2000 euro fine for the act. The rules are very strict in Tanzania and the government is still watching over his posts on social media.

Diamond Platnumz is also an owner of the label called WCB Wasafi Records. A large amount of his money comes from his label being one of the most successful ones in Tanzania. He evolves thus between 2012 and 2015 with a young musical group that he integrates. The young artist continues to provide remarkable work. He hangs out with other artists while taking in quite a bit of the artistic world.

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Rayvanny, a young singer from Tanzania, has a close relationship with Diamond Platnumz. He ended up being noticed by one of the biggest label in the country, this is WCB Wasafi Records. A label founded by artist Diamond Platnumz. In 2016, Rayvanny releases his first title which immediately becomes a hit “Kwetu”. This is the beginning of a solid career that begins.

The following year, many new awards for the young Tanzanian begin to fall. He has won several awards, including the Breakthrough Act 2016 at the MTV Music’s Awards, and the International Viewers’ Choice at the BET Awards 2017. Other awards, such as the best new talent, Uganda Entertainment Award been handed over.

Rayvanny in 2019, is just a confirmed artist, a professional, a great figure in his country and in southern Africa. Diamond Platnumz is more than a chef for him, he’s a big brother, a friend. No wonder their new title “Tetema” makes such a fuss on the web when you know the talent of both artists. Over a million views in less than 16 hours. Yet few African artists can achieve such a performance. They are counted at your fingertips. Anyway, Diamond Platnumz and his fellow citizen have already printed their names in this industry.

Diamond got involved in politics in 210, when he decided to endorse Chama Cha Mapinduzi party on the upcoming elections. He endorsed the political candidate who ran for president, Jakaya Kikwete. This was the only time he ventured into the politics and hasn’t tried doing anything similar often. It seems like he is not that interested in the political happenings in Tanzania, as much as he is interested in making great music.

He is a dedicated Muslim and he often speaks on the behalf of those who share his religion. He shares his passion with others and rejects the standards that the world sets up for Muslims. When it comes to his personal life, Diamond is definitely a ladies’ man. The women and girls adore him, and he is one of the best looking singers in Tanzania.

He has been married once to a business woman Zari Hassan, but sadly the marriage didn’t work. The couple didn’t want to speak about the reason behind their break up, so we can only assume the reasons. He has two children with Zari. He also has one more child with a model called Hamisa Mobeto, and the couple is currently dating.

We can definitely say that Diamond has managed to reach enormous success in his homeland Tanzania. Whether he will try to win over the international marker, we have to wait and see. So far, his success is astonishing and he is one of the most talented and richest singers in Tanzania. It might be that this title is enough for him, and that we will continue to enjoy his great music in his native language.

Quick summary

Full name: Naseeb Abdul Juma

Date of birth: October 2nd 1989

Birthplace: Tanzania

Age: 30

Profession: Dancer, Singer

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: 5$ million

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