Remy Ma Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

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Today we will talk about different topic because we will talk about a female artist. In this text, we will get acquainted with rap music, but also with one of the most successful female rappers in the history of hip hop music. She managed to make a lot of success on the hip hop scene and managed to make a number of hits and albums.

Her name is Remy Ma and in this text we will be introduced to her life and her career. If you are interested in finding out more details about her life, then this text will help you in this.

Reminisce Mackie publicly known as Remy Ma was born on May 30, 1980. She is a famous American rap musician. The first album was released in 2006. The album was barely noticeable.

However, she is the only woman rep musician who has a song on the Billboard Hit 100. The public know her not only for her songs and hits but for very bad behavior. Remy was even in prison for shooting, but we will tell you something more about it later, so continue reading our text.

Remy was nominated for the Grammy Award three times, but she has not received her yet.

Early Years

Remy grew up in New York. She had a very difficult childhood. Parents were drug addicts, so Remy went through many difficult situations as she was a child. She had to take care of her own brothers and sisters.

She was running away from reality by writing poetry. Remy was very talented. That’s what MC Big Pun saw. He became her teacher. The first song was recorded with him for his album.

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After his death, Remy first became a member of the Terror Squad, and later decided for independent career. She released 3 singles from a new album nominated for Grammy. Remy was slowly but surely on the way to success.

Her early life in the New York City was not easy and Remy had to get used to the city and people. Her mother did various jobs because she had to provide money for her education and life. When she started elementary school, Remy showed talent for geography and music, and her teachers felt that she was a very smart girl. They advised her to be persistent and that she could become very successful woman in the future. During the elementary school, she met a couple of friends who loved rap music and she started to gain love for this music with them.

Remy Ma finished primary school with excellent grades and she wanted to continue school with excellent grades. She enrolled in a high school in New York City, and during her high school, her love for rap music began to evolve. Together with her two friends from school she wrote rap lyrics almost every day and they thought how to start their rap career.

In addition to her love for rap music, Remy Ma was also talented for the geography and literature and she liked to play volleyball. During the high school, she still had good grades, but her dream was to become a successful rapper or a successful geography student in the future.

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During the high school, Remy Ma met the boy who moved to New York City from Denver. After a few months they started a love relationship, and Remy Ma devoted her first few songs to her first love.

They were together until the end of the high school and after that she decided to enroll in college in other city and they had to break up. Remy Ma was very sad at that time and she wrote several songs that she dedicated to her first love.

Remy Ma successfully completed high school and she could choose a college to enroll, but she decided to devote to rap music. Her professors and her cousins advised her to continue her education, but she wanted to become a successful rapper.

She and her two friends were always next to each other and they decided to try to make a success with their rap group. This group was mixed by male and female members. Their beginning in rap music was in the 1990s and after 1999 they began to gain popularity. Their first album was released after 2000 and this album brought to them a lot of success on the American hip hop scene.

In the following period, they had success with the group and the solo careers and Remy Ma succeed in achieving her dreams.

About Remy We can say the most beautiful things because she has managed to overcome all obstacles and difficult moments in her life and managed to build success and provide a good financial life. She had many difficult moments in her life and had difficult family situations, but after a while she managed to improve her life. Remy Ma is one of the most famous American female rappers and she has managed to make an excellent career in rap music.

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Remy Ma did not have an easy start in rap music because she had to do a lot of effort to start a professional rap career. She initially had collaboration with several famous rappers who helped her to make initial success in rap music. She recorded several amateur songs, but she began her professional career after the year 2000.

Remy Ma started her professional career in 2004 when she recorded her first solo mix tape called “I Am”. This mix tape has achieved success on American hip hop scene and Remy Ma has begun to build a career in rap music.

After several months she recorded new mix tape of 10 songs and this mix tape gave to her additional popularity.

At the beginning of 2005 she decided to continue her rap career and she began to work on new mix tape. Her second mix tape was released in July 2005 and this mix tape is called “Just Do It”.

After releasing her second mix tape, she performed at several concerts in New York City and several other cities and she began working on her debut album.

In 2006, she released her hit single with other female rapper from California and this song is called “Promise” and this song brought her a lot of additional popularity and success. After a few weeks of publishing this song, she ranks in position 9 among the top 100 best songs. This song brought her great popularity and had over 10 million views on social networks. After a few months she recorded a video for this song and this video had over 20 million views on internet.

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In the second half of 2006, Remy Ma signed a contract with New Record Label from New York City and a month later she announced her second successful single in 2006 and this song is called “Rough”. This song has also made a lot of success and this song has found among the top 100 songs in that year.

In the beginning of 2007 she released her next single, which also achieved a lot of success and after that she continued to work on her second album. Her songs were featured by famous rappers who helped her to increase popularity.

A month before the release of her second album, Remy Ma released another single and announced her album with this song.

In May 2007 she released her second album entitled “My Space”. On this album, she had the help of rnb singers and two female rappers who also gained some popularity in that period of time After a few weeks since the release of the album, this album ranks in the position 21 of the top 200 albums.

People and rap fans around the world start noticing Remy Ma one year earlier when she appeared on documentary for New York City and musicians from this city. This was music documentary which talk about music on New York streets, many celebrities who were born in New York took part in this documentary.

It talked about rock music, but it also talked about hip hop artist who were at the beginning of their career. Remy Ma took part in this documentary and she talked about her vision of hip hop and rap music and how she started to listen to rap music.

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Few months after releasing her second album, Remy Ma continued to work hard and in 2009 she released her third album called ‘Imagination’ and it was a huge success for Remy Ma because rap fans were delighted with this album. This album becomes her most popular and successful album in career, it became popular because of song ‘Judge Me’, which was on the Billboard Top List and it reached position 5.

In the following period Remy Ma made a break in the music career and she began to act. She received a call to play in a new Hollywood movie and she accepted this invitation. She wanted to try to make her acting career next to her rap career and her debut in the movie was successful.

After a year, she often appeared on television and got her role in the TV series. She appeared in several episodes and in the following period she recorded several more episodes in the second TV series.

From 2010 to 2016 Remy Ma recorded one mix tape and also recorded a large number of singles. She did not record a new album until 2016 when she released an album titled The True Story. This album brought a lot of positive comments to her, but in the early period she had several battles with rapper musicians.

In 2017 she began to record a new TV show, which also featured many celebrities. She recorded several episodes for a new American TV show that became one of the most popular in 2017 and 2018.

In 2017 she started a collaborative album with Fat Joe and in the second half of 2017 this album was released and has made a lot of success. This album was one of the best collaborative albums in 2017 and songs from this album became very popular. In the beginning of 2018, Remy Ma held a concert in New York City and this concert was a great success because there were a large number of people on it.

Since 2018, Remy Ma has released 1 song and said that she made a break in a music career. She started recording a new TV show that will be released in the second half of 2019. During her career, Remy Ma managed to make a lot of success and managed to make a great financial profit. In her childhood, she did not have a good financial life, but now she managed to realize her dreams and to make a financial profit of about $ 15 million. 

Personal Life

Remy Ma had a difficult childhood but when she managed to make a success in rap music she managed to realize her dreams. When she made her first financial profit, she decided to help financially to her family and relatives.

During her career, she did not make many statements about her private life, but she often had fights with other musicians. In 2017 and 2018, she had several bouts with Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma recorded a diss track for her. Remy Ma talked about this incident in several shows.

Remy Ma is very active on social networks and she publishes pictures of her private life on a daily basis. She very much likes to travel and visit different countries around the world.

Her favorite destination is Spain and she often goes to this country. Remy Ma has a large number of followers on social networks and on her Facebook and Twitter profile she has about 2 million followers and on her Instagram profile she has about 5 million followers.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Reminisce Mackie

Birthplace: The Bronx, New York, USA

Date of birth: May 30, 1980

Age: 39

Profession: Rapper, Actress, TV Personality

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Net Worth: $15 million

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