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It is too early to earn wide popularity through his outstanding rapping ability. But the young American rapper has the components of successful rap star of tomorrow.

Obviously, he needs to curb down his attitude a bit to reach the pinnacle of rapping world. His outstanding performance in the releases of fabulous mixtapes like ‘Lil B.I.G.’ and ‘Project Baby’ confirms his competency in the rap music. His ‘Painting Pictures’ which eventually happened to be his debut album has earned huge appreciation from the uncountable listeners in the world of music.

It is not very uncommon that being a rapper Kodak has earned some disgraceful and notorious character. But Kodak had gone little far. In a life of a rapper, imprisonment is very common. Kodak had been arrested several times on various grounds.

In total, he had spent a long time in jail. Even the arrogant rapper had suffered house arrest. If you keep away his various illegal issues then he is really a very promising rapper. First noticed at the promotional programs of the song ‘Skrt’ where he was seen dancing with the tunes of that song.

During this short span, he has released some excellent songs. These songs include “Hungry”, “No Flockin” and “Tunnel Vision”. Hope the rapper would realize shortly to focus only on his musical career. Kodak has a long way to go and prove his competency to the music world. Currently, his estimated net worth comes around in the range of $500 thousand dollars.

Early Life

It is really a common practice for the rapper that they want to start their life from their stage appearance. Hence they preferred to be called with their stage name instead of being recognized with their birth name. Kodak is no exception to this rule and instead of being called as Dieuson Octave he wanted to be called as Kodak Black which is his stage name. Kodak was born on 11th June 1997 in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States of America.

His both parents had come to Florida from Haiti. There is detailed information available but it is known that the rapper was raised by his mother. He was brought up at Pompano Beach. From his early childhood, Dieuson had used Black as his nickname. When he joined Instagram he added Kodak to that and preferred to be called as Kodak Black. Later on, when he started singing, this name has been used as his stage name.

He passed his early childhood in the Golden Acres which is a residential project for the average low-income group people. Though very little is known about his education but it is heard that the rapper is trying to earn a diploma. The declaration came in the year 2014 that Kodak has enrolled in the Blanche Ely High School to get a high school diploma. Is teenage has almost passed and has gone with different mischievous acts and unlawful activities.

But nevertheless, Kodak has a very deep interest towards music from the beginning. Gradually with the age, he got more interested in rap and pop music which is a common choice for an average youngster all over the world.


Form the childhood days Kodak started staying outside and mixing with street boys. It is really not easy to state from which age he had started rapping. But it is heard that in 2009 when he was just a boy of 12 years he joined a rapping band. The band was known by the name of ‘Brutal Youngnz’.  Initially, he was into rapping just out of craze. In the beginning, he was just shifting from one group to the other.

For some time Kodak had been with ‘The Kolyons’. He was not getting the right band or group matching with his temperament. He is very much outrageous from early childhood and definitely, that has gone more severe as he entered teenage. He came up with his first mixtape in 2013. With all enthusiasm, he released the mixtape and titled it as ‘Project Baby’. He himself was then in the mid-teenage, a young rapper of 16 years.

The endeavor was not although made him rich but was enough to encourage the young rapper for more rap music. He kept going in the following two years. Kodak came out with two successive mixtapes in 2014 and 2015. The first recognition of this young promising rapper came in 2015.

One of the most famous Canadian rapper Drake selected a single of Kodak and then posted a video. In that particular video, Drake was seen dancing on that song. Drake actually posted his dancing on Kodak’s ‘Skrt’. This incident made a huge difference in Kodak life. It is a great achievement for the young aspirant who had convinced an established star of the music world to dance on his composition. The effect was o great that after a year on the Billboard chart under the category “Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles” the song went up to the 10th rank.

Soon the top labels wanted to endorse Kodak for their release. Atlantic Records is one of the giant releasing labels and is definitely a dream achievement for any upcoming singer. Kodak saw himself lucky enough to get into a contract with it. To promote their upcoming rapper the Atlantic declared a national tour. But Kodak was not there in the ‘Parental Advisory Tour’. He was assigned to attend Lil Uzi Vert. His third mixtape ‘Institution’ was released shortly after his contract with the Atlantic. The third mixtape is consisting of a single titled ‘Like That’ was more or less appreciated by the rappers.

Kodak has always remained in the midst of controversy. In the year 2016, he was severely criticized with one video. In the video, Kodak wrongfully stated that dark-skinned black ladies are comparatively less attractive to light-skinned black ladies. These are really not conducive or friendly for any upcoming artist. To aggravate the situation very awkwardly he even teased the dark-skinned black ladies. When he should be careful about the creation of his fan base quite unintelligently he is spoiling his fan base. The world waits for any comments from an artist and overnight the whole fan base can go against their hero.

In the same year, the artist was arrested and had to go to jail. In the silence of the prison, Kodak has been found little creative and has released a song from jail. On the other side of his life, in the same year one of the most prominent magazines “XXL Magazine” declared Kodak as one of the “Freshman”. Along with it, Kodak was signed for his fourth mixtape. It was titled as “Lil B.I.G. Pac” and is his first endeavor which was recognized by the Billboard chart. On the Billboard 200 the mixtape reached #191 and on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, it reached an amazing rank of #49.

Kodak has also been seen featuring on the fellow rapper’s mixtape. French Montana has come up with ‘LockJaw’ which is one of the tracks in his mixtape MC4. Kodak was featured in the song and this has earned a gold certification by the RIAA. Kodak has also released another single titled ‘Tunnel Vission’ in the February 2017.  In the following month, the rapper has released his first studio album titled ‘Painting Pictures’. The official release was made on the 31st March 2017. The album has been featured by many artists who contributed through their guest appearance.

In the year Kodak again went into some criticism with a release of some video. From a hotel in Washington D.C. Kodak broadcasted a video in which a room was shown with many men and a lonely lady performing sex orally one by one with those men. Though during this time his Instagram profile has received a high access rate by the followers still the act is quite disgraceful.

Actually, Kodak is required to prove that he has earned popularity, not because of a fluke. But he seems to show less interest in music as several times he has been arrested by the police for various misdeeds. Perhaps the conscience is not helping him anyway to keep a check on his wrong action.

Personal Life

To keep the life personal a person should maintain at least some decorum of private life. But Kodak Black does not feel this to be true. The frequent misdeeds and consequent punishment by law even imprisonment had left no other option but to make him exposed to the public at large. He himself wants a change in his birth name.

Instead of Dieuson Octave, he wants to be called as Bill Kahan Blanco. He has a distinctive feature of numerous tattoos with a cross on the face. The teeth are gold filed and hairstyle is eccentric.

For several reasons, Kodak has faced criminal charges and spend times in jail. He was even asked by the law to remain in his home as house arrest. He was also suspended for one year from driving.

As a punishment, he had also served in the community service. He was also sent to clear the anger management. Obviously, the young rapper has the talent but his attitude is not conducive to a successful musical career. He has come out of the prison in last June but had to go on probation for five more years after undergoing a house arrest.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Dieuson Octave

Date of Birth: 11th June 1997

Birth Place: Pompano Beach, FL, USA

Age: 21 Years Old

Profession: Rapper and Songwriter

Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches / 168 cm

Weight: 66 Kg / 146 lbs

Net Worth: $500 Thousand Dollars

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