Doug DeMuro Net Worth in 2024: How Much Money Does This Youtuber Have?

Doug DeMuro is a well-known YouTuber who loves cars and is known for giving detailed reviews of rare and unusual cars. Celeb Net Worth said, “DeMuro started his own YouTube channel in 2013.” On the channel, he talks about a lot of different cars from the 1970s to the present day and gives each one a score between 10 and 100.

Most of the time, the cars he reviews belong to other people or businesses. As a journalist, DeMuro has written about cars before. He has worked for three blogs: The Truth About Cars, Jalopnik, and his own, PlaysWithCars. Some of his writing has also been printed by the Philadelphia Media Network and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Learning about celebrity lifestyle is always interesting and fun. We get to know them better and feel as though we know who they are as people.

Their careers and personal lives are always interesting and their roads to success can be so motivational and inspiring for us. In today’s text we are going to talk about Doug Demuro, a famous blogger and car enthusiast that regularly posts fun articles and videos about various vehicles.

Doug Demuro

If you do not know who Doug DeMuro is, google his name as quickly as possible and look for one or two articles on Jalopnik that come from his pen. Basically, he is nothing more than a normal auto journalist for a normal sheet.

In addition to his articles, he also publishes numerous columns and authored videos, which is why every car enthusiast knows him, at least in English-speaking countries. We are going to talk more about his biography, net worth and career, so if you love Doug DeMuro this article is perfect for you.

Doug DeMuro Early Years

Doug DeMuro’s real name is Douglas DeMuro and he was born on May 31st 1988 in Denver, Colorado. He grew up and spent his teenage years in Denver Colorado, and he still remembers his home town for beautiful moments he spent there as a child.

Doug DeMuro attended the Emory University that is located in Atlanta in Georgia. He got a bachelor’s degree in economics and this is the place where he met his current wife. She used to work there as a Resident Advisor, and the two fell in love even though it sounds like a plot to a romantic movie.

After finishing college, Doug stayed in Atlanta for a while and looked for jobs. His first ever job, was in the Porsche’s North American quarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked as a vehicle allocation manager and at the same time, he wrote short texts about cars for

Even though this job paid his bills and he was starting to make his life good, he decided to quit his job and pursue a career in writing. His passion was automotive writing, so he wanted to focus all of his attention to that. Seems like his passion over powered his need to work on a secure job, and now we see that this was the right decision.

Doug DeMuro Career Development

Like we already mentioned, Doug’s career began with his first job in a Porsche North American quarters, but he didn’t stick there for too long. He wanted to do something meaningful and focus his attention to something he loves doing.

So he decided to work on his writing and focus his motivation to creating great automotive articles. He only worked for one year at the Porsche quarters before he said it is enough. For several months, he wrote articles for a website called The Truth about Cars. This led him to start writing for another magazine called Jelopnik. He started working for Jelopnik in 2013.

Writing inspired him to start working on his book. It only took him a couple of months to write two books that came by the end of 2013. When it comes to Plays with Cars, he wrote stories about his personal experiences with cars and also an e-book called From My Perspective. The eBook speaks about his perspective on many things and not just cars.

Another interesting fact about his career, is the fact that he started his YouTube channel to answer readers of Jalopnik questions that interest them. This is how the audience saw his face for the first time and they embraced his character right away.

Another thing he did, which bought his audience right away. He bought used cars that his fans recommended and reviewed them in order to tell his fans how the cars perform and how good they actually are.

Doug Demuro

One of best cars he bought is Ferrari 360 Modena which he had to buy by taking a loan. He ended up using the car for one year and then decided to sell him. In 2014, DeMuro decided to move from Atlanta to Philadelphia. He continued writing for The Truth About Cars but still worked for Jalopnik as well. His readers suggested his to buy Aston Martin Vantage from 2007.

He later wrote about the car itself and also managed to release another book under the name Bumper to Bumper. The book was published by the Philadelphia Media Network in 2014 and also by The Atlanta Journal – Constitution in 2015.

In2016 he became an editor of the and continued to write his columns and blogs for the two already mentioned sites. Something he enjoyed the most is doing reviews and filming videos for his fans. This is what made him happy so he started focusing on that.

Some of the cars he reviewed are BMW Isetta, Maserati Ghibli and Tesla Model 3. What he does in his videos is that he talks about the interior and exterior of the cars and tells his readers what to focus on. He gives grades from 10 to 100 and he calls the score he gives to the car the DougScore.

Since he is not a millionaire that can spend money without thinking about it, the reviews he does with cars are mostly reviews on cars that someone owns or reviews of cars from dealerships.

Doug has gathered a staggering amount of subscribers that enjoy his content about vehicles and who are his faithful readers since he was only a blogger. He has around 2.7 million subscribers and the number continues to grow.

One of his biggest achievements is his appearance in the Jay Leno’s Garage in an episode called Larger than Life. The theme of the episode was him trying to guess which car it is, but the trick he is wearing a blindfold.

The audience enjoyed this episode and loved seeing their favorite writer and you tuber on such a great show. Doug DeMuro is still at the beginning of his career as a YouTuber and writer, so we can expect a lot more from him in the future. So far, his estimated net worth is around 400$ thousand but it continues to grow.

Since the number of his subscribers keeps going up and that he enjoys uploading new content on his social media platforms and YouTube, we can expect to see this number going way up.

Before you buy a car, you never know what to expect. Sure, you can try to googling it what it’s like to own it, but as long as you do not know anyone who drives the car that buzzes around in your head or registers in a forum and it full with questions, it is difficult to make a picture of how it is. Especially in the long run. And this is where Doug’s column is supposed to go.

You’ve probably wondered what it’s like to own a Ferrari. How much does it consume? What does it cost in maintenance? Can I really get girls with it? If not a Ferrari, then certainly a lobster. Or a Nissan Skyline GT-R. Such questions cannot be posted in a Ferrari forum and from a trade magazine, where who bounces the part for a day on a racetrack, you will not be smart.

Doug Demuro

That’s where Doug comes in. Because in his articles and his videos, he explains just that. These are all really questions that he treats, even with the Ferrari and the girls. Cool idea, right? I think so too. But somehow people hate him. “PLEASE LOOK AT MY ASTON MARTIN, I’M DESERVED FOR ATTENTION”, a Facebook user writes about him. And that is not even the highlight.

Meanwhile, Doug drives an Aston Martin Vantage V8. And he drives him less because he was so interested in the car, but because he bought it from a certified Aston used car dealer with an unlimited warranty. That must go wrong, right? Did it too. If you want to know what it’s been like so far, I highly recommend that you watch its amateurish but cute videos on YouTube. But to get back to the subject.

The lay in the time in which he owned a Ferrari 360 Modena. It’s a Ferrari, for the sake of heaven. The things you can tell are just trumped by the people who wonder what it’s like to own a Ferrari. The people who scrounge on Wednesday night at four, a few hours, before you have to sit in his miserable Passat to go to work and find an offer that suits them.

If I work overtime and take out a loan, I can actually afford the car. I mean he lost a lot of value, you think. But can I really do that to myself? Do not lie, you’ve already been in or a similar situation. But there was hate under every single video. Doug was insulted badly and it was rushed against him. In everything Doug does, one reads positive comments, but not with his experiences.

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Doug DeMuro Net Worth in 2024

An American named Doug DeMuro is famous on YouTube, writes books, and runs a business. According to Celebrity Net Worth, He is worth $10 million. The YouTube site named after Doug DeMuro is where he is best known for reviewing cars. He had written for blogs like The Truth About Cars and Jalopnik before this.

He was also an editor and writer for the blog Oversteer. DeMuro runs the website Cars & Bids, which he started in 2020 and is one of the things he does.

How Much Does Doug DeMuro’s Rent-A-Car Service Cost?

First, cars. Doug has owned a total of 34 cars that we know of. We found this by going through all of his old YouTube videos. At the moment, we know of seven cars in his collection. The first and most important car is a 2005 Ford GT that Doug bought from an old boss.

The current market value for this is thought to be around $400,000. This car is by far the most expensive one he has. Since his famous time with the CarMax Range Rover, Doug has loved Land Rover SUVs. At the moment, Doug owns both a 1997 Land Rover Defender and a 2020 Defender 110.

Doug Demuro

These two cars are worth about $140,000 when added together. It’s been said that Land Rover Defenders from the 1990s are great investments because they hold their value very well. Doug has a bunch of interesting Mercedes-Benz cars in his fleet right now. The well-known Mercedes G500 Cabriolet from 1999, which he has called “the world’s most expensive Barbie jeep”

He is also said to drive a 2022 E-class AMG car every day. About $150,000 is paid for the G500 Cab, and about $140,000 is paid for the E63 AMG. Finally, Doug has a very rare and very cool 1994 Audi RS2 Avant that he brought into the country as soon as it was possible to do so.

One of these is worth around $66,000 on the market right now. After getting rid of his old Range Rover, he got a pretty normal 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser as his last car. It costs about $43,000 to buy a 2013 Land Cruiser. The collection is thought to be worth a solid $939,000.

How did Mr. DeMuro get so rich?

DeMuro’s first job was as a car allocation manager for Porsche. Besides that, he wrote articles for car websites, which led to him getting a full-time job as a freelance writer for AutoTrader. He became the main editor of AutoTrader’s “Oversteer blog” after a while. Doug has also written and self-published three books: From My Point of View, Plays With Cars, and Bumper to Bumper.

DeMuro finally made the switch to YouTube in 2013. His movies are rough and don’t have much editing done because DeMuro is naturally funny and informative. His ideas changed as he became more well-known. Doug can now make a living from his YouTube account because of all of this.

Doug Demuro

He has always been crazy about cars, so it’s not a surprise that he has spent a lot of that money on new ones. In addition to being a treat, getting new cars gives him chances to be happy. In the past few years, DeMuro has been afraid that he doesn’t have any “marketable” skills besides making YouTube videos, and that changes to the algorithm could cause him to lose his main source of income.

Because of this, he made Cars and Bids, a sale site like Collecting Cars or Bring A Trailer. The business has been a success, getting some truly amazing deals for several modern classics. His sales website Car & Bids just got a $37 million investment from The Chernin Group, which is sure to send the company’s profits through the roof.

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