Moniece Slaughter Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

Moniece Slaughter is very popular in Hollywood as model, songwriter and TV personality. She is mostly known for her appearance in first season of the TV show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

She is also very popular on social networks and she have millions of followers.

Early years:

Moniece was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 4, 1987. She was raised in a Protestant-Christian family by African and American parents. Her father’s name is unknown, but her mother’s name is Marla Thomas.

Her stepfather had great influence on Moniece when it’s word about music. His name is Dave Thomas and he is part of singing group Take 6. This band earned 10 Grammy Awards. He learned his step daughter to play drums from her early ages.

Career Development:

Moniece earned fortune as a songwriter and this is what really increased her net worth. Her first appearance on TV was in first season of the reality show called Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. In this show she showed her whole life. This TV show made her famous and part of the main cast in the show.

After first season, she was also main character in next season of the same show. In second season she published her relationship with Rich Dollaz. In the same season they got engaged and they also split up.

She again appeared in third season of the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. At this time she stepped out with new disclosure. She revealed that she is bisexual and that she have plans to have family with her girlfriend AD Diggs.

Moniece worked as a songwriter for Akon and Marques Houston. She was also singer for America’s Next Top Model theme song, which is also popular TV show. Her other works include TV show On the Set W Jasper Cole.

She keeps attention of the media and people with revelation of her private life.

Before she got famous as TV star, she was performer and host on stages in Los Angeles and Vegas.

In 2016, she published her first EP, named Blue. After that she released album The Naked Truth.

Her incomes are mostly from the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Her net worth was very much increased while she worked with Marques Houston and Akon. Moniece’s net worth is now around $1.7 million.

Personal life:

Moniece dated with singer Tank when she was 19 years old, and he had 30 years than. She got pregnant with him, but their relationship didn’t work out and that led to abortion. Age gap and infidelity of Tank lead this couple to braking up.

After that she dated with rapper Lil Fizz. They was never married, but they got one kid Kamron David Fredric. There was rumors on social media that his son had role in complicating their relationship. Moniece and Lil Fizz separated in 2015.

After this relationship, Moniece dated with Rich Dollaz, who is owner and founder of Dollaz Unlimited. This couple got engaged, but they broke up in 2016.

Then, started third season of the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and Moniece stepped out of the closet and revealed that she is bisexual. In this show she revealed that her girlfriend is AD Diggs. There are rumors that they have plans to make family and that they have wishes to have a baby together.

Moniece is very active on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. She is also a fan of selfies. There are many people follow her and she have over 1 million followers on Instagram. Activity on social networks is one of the things that keeps her popularity.

In TV show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, that made her popular, she revealed many things. One of those was that she had cosmetic breast augmentation. She even show her new breasts. She also revealed that she is supportive to cosmetic correction procedures and that she had lip injections and silicon butt fillers in the past.

She love to make surprises for the public, so we are never sure what to expect from her.

Moniece is very popular on social networks. She does not have profile on Facebook, but she keep posted her fans and followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Her popularity proves her profile on Instagram with more than 1.1 million followers. Link of this profile is:

She also have profile on Twitter with more than 179K  followers. There are some informations about her in description of her profile, such as her mail for booking or link of her album on iTunes. Link of her profile on Twitter is:

Quick summary

Full name: Moniece Slaughter

Date of birth: March 4, 1987

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Age: 31

Profession: TV personality, model, performer, host, songwriter, singer

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7in)

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $800 000

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