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Amra Olevic who is well known under her online name Amrezy is famous Instagram star and beauty and make up artist. She has 5.7 millions of followers on her Instagram account and this number grows daily.

Amrezy is very handsome, attractive and sexy. She denied that she had plastic surgeries and she admitted that she used botox and fillers treatments. She was interested in make up and beauty treatments since she was a girl.

She lived in Montenegro in her childhood but she moved with her family in New York where she became celebrity.

More about successful career and private life of this beauty guru you can read in the text below.

Early years

Amrezy was born May 8th 1988 in Montengro. Later she moved with her family to Bosnia and she also lived a few months in Croatia where from they moved to New York when she was 9 years old and she spent her childhood and teenage days in Brooklyn.

She lived in the family of good material status and she traveling a lot but her parents were very strict and she couldn’t stand their critics so she left family home when she was 23 years old.

After that she met a different people and she succeed to graduated high school in 2006.

She also enrolled college after she finished high school education but she quit the studies after some time because it was very boring to her and she often was sleeping during lectures.

Career development

When she left the faculty she decided to attend Make up Designory School because she was interested in make up since she was a girl.

When she was 22 years old she worked at Sephora as make up artist.

She launched her own beauty and make up blog under name “Glamrezy”. She also posts make up tutorials, beauty advices on her Instagram account on which she has 5.7 millions of followers.

She is very active on her Instagram profile and she often posts her attractive photos.

In 2014 she partnered with “Brow Queen Anastasia” and she created the “Amrezy” pallete that includes, according to Amra’s words, different kinds and shades of colors from  crease colors, to matte, shimmery and bright colors.

Later she also collaborated with “Lip Land Cosmetics” in creating her own line of liquid lipsticks that includes three amazing products or three shades under recognazible names “Brookly”, “Rezy” and “Montenegro”. As you can guess shade “Montengro” is dedicated to her motherland Montenegro and the shade “Brooklyn” is dedicated to place where she was raised. All three liquid lipsticks costs $18.99.

She works as MAC make up artist and she has her own line in Anastasia Brow Studio and she is also ambassador “Anastasia Beverly Hils” and “Bellami Hair” or precisely said of convete “Belami clip” that includes hair extensions.

She looks like Kim Kardashian. Although many haters speculated that she had a few plastic surgeries she denied their unconfirmed claimes and she admitted once that she often use botox and fillers treatments.

She collaborated with Kim Kardashian and she is very close with Mario Dedivanovic who is make up artist of Kim Kardashian he also came from Montengro and according to some media he has Albanian descent.

She used her beauty, attractive look and her resembling to Kim Kardashian to became famous in America and also in the world. She has sexy body with defined muscles and she exercise to be fit.

Amrezy usually pick her five favourite cosmetic’s products according to her Instagram posts and photos. She often use Anastasia Bewerly Hills Brow Wiz, Armani Luminois Silk foundation, Inglot gel liner #77, two Anastasia Bewerly Hills liquid lipsticks – shades Pure Hollywood and Milkshake and TooFaced Better than Sex mascara.

Personal life

It’s interesting that Amra got her nickname Amrezy during she attending school and she decided to keep it later so Amrezy became her artist’s name.

She currently live in Los Angeles California.

Although she can afford to her the expensive clothes and shoes from famous world’s brands that she owns of course she also often wears clothes that has affordable prices from stores such as “Forever 21”, “Top Shop”, “Lola shoetique”, “Hot Mimai Styles” , “Fashion Nova” and others.

Of course Amra also wears very expensive outfits of famous brands such as Gucci, Yuves Saint Loren. For example she posted photos on which she wears bag and belt of Gucci brand and on the other photo she wears the latest model of Yuves Saint Loren boots.

She often posts a photos on which she wears very provocative models of swimsuits and she attract the attention of followers on that way. People ussualy send her a compliments in comentars that she has sexy and hot body.

Amra also surprised her followers when she posts herself photo without any make up and she looks different of course.

Amra is in relationship for about five, six years with her boyfriend named Fernando who has Dominican descent. She doesn’t expose too much her early, private and love life to the public.

It is known that her boyfriend was big support to her when in very hard times when she didn’t have a job. Before she became famous and rich she was a freelancer make up artist and her boyfriend worked and he helped her in developing her career and everything she needed.

In 2017 Amra and Fernando got engaged and they posted the photos on which people can see her engagement ring on July 12th.

Once she said that they are planning to get married and have a children but that it is not time yet  for such a big life step.

Fernadno is rarely appeares on Amra’s Instagram account because she obviously tries to keep her private life from audience and her fans and followers except a few important happenings such as when they got engaged or when they were on holiday.

Net worth

Amra’s net worth is estimated about $2 million.

Quick summary

Full name: Amra Olevic

Nickname: Amrezy

Date of birth: May 8th 1988

Age:  31

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Montenegro

Profession/Occupation: Instagram star, make up artist, model

Net worth and salary: about $2 million

Height: 159 cm (5 feet and 3 inches)

Weight: between 64 and 66 kg

Body Measurement: 34-25-36

Marital status: not married

Children: no children

Love status: in a relationship for five, six years with Fernando, they got engaged in July 2012

Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States

Religion: Unknwon

Nationality: Plav, Montenegro

Origin: Unknown

Social media accounts and web site:




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