FaZe Rain Net Worth 2024: A Deep Dive in YouTuber Wealth

FaZe Rain is a famous YouTube star from United States that originates from Canada. He came to the US to be a part of a very popular “FaZe Clan”.

He is one of the most popular clan members. He has more than 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Early years

Faze Rain was born on May 29th in 1996, in Toronto, Canada by the name Nordan Shat. His father and mother are from Syria, which is a country in the Middle East.

His mother speaks Arabic fluenty and wants to teach his son to appreciate his culture and heritage and learn from if. Although she known english very well, because of this she speaks on Nordan Arabic.

He has a sister and she had a great relationship with her. They are still in good relations, she always looked out for her brother.

They lived in America almost their whole life but when he was seven they moved to Dubai and lived there for two years. In that period of time he learned Arabic.

He was really entertaining and his classmates thought of him as a class clown. He did all those things to overcome some difficult times in his childhood. That’s why he turned to comedy.

Nordan wasn’t especially into education although he was a very smart kid. Becouse of that he would sometimes be sent out of the classroom because he wasn’t taking school seriously.

He was often sent to the pricipal’s office because he was in detention almost every week.

He went to Oneida High School and although he wasn’t the best pupil hje wasn’t the worst one either. He tried to behave best as he can so he could make his mother proud. She always thought that he will change his mind and start learning and enroll in college.

Nordan often played video games. He got his Playstation when he was seven. He sometimes played it for hours. His mother wasn’t angry at him because she knew that it was his way to shelter from their family problems.

Playing video games got him through his parent’s separation that changed his life drasticly. The separation itself was a very violent one, and it ended when his father left.

After some time, his mother found a new guy she was into, and he was in very good relations with Nordan. They eventually married and he became his step-father. He also got a step-sister and a step-brother. They all got along greatly. Nordan is in specially good relation with his tep-brother.

His parent’s separation gave Nordan anxiety and he was extremely deppresed. It made him change drastically. He even attempted suicide by drinking medication but fortunately, didn’t succed in his attempt.

He got a psychotherapist called Mary. She made him feel better and brought a bit of a positive energy to the whole family.

After he got through that rough time, he started his YouTube channel and turned to future. He learned from his strugles and used it to make a better future.

He has also met few new friends that helped him get back to normal.

How Much Wealth Does He Have?

According to source, the estimated net worth of FaZe Rain is $10 million as of March 2024.

Faze Rain has carved out a significant presence in the gaming world, thanks to his varied income sources like brand partnerships, sponsorships, and advertisements on his YouTube channel. His entrepreneurial efforts, including launching his own line of merchandise, have also played a crucial role in his financial success and growing influence in the industry.

However, for Faze Rain, it’s not all about financial gains. He has dedicated himself to making a meaningful impact beyond the gaming community. Through his philanthropy, he has supported numerous charitable organizations, showcasing the powerful role gaming influencers can play in promoting social change and making a meaningful difference.

Instagram Account

As of this writing he has an over 1.7 million followers.


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Career development

FaZe Rain Net Worth 2024

He opened his YouTube channel back in 2010. At the beginning he wasn’t uploading any videos regarding gaming.

After he saw other YouTubers work he made and uploaded videos where he plays Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series and many more.

He was also very good at playing “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” was released in 1999 and got really famous really quickly.

This is a multiplayer game meaning that you play it in teams which is really great and more interesting than playing it solo.

Nordan’s videos are famous because he is really good at connecting video games and his skills in it with comedy. He often acts, does parodies and so on.

His channel is called “TrickShotting” and it mainly deals with video games which are very popular amongst young people.

He also has a gaming channel called ‘OMFGRain’. In this he is recognized as one of the most important “FaZe Clan” members. This clan was created by a gamer called Thomas Oliveira and it consists of only the best players.

Nordan is really famous not only for his skills, but for his connection with his fans. Unlike other clan members, he likes to interact with his fans a lot. He is also a lot more personal.

He has ‘Fan mail openings’ videos that are viewed a lot. It is his way to connect with his fans so they can see just how much he respects their support and loyalty.

Nordan created an alter-ego channel called ‘Vape Lord Nord’. There he smokes the electronic cigar called Vape while wearing a gown and glasses and acting like a Lord.

He is a fan of those kind of electric cigarettes an often goes to Vape conventions to meet with other people who love them as much. The event is called ‘Vape Con’.

Almost all of his money comes from his channel and ads he posts there. He also gets a fair share of his income through sposnorship with G-Fuel. Most of his clan memebrs are sponsored by this company.

He makes extra money from his clothing line (merch). He often wears it and talks about it on his channel for promotion. It is available on his website.

As for extra earnings, he released his own clothing line and wears it in lot of occasions. He promotes it online and it can be bought on his website.

Personal life

A video he published in 2014 called “Meet My Girlfriend” starrs Taylor, Nordan’s ex-girlfriend. Taylor is a really beautiful blonde, and they were an amazing couple together and had a lot of fun but unfortuantely didn’t though they were suiting each other and split up. They broke up two years later, in 2016. He spoke about this breakup on his channel.

Nordan’s little sister is called Sally. He often talk about how she is the one responsible for crooked teeth he has because she let him such his thumb when he was little. He loves her very much.

Nordan lives with other clan members in their “gaming house” located in Los Angeles in California.

Last few years he was trying to reconnect with his roots and tries to make his Arabic better and learn about his culture.

His mom loved it because she appreciates her culture a lot and also love to speak Arapic with Nordan.

Nordan adores cars and owns two of them: Tesla and Audi R8. He changed his Audi for McLaren 570s not so long ago.

He wears his baseball caps everywhere and it is his signature sign. He has hundreds of them because he has to combine them with different clothes.

When he isn’t feeling like wearing a cap he often colors his hair in yellowy red or some other crazy color which atrracs views.

Nordan is also a huge fan of fast food. He especially likes burgers and often goes out with his friends to eat them.

He also knows how to play a guitar. He has a video of himself where he plays it and his fans liked it very much.

He has braces to fix his crooked teeth. He doesn’t hate them because he thinks that health is really important.

Nordan is a big fan of dogs and has a haski dog named Sky. He has uploaded a lot of photos of his dog on his Instagram channel.

He also has a cat whom he named FaZe Barry. The cat has her own Instagram account and 300 k followers on the account.

Quick summary

Full name: Nordan Shat

Date of birth: May 29, 1996

Birthplace:  Toronto, Canada

Age: 23

Profession: Youtuber, Call of Duty player, vlogger, actor

Height: 193 cm

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $900,000

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