Marty Lagina Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Marty Lagina is an American reality TV star who became known to a wider audience when he gained the roll in reality TV series called “The Curse of the Oak Island” which is  aired on History Channel.

Early years

Marty Lagina was born in Kingsford in the state of Michigan in United States but there isn’t any information about his birth date and there isn’t a lot of information about his young life and his childhood.

It is known that his mother also worked as an engineer, in a company called  Lake Shore Engineering.

Marty has one brother named Rick Lagina, but he has two sisters” Terese Fornetti and Marianne Gardener. He had a mother named Ann. C Lagina and a father George Lagina  who both passed away.

It is known that he graduated from Michigan Tech University where he was one of the top graduates in mechanical engineering. He graduated from Michigan Tech in 1977.

After that he decided that he wanted to study law so in 1982 he gained his doctorate in law, again at the University of Michigan.

Career development

His oil and gas company called “Tara Energy” was the result of his idea while studying at college. This ended up being a much better idea than he initially thought it would be.

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This business wasn’t without the risk because the firm was best specialized in extracting Natural Gas which is a very high-risk activity.

His first job was in a company called “Amoco Production Company”. This company was based on a petroleum business.

In 1982 he started his own business which als involved petroleum and it was a company which explored oil and gas. Later he sold the company for a very nice amount of money. He made a killing with this business.

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Since he was a very good engineer he became a member of the “American Society of Mechanical Engineers”.

He became known to the public after he appeared on the television reality series called “The Curse of Oak Island” where he starred alongside his older brother Ricky.

The idea of the show was based on the legend that there was buried treasure on Oak Island settled in Nova Scotia in Canada.

He has earned a lot of money from the series and from his company’s so his net worth was somewhere around 2 million dollars in the last year.

His brothers net worth is 4 times smaller. This doesn’t change anything since they have been raised to think of money as something that doesn’t rule the world.

In 2009 Marty sold his company called “Tara”, settled in Gaines, for an amount of 58 million dollars because he decided it was time that he put his engineering skills into getting energy from the wind.

He started his own company called “Heritage Sustainable Energy” and he’s going to put 60 turbines to produce a lot of energy from the wind. He was always oriented towards making his company eco-friendly as much as he coulr and he is truly a man of his words. This reality TV series started in 2014. Since then, Marty became even more popular.

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By watching the show you can find out that Marty’s brother Rick is very obsessed with this mystery and the treasure hunting since he was just a kid.

The series has already had five seasons aired on History Channel. It is very popular in America and therefore it will probably be aired on other TV channels too.

Rick is his older brother and he is a retired postal worker and is more optimistic about finding the treasure than Marty who is known as a skeptic. However,turns out they fit each other very well and each one of them has a specific field they are great at.

Rick was only 11 when he read an article in Reader’s Digest Magazine which caught his interest and got him involved in this treasure hunting. Marty and him were intrigued by this place on Oak Island called Money Pit.

He is very interested in wines (especially Italian wines) and he often said that it is because he has Italian roots.

That’s why he bought Villa Marie Winery in Traverse City were is his current address.

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She has a son named Alex and he is employed at his father’s Vineyard as a general manager and he’s also a big fan of wines. He is a very good father, his wife says. He is very dedicated in spending time with his son although he has a company to manage.

It was the brothers who first started speaking about the treasure and a  producer Kevin Burns heard about it and convinced them to make a show out of it. It was a good idea, but they didn’t know a lot about it yet.

Both Rick and Marty knew about this treasure from 1965 but it was in the late nineties that they started being serious about trying to find it.

After they found out that Oak Island is for sale they bought it. Ofcourse they still haven’t found the treasure.They did find some coconut fibers in a cave and one coin from the swamp and the coin dated to 1600 .

Although this wasn’t much they decided not to give up and they even came up with their moto “Once in Forever in”.

Personal life

He is happily married to M. Olivia Lagina, who was also an engineer from Michigan. They have a lot in common and therefore they get along easy and their marriage id working really well.

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Margaret Olivia Lagina was born in Traverse in Michigan where the whole family lives today. She attended Ewing High school abd finished Rutgers College.

She worked as a geological engineer in a company called “Wiser Oil Co”. They worked in “Terra” company for several years together. They have two children and they are named Alex and Maddie.

Alex finished the same unuversity as his dad, the University of Michigan and today he is also a Mechanical engineer. After finishing college he came to work in family company.

He’s known as a very strict workaholic and doesn’t have much time for his private relationships.

He isn’t active on social media and has no account on Facebook Twitter or Instagram which is very unusual for for a reality TV star.

Marty and Ricky are very close to each other and they share a strong bond. There are other friends and relatives Hoover mentions or featured in the show.

There is a nephew cold Peter Fornetti, there is Marty’s partner in business called Craig Tester who had two sons Jack Begley and Drake Tester. They were all involved in the shooting of the series.

Unfortunately Drake Tester tragically died. It was a shock for everyone in the show and they handled it as best as they could. The father was devastated.

Marty often emphasizes how it’s great to have the family around him each summer when they do the show because they are staying close one to each other.

One of the reasons the brothers keep on going with this treasure hunt is be ause there were already other findings on the island: Marie Antoinette’s jewel were found earlier by other seekers.

Quick summary

Full name: Marty Lagina

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace:  Kingsford, Michigan, United States

Age: over 50

Profession: businessman, reality personality, mechanical engineer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $50 million

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