Marty Lagina Net Worth in 2024: Income and Career Journey of American reality TV star Revealed

Marty Lagina Net Worth: Newfoundland’s Oak Island is less than a mile long and a thousand feet wide. It has been the site of the world’s longest and most expensive treasure hunt.

The latest treasure hunters to take on the task are Rick and Marty Lagina from the United States. They have been looking for treasure on the island for almost ten years.

The Sky HISTORY show The Curse of Oak Island, which is now in its 11th seasonhas been following their growth. The show has gained a lot of fans around the world, which has made the Lagina brothers more well-known. 

Since the Lagina brothers are so well-known, people are naturally interested in them.  That’s why we set out to answer some of the most Googled questions about them.

Marty Lagina

Marty Lagina’s Net Worth in 2024

Marty Lagina is an American reality TV star, business owner, and engineer with a $100 million net worth, as per reports of Celebrity Net Worth. Marty Lagina is possibly best known for being on The Curse of Oak Island, a reality TV show on the History Channel that started in 2014.

Since 2016, Marty Lagina has also been an executive director of the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down and starred in it.Marty and his brother Rick, who are both from Kingsford, Michigan, are following the show as they try to find wealth that is said to be buried on the island.

 In 1965Rick and Marty first learned about the island from  Reader’s Digest. The history of a family named Restall was told in the piece. At one point, the family was looking into the long-lost treasure. Today, Marty and Rick have a majority stake in Oak Island Tours, the company that owns most of the island.

There are many ideas about where the wealth came from in the first place. For example, some people think that gold traders from North Africa left the treasure there in the 1300s.

Marty Lagina

Marty Lagina’s Career

The first time most people heard of Marty Lagina was when the TV show “The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down” aired in 2015. One of the chief producers came up with the idea for the treasure hunt on the Nova Scotia island that is very far away from everything else.

Early settlers in 1863 told stories about a dying sailor  who talked about buried wealth. This is how the treasure story got its   start.Some say he was on Captain Kidd’s pirate ship and that they hid treasure worth £2 million somewhere on Oak Island.

In the story, a farmer named McGinnis was looking for land to farm and came across a hole that fit with the sailor’s story. He dug around the area and found a layer of flagstones that fit with the story.

Over the years, he dug a hole to look into it.Over the next two hundred years, many businesses and organizations have tried and failed to get treasure from the island. Marry is very wealthy, but not one of the world’s richest people. His money is more than enough to support his business activities. 

Marty Lagina

Building a Fortune in the Oil and Gas Industry

Lagina became very wealthy during the 1980s gas boom, after having worked well in the oil and gas business.Marty Lagina got his start in the energy business in 1982 when he started Terra Energy, a company that specialized in extracting natural gas. During the 1990s, the company grew a lot, especially when it came to getting natural gas from the Midwest Shale, which led to a lot of money.

Lagina, like Vagit Alekperov and Shelby Bryan, saw a chance to get rich in the oil and gas business. CMS Energy paid $58 million to buy Terra Energy. This gave Marty the money he needed to make investments and grow his businesses in green energy and winemaking.

He invested a lot of money in Chartwell Properties, LLC, and now owns most of the company’s shares in a collection of traditional energy sources. Marty started Heritage Sustainable, a wind energy company that wanted to make a big difference in the Midwest’s output of clean energy.

He started Mari Vineyards in 1999, a company that was influenced by his family’s past in the wine business. This was the start of a successful viticulture business.Marty may make one of the world’s most expensive wines one day at his farm. 

Marty Lagina

Starting a Vineyard 

Mari Vineyards started making money when they released their main bottle, Row 7, in 2006. They quickly became a major player in Michigan’s winemaking scene.Marty got into viticulture by studying how Alain Wertheimer did it. Wertheimer invested in many farms across Europe and made award-winning wines.

In 1965, he and his brother Rick Lagina read a story in “Reader’s Digest” that got them interested in buried wealth. Marty had the technical knowledge and skills he needed to go treasure digging because he had worked as an engineer before.

Because Lagina had been interested in the Oak Island mystery for a long time, he looked into the idea of buying a business on the island to find out what was going on.

He became involved in the Oak Island dig and finally bought stock in a business, joining forces with Dan Blankenship, another treasure hunter.

Marty Lagina

Putting Money Into Oak Island Tours

Treasure digging costs a lot of money, and in April 2006, Rick Lagina and his brother Marty bought a 50% stake in Oak Island Tours. David Tobias sold this business to Marty and Rick, but  the price they paid for him was never made public. Dan Blankenship owns the last 50% of the company.

He is also involved with The Michigan Group, a different business. Lot 25 was sold by David Tobias to the Michigan Group for $230,000 the year before. The Michigan Group was also looking for wealth.

While that was going on, Marty was given a treasure trove license by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Tourism, Culture, and Heritage. In light of this, Marty chose to record his tour of Oak Island for a reality TV show called “The Curse of Oak Island.”

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Dealing with the History Channel

A deal was made with the History Channel, and some geology, history, and building experts joined the search. The Lagina brothers’ quest became known to a lot more people when they were on the History Channel show”The Curse of Oak Island.”In Oak Island, Marty was in charge of coordinating and overseeing day-to-day activities.

Marty Lagina

He chose where and when to dig.People became more interested in the Oak Island project and Marty’s use of high-tech tools and equipment to help with the exploration because the show was so famous. Marty was able to precisely manage the digs with the help of high-tech tools that he had used in the oil and gas business.

Like Elon Musk, Marty Lagina has solved difficult exploration problems by thinking outside the box, using his engineering skills, and learning about the drilling business.

Working together with historians and archaeologistsLagina probably worked with other experts, like archaeologists or historians, to figure out what the finds meant and how to dig them up.

As work on the project went on, the Lagina brothers’ work on Oak Island made people much more interested in treasure digging. The fact that the show is still going strong (it’s in its seventh season now) shows how good Lagina is at making long-lasting material that keeps viewers interested and keeps the business profitable.   

Heritage Sustainable, his company, is building 60 wind turbines in Missaukee, Michigan, to help the use of clean energy grow. With the help of energy companies like Marty’s, Michigan might become one of the wealthiest places in the US. 

Marty has worked as a treasure hunter, an entrepreneur, and a TV figure. His career path shows how energetic, skilled, and determined he is to follow his dreams.


Michigan is where Marty Lagina has lived most of his life, and he has always loved wine. He likes to write about wine, like grapes and wineries, when he’s not shooting “Oak Island.” 

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