Tony Bellew Net Worth 2024: How Rich He Is Now?

In the ring of Pro Boxing Tony Bellew is a very familiar name. The British boxer has also come up in the news by his appearance in one sports drama titled “Creed” released 2015. His massive punches earned him a name and the world of boxing knows him as Bomber. Tony has earned huge wealth along with his popularity.

Early Life

Anthony Lewis Bellew is the birth name of Tony Bellew. He was born on 30th November 1982 in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. He was born to a mother who was black by her race. He is known to come from a mixed ancestral descent.

He is an Afro-American-Indian from her mother’s side and according to the descent of her father’s side, he belongs to an Irish descent. He has been brought up in the city of Liverpool and through his interviews, it is known that he is in love with the city Liverpool.

He was interested in boxing from his early childhood days and this made him go for training in the heavyweight segment that made him win several championships later in his life. He never knew that he would proceed with boxing as his career. Bellew’s mother was not at all interested in boxing and never wanted that her son would earn by fighting. She was quite worried about his health condition. His mother thought that Bellew found out some of the alternative ways to get dropped out of school.

Bellew was a born champion as he used to serve as a boxer at night at Rotunda Gym. This made him gain immense training and ultimately win the national championship in the amateur group. He never used to sit idle and knew the ways to earn money.

During daytime, he used to find some other alternative such as security bouncers. He even served as a lifeguard in a pillow factory. But days passed by and the boxer went for debut championship and finally participated in the event of the pro boxer in the year 2007.

He successfully defeated Jamie Amber in the 2nd round. In the year 2008, he went for defeating all his boxing opponents and came up with the record point of 8-0. The scoreboard claimed that it was quite a successful effort taken by a young and potential boxer like Bellew.

How Much Wealth Does He Have?

According to source, the estimated net worth of Tony Bellew is $15 million as of 2024.

Real Estate Investment: Similar to numerous athletes, Bellew has ventured into the real estate market, earning a consistent income from rentals or realizing capital gains upon selling properties.

Business Ventures: Bellew’s net worth may also be influenced by his ownership or stakes in various businesses, although specific details remain undisclosed.

Endorsements and Sponsorships: His financial portfolio has been bolstered by endorsement contracts secured both during and subsequent to his boxing career.

Acting Endeavors: Bellew’s role in the film “Creed” not only compensated him as an actor but also broadened his international fame.

Sports Commentary: Leveraging his boxing acumen, Bellew has taken on roles as a commentator and analyst for boxing matches, opening up an additional revenue channel.

Public Engagements: Bellew’s net worth has been further augmented by earnings from paid public appearances and speaking opportunities.


Tony Bellew net worth

Tony career started with boxing at ABA (The Amateur Boxing Association). He was hardly twenty years of age when he achieved his first ABA title in the year 2003. He was successful in knocking out all his opponents. The boxers nickname is Bomber as his boxing style is very vigorous and aggressive. His wife ones pleaded him not to fight with David Haye as she knew that her husband would get badly wounded.

Bellew was almost busy for three long months filming for a popular movie titled “Creed” in the city of Philadelphia along with eminent personality Sylvester Stallone. He was even more excited because he went for co associating with Sly who was a legendary artist and possessed a great physical shape while the shooting for the film was going on. He had acted quite well in the Sports movie titled “Creed” portraying the character of “Pretty” Rick Conlan where he has shown enough of his talents.

In the year 2010, he has gone for fighting a match against the famous boxer Bob Ajisafe in the event Vacant Commonwealth and finally won the category of Light Heavyweight that was held in Liverpool.

But unfortunately, in that very same year, he lost several matches in which he participated by 2 consecutive knockouts.  Throughout his career, he had earned in total 29 wins against 2 losses. Out of the total number of 32 fights altogether he won 19 knockout matches and unfortunately lost one.  Bellew had won 10 matches in total by the effect of the decision and went for losing one more.

Some of the prominent titles like Vacant WBC Cruiser that was fought against Ilunga Makabu in the year 2016. In the year 2015, he went for boxing with Mateusz Masternak in the event organized by Vacant European Cruize. In the year 2014, he went for winning the title WBO international cruise Weight that was fought against Valery Brudov.

In the year 2009, the boxer came up with the scoreboard striking 12-0. That was a score by the boxer that was unbeatable constantly for a long time. This made him achieve the prestigious Commonwealth for the category of the Heavyweight title in the year 2010. That very year Bellew lost a match against the Bob Ajisafe after a long span of 3 years. In the year 2011, it was supposed that Bellew would make a fight with Nathan Cleverly under the category of a light heavyweight but never got a chance to win over the fight. The victory fell upon his opponent and he lost the gallant opportunity.

But soon in the year 2012, Bellew fought against the famous boxer Robert Bolonti and finally achieved the title WBC Silver title. In the year 2013, he went for fighting with Adonis Stevenson and was ranked in the 5th position. The fight was watched by many people and this earned Bellew a lot of fame and prosperity.

Dellew’s first heavyweight championship was with the eminent and able boxer named David Haye. He is also listed among the best known British boxer. But Bellew was successful enough to win the game and the victory fell upon him. The fight made him win about 4.2 million pounds. But the rate of Bellew’s participation decreased after the year 2017, as he underwent a severe surgery in hand. He had broken it while he was fighting with Haye.

But after recovery, the boxer took yet another attempt to fight with the legendary boxer once again. This was almost a challenge for Bellew, though his wife warned him not to go with such a fight. But he never thought about the consequences and went for fighting with him.

Unfortunately, the boxer was injured badly in his arms. In all total 29 knockouts, he went for losing 19. But still, the boxer is having the will to continue with boxing and is preparing himself for the next upcoming events.   

Personal Life

The boxer is having a very uncommon life that is worthy enough to be disclosed to all. He was in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Rachel, but never got married to her. The couple is proud parents of three children and they are living happily with their children in the city of Aughton situated in Lancashire. The couple knew each other since they were in school. They even studied together in college and finally decided to stay together. The couple has three beautiful kids who are named Cobey, Corey, and Carter.

Bellew is known to be a great fan of the legendary players like Mike Tyson and the famous Everton Football Club. Bellew from his childhood days dreamt of meeting Everton. He also had interest in soccer but was quite well built for playing that.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Anthony Lewis Bellew

Date of Birth: 30th November 1982.

Birth Place: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Age: 36 Years Old

Profession: Professional Boxer.

Height: 1.89 m.

Weight: 97 Kgs

Net Worth: $15 Million Dollars

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