Know BMX Rider Adam Lz Net Worth In 2024

The more Adam LZ talked about his love of cars, especially drifting, on his YouTube page, the more people knew about him online. Through his interesting vlogs, tutorials, and coverage of events, he has made a loyal following of car fans and aspiring riders.

Adam LZ’s videos are mostly about making and driving cool cars and showing off his experiences on different tracks. Adam LZ is also a Formula Drift driver and used to compete in BMX races. His work  is linked to names like @drift.hq, @lzmfg, and @thelzcompound.

Who is Adam LZ?

Adam LZ was born on May 5, 1995, in Woodbury, Connecticut, USA. His real name is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler. Adam LZ is an automotive YouTuber with a huge fan base thanks to his love of cars, lively attitude, and interesting videos.

Adam LZ

Adam LZ is a well-known figure in the community of car influencers. He has over 3.6 million subscribers and more than 900 million video views. A lot of people who like cars and are interested in automotive culture hang out on Adam LZ’s YouTube account.

His videos are mostly about making and driving cool cars and showing off his experiences on different tracks.

Adam LZ Net Worth

Sportskeeda Wiki says that Adam LZ has a net worth of about $2 million and is a famous American YouTuber, BMX rider, business owner, and racecar driver.

Adam LZ Career

Adam LZ became a YouTuber because he loved cars and wanted to share his adventures with other people. His movies usually have how-to guides, reviews of cars, and vlogs that show what he does on his adventures. He began his show in 2013 and quickly gained a loyal following.

His posts have changed over the years, and he’s grown his following on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has a lot of fans because he writes about famous subjects like locomotive adventures and engineering.

Adam LZ

Income Sources

Adam LZ makes money from a lot of different sources, which adds to his total net worth. His main way of making money is through his YouTube account. He makes money from ads on his videos, which are watched by a lot of people and have interesting material. Adam LZ also works with brands on sponsorships and relationships.

Some examples of these partnerships are promoting goods and taking part in events. Adam LZ has his own business called LZMFG, and it sells things like clothes, accessories, and things for cars. Adam also races Formula Drift cars for a living. 

He can make extra money by entering races and competitions winning prizes, getting sponsors, and getting advertising. Videos on YouTubeSocial Blade says that more than 5 million people have watched the station in the last month. 

Ad income brings in between $1.3k and $20.4k every month and between $15.3k and $245.1k every year. It’s been seen more than a billion times so far.   

Adam LZ

Other Sites for Social Media

Adam LZ is well-known outside of YouTube. His Instagram account has a lot of fans—more than 1.6 million people follow him. He’s also very active on Facebook, where more than a million people follow him. He promotes the videos on his channel by using these sites to reach a lot of people.

He can reach more people and share new knowledge about his love of cars because he is active on other platforms.

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Amount Spent

It is well known that Adam LZ has a huge collection of cars that just keeps getting bigger. He has talked about his collection of cars in several videos and shared details about almost all of them. The 2019 Porsche GT3 Rs, Toyota Supra, and Nissan GT-R are just a few of the cars in there.

Adam LZ also chose to sell some of his race-ready cars so that he could focus on making investments and getting ready for future races. His 2019 Ford F-350, C4 Corvette, Mazda FC RX7s, and 2020 MK5 Toyota Supra are among the cars that are for sale. However, the exact amount made from these sales has not been made public. 

Adam LZ


People don’t need cars or other vehicles in their daily lives, that much is clear. Adam used his love of cars and how important they are to him to make an interesting show that keeps people watching.    

He has become a very popular YouTuber thanks to his understanding and love of cars, as well as the skills and experience he gained in business school.   Now that he’s only 23, he has a huge following on social media, a huge net worth, and a way to share his interest.

Millions of people watch “Adam Lz” every day to learn more about cars and watch wild and exciting videos.Adam will keep getting better at both making money and making friends as long as he writes interesting posts regularly. 

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