Know BMX Rider Adam Lz Net Worth In 2024

Adam Lz is famous vlogger, YouTuber and BMX rider. He gained a huge popularity by posting videos of his riding on his own YouTube channel. He rides a BMX very fast making many stunts and also drifting. He created his own clothing line under name LZMFG and the products of this collection people can by on the official web site of this brand. Adam is in happy marriage with Nicole Frye who was his girlfriend for a long time. They got married in 2016.

More interesting details about occupation, career success and private life of Adam Lz you can read in the text below.

Early years

The full (born) name of Adam Lz is Adam Lizotte – Zeisler. He was born on May 5th 1995 in Woodbory, Connecticut, United States and he spent his childhood in a farmer town in Woodbory. He grew in a peaceful place for living where the most of inhabitants work on a cattle farms and agricultural estates.

There is not too much informations in the public about Adam’s family and his childhood but there is lot of news, reports and facts about his impressive career.

What is the Net worth of Adam Lz?

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of Adam Lz Is $3.5 million.

The cornerstone of Adam LZ’s earnings is his YouTube channel, launched in 2013 with a focus on BMX biking. As time passed, he expanded his content to encompass car reviews, vlogs, and how-to videos. His dynamic content and engaging persona have attracted more than 3 million subscribers and garnered over 500 million views, greatly enhancing his net worth.

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Instagram Account

As of now, he has over 1.6 Million followers on Instagram. Check out his latest post below.

How Did He Make His Career?

Adam is passionate BMX rider. He used to ride BMX till he was a boy and when he became teenager he realized that he love to learn others how to ride bycucle and to make stunts. In the beginning he creates videos of riding just for fun but his friends who watched his clips convinced him that he should post the tutorials on the YouTube. Because of that he decied to open his own YouTube channel in 2013. He started to post tutorials about riding a BMX which brought him for a short time big popularity.

Adam is idol of many boys and he enjoys a huge popularity in younger generations. It is interesting fact that Adam also was passionate wakeboard rider and in one period of time he wanted to participate in competition in this discipline but he gave up from this idea and he devoted to BMX riding. Many of his videos are recognized under titles which containes tag name “How to … etc.” and in this tutorials he is showing to audience how to make exciting stunts, barspins, tricks etc.  He posts different types (categories) of BMX driving videos such as BMX Webisodes, drift videos, 360s vloggs and similar themes. Adam’s most popular video on his channel are “Walmart Game of BIKE” which has even 7.5 millions of views. In this epic vlog Adam and Spenser Foresman are making different amazing tricks and drifts at Candyland Skatepark before the night comes out.

Second one most popular Adam’s video is under name “Scaring My Mom in Her Own Car”  which has 7.2 millions of views. In this video he prepare surprise for his mom on the Mother’s day. He wrote on mom’s sport’s car model Pontiac Solstice “#1MOM” and he asked her to let him to drive her in the car and she accepted the invitation but she repented quickly. Adam was driving very fast and also drifting which really scared her.

The third also very popular Adam’s vlog is known under name “Webisode 44-Canada” and it’s have 3.2 millions of views. In this video Adam is riding a BMX around the center of Torronto and he meet some of his fans. Although he is famous YouTuber and social media star Adam also wanted to continue his education and he enrolled business management with the focus on the entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida.

In June 2016 Adam became a partner of the “Xtreme Video Network”. They invested a lot of money ih his vlog and it paid off because Adam’s channel for a short period of time reached a huge number of followers and views. He also connected with famous YouTuber Tanner Fox and they create a video under name “Tanner and Taylor get a ride in the Shelby GT350” which have about 800.000 of views. His clothing line named LZMFG includes mostly sports clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts, caps and also parts for BMX. He runs his online store with his very good longtime friend James Harvey.

Let’s Get to Know About His Personal life

Adam was dating for a long time with Nicole Frye. They attended the same college and they met at a party on which also were their parents. They liked each other for the first time they met and very quickly they fall in love. Nicole is from Orlando and she is also popular vlogger and the relationship with Adam brought her a fame.

Nicole graduated Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida in spring 2016. In July 2016 Adam and Nicole got married. Adam posted a video of their wedding on his YouTube channel. On the wedding ceremony was more than 160 guests including the members of their families, close friends and relatives.

adam lz Net Worth

Adam and Nicole went to honeymoon in Europe and this travel was very exciting for them. They enjoyed in detours, learning new things and they spent a wonderful time together and having fun. Nicole often takes a part in Adam’s videos and she is also good in riding bike because she has three brothers who learned her to ride a bike and skateboard.

According to some media reports Nicole is older for one year than Adam. In his vloggs Adam is constantly saying to audience that is very important being safe while riding bike which includes that people in that case should have appropriate equipment such as helmet, shields for hands and legs etc. Bike riders also should take care that bike don’t have any glitch.Adam’s father works with disabled and he always emphasizes on big dangeour and risk of injuries for his son and other bike riders if they don’t have a helmet during riding.  His father was a world champion in waterskiing and he was really devoted to this sport discipline.

Quick summary

Full name: Adam Lizotte – Zeisler

Nickname: Adam Lz

Date of birth: May 5th 1995

Age:  24

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Birthplace: Woodbory, Connecticut, United States

Profession/Occupation: YouTuber, BMX rider

Net worth and salary: $3.5 million

Height: 178 cm (5 feet and 10 inches)

Weight: 70 kg

Marital status: married with Nicole Frye

Children: no children

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: white

Social media accounts:





Official web site of Adam’s clothing line LZMFG:


Entrepreneurial Ventures

Adam LZ isn’t just a YouTube personality and BMX rider; he’s also carved out a successful niche as an entrepreneur. His clothing brand, LZMFG, offers an array of merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. The revenue generated from his clothing line boosts his overall net worth.

Exquisite Car Collection

Known for his enviable collection of high-end cars, Adam LZ’s passion for automobiles shines through in his YouTube channel. He frequently showcases his vehicles and shares reviews, which highlights the significant value his car collection brings to his net worth.

Investments in Real Estate

Beyond entertainment and apparel, Adam LZ has ventured into real estate, holding several properties. His main home is a splendid residence in Florida, a common backdrop in his vlogs. The worth of his real estate holdings plays a significant role in amassing his net worth.

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