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Karina Garcia is a popular and beautiful YouTuber from California in United States who came to fame after a longer period of time.

She is sometimes reffered to as “The Slime Queen”, which made her laugh a lot. People used to make fun of her for making kids content, but she ended up getting a lot of money for it and she was the last one to laugh.

She is also a very persistent vlogger whose career rose thanks to her DIY videos and life hacks videos.

Slimes became one of her most popular video topics, and the videos about slime are highly viewed, especially by teens. It became so popular that she wrote two books about how to make and use slime.

Early years

She was born as Karina Garcia on February 8, 1994 in a state called California in United States of America.

She was raised in the company of her twin sister Mayra, with whom was Karina highly connected, and who also became successful in Youtube. Karina also has a brother.

There aren’t any precise informations abiut her parents and her family so we can not share a lot of informations about her.

We know that Karina has lived with seven other members of her family in a home with two bedrooms.

At one period of life, when she was on college, she was a waitress in her brother’s place to earn money. She didn’t want to do this, but she didn’t really have a choice.

Karina was present on YouTube for quite a while but never with much success but at the beginning she didn’t really try to make herself a star.

It was only when she started making interesting make-up tutorial videos and some DIY hacks videos that she started gaining some serious viewers.

Karina has a sister Mayra Isabwl who alao succeeded in the same a Youtuber. Karina got widely known after releasing a video called “DIY Flubber Soap!”.

The video gained over a million views and was the starting video of her career.  Karina is very talentes in producing videos: she has gained over 2 million subscribers on her channel because of her interesting and simole videos.

Career development

Karina has joined the world of YouTubers in October 2012 but her success didn’t come overnight. She had to work hard and be persistant until she found what works best.

Karinas channel is called “The Karina Bear” and she vloggs on it on a daily basis. Her fans can get to know her there and that’s what matters to her.

Karina and Mayra Isabel are twin sisters who became popular due to their interesting videos but helped with the fact that they are twins. They became very dedicated to their work on their channels and never missed a day online.

Why is Karina especially popular? She tries not to be boring so her vlogs and posts get her fans interested in what she is doing.

She also makes squishies and bath bombs which she also released in the collaboration with a known company named Craft City.

Karina had a lot of experience in making hacks because she has spent her childhood with her sister Mayra and they were both interested in doing hacks and trying out new things and make-up.

Karina today has over eight millions subscribers on the “TheKarinaBear” channel. It was a really big success.

Although the channel was created in 2012, it was in 2015 that she started uploading videos. Her first video she aired was “Easy DIY Lipsticks!” And it came out in February 2015.

It is known that her most viewed video is the one named “DIY Nailpolish Lipstick!”

In 2017, she decided to release her first book which was titled “Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime” which was a big success and could be bought on Amazon Website.

Due to her popularity she has started her collaboration with several brands such as Craft City and Google.

Her Craft City Lines can be bought in Target stores but in several other stores too.

Karina earns a lot of money being sponsored by several big companies such as Carousell, Audible, Best Fiends and others.

Her second book is called “Karina Garcia’s Must Try DIYs”. You can learn all about her 20 DIY projects she has described in her book.

In 2018, she also appeared in a TV show for the first time, as a guest of “Home & Family” talk show.

Karina always laughs when someone tells her that she has bought a house “from slime”. She thinks it was pure luck.

She often emphasizes how slime is not what it used to be and often smells great, like cookies and ice-cream.

Karina collaborated with a lot of other known Youtubers such as Tiana from “Toys & Me”, with Collins Kei from “Collins Kei” Youtube channel.

One of her favorite collaborations was the one with Wengie from “Wengie” channel who made a video named “Mystery Slime Baloon Challenge”.

Personal life

In November 2012, Karina began her relationship with Raul Aguilar. In 2015, she decided to introduce him to her fans which they liked so much. She made a video tributed to their 3rd anniversary and shared it with her fans which made them super happy.

In 2018, Karina became engaged to her boyfriend Raul.

Raul helps her in work and making videos and he opened his own slime shop.

After she started earning a lot of money she bought her own house, where she still lives with her parents.

Her parents retired after that since she has explained to them that she will take care of them.

She likes to travel and wants to go to Bora Bora very often.

If you want to know some interestjng facts about Karina you must knie that her favorite dessert is ice-cream and that her favorite color is pink.

Karina likes to meet with her fans so she started arranging meeting with them. They were calles “Meet & Great”.

Quick summary

Full name: Karina Garcia

Date of birth: February 8, 1994

Birthplace: California, United States

Age: 25

Profession: Youtuber, author,

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 69 kgs

Net Worth: $1,5 million

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