DJ Akademiks Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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Livingston Allen that goes by his more famous name DJ Akademiks is a YouTuber whose channel is popular due to his humour. He likes being satirical and ironic in his videos.

He is a rapper of Jamaican and American origin s he brought parts of his Jamaican origin into his music.

His YouTube channel is mostly about popular and new events from the entertainment industry and it also contains his music.

Early years

Livingston Allen was born in a place named Spanish Town located in Jamaica on May 17th in 1991.

After 10 years of living there, his family decided to move to the United States. They settled in New Jersey and they have been there since.

His parents decided to move in order to receive a chance in getting better paid jobs and enabling their kids a chance in college.

When Livingston first came to New Jersey he was quite shy because he wanted to blend in.

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He always did his best to fit in and, although he had some weird habits, he did find friends over time.

That is why he never didn’t want to be in the center of attention due to the fact that he is a foreigner.

He always felt that the attention he was getting was racist and that he is being a joke to others. He blended in through his talent as a disk jockey (DJ) and his love for hip-hop.

He went to the school in New Jersey and after he graduated high school he attended Rutgers University.

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At Rutgers University Livingston got his degree in a part of biomathematics. He got a degree in Math Finance and so he showed that he could do anything he wanted.

When he was in college, he was working as a DJ for the Rutgers University. They had their own radio station and he was very popular on air. He was very well liked and all could see his enthusiasm regarding music.

His family wasn’t wealthy so Allen had to support himself throughout his college years. He was working as a DJ in the clubs and was also often invited to do so at the barbecues which gave him a steady income.

This wasn’t a problem for him because he loved music and it was a great way to earn money. His parents were very happy that their son was so responsible and hardworking but he wasn’t thinking of it as a job.

Allen was known by his DJ name which was “Late Night Creep” because he was always working at the club at night. It was very memorable so everyone soon knew about him.

DJ Akademiks decided that he will open a YouTube channel because he learned how everyone is interested in the music and entertainment world and what’s happening in it.

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On this channel he let his viewers know the newest gossip in the industry which people loved a lot. He has made it very entertaining and funny and people soon got involved in it.

Career development

In 2014 DJ Akademiks got a lot of attention and it was an important year for him. It was the year when his name reached a wider audience.

He got all this attention because he was starting to talko about the Chicago rapp scene in his videos and all the drama involved with them and he also talked about their music.

This kind of videos got everyone involved with rapp very interested. The rappers from Chicago as well as their fans were interested in this videos and it started spinning around.

Livingston started a debate show in 2017 called “Everyday Struggle”. It was shown on Complex News YouTube channel and is still very popular.

It was hosted by Joe Budden and Nadeska Alexis also. Joe Budden is a part of a known hip hop group called “Slaughterhouse” and him and Allen are great friends.

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Joe Budden was involved in a lot of controversy but DJ Akademiks never let that spoil their good friendship. He wanted to stay friends, but was smart enough not to get involved into any trouble. He stayed neutral through time.

Allen had a lot of channels on which he posted videos and vlogged on. Some of them are “The Negrotiator”, “The War In Chiraq” ,“LateNightCreepVids” and “King Akademiks”. These were very popular.

The “Everyday Struggle” was a really satirical show and it bothered some of the rappers mentioned in it. They were offended by his work and confrontational with him.

DJ Akademiks often gets in to argument with the people that comment on his channel, no matter if they are famous or unknown.

A Chicagan rapper called Vic Mensa accused DJ Akademiks of using murderers that happened in Chicago to his advantage and DJ Akademiks often speaks about this accusation.

DJ doesn’t think it’s a problem because he thinks that he is only telling the truth and that shouldn’t be hidden.

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DJ Akademiks was also in sipute with other music artists. Some of them were Soulja Boy and Meek Mill. He was even involved in dram with a super popular rapper Young Thug, an Atlanta’s protege of Gucci Mane.

He also got invovled in argument with a hip hop group named The Migos at the BET Awards they went to. They had some issues with his good friend Joe Budden and he had to get involved.

Although Allen is in great ralations with Joe Budden and co-hosts with him some of DJ Akademiks’ fans think that Budden often makes Allen look like he doesn’t matter in the show which makes them angry.

DJ Akademiks got a weird nickname on the internet and it is “Negrotiator”. Some people call him only AK (shorter for Akademiks). Negrotiator became a very recognizable name.

Allen has hiw own web page called Late Night This website has a huge amount of visits which means a lot to him, just like to any other rising artists in this industry.

He has more than 2 million followers on his Instagram account (@akadmiks). He also has more than 2 million followers on his YouTube channel where some of his videos gained an enormous number of views.

When he’s making music DJ Akademiks goes by the name Lil AK. He released his EP called ‘Clout Chaser’ in 2018.  It consists of 4 songs, ‘Chug Jug’, ‘Durag’, ‘Celina’ and ‘Super Lit’.

Personal life

DJ Akademiks chooses not to talk about his private life on the internet. He wants to keep it private because he knows that everything can be taken advantage of once you are famous and that really bothers him.

We know that he was in a relationship with a Youtuber called Angelica Gxg but they split in 2018 after she accused him of cheating and a lot of other allegations.

In one of his video DJ Akademiks stated that he might be doing some jail time.  It was supposed to be five to ten years.

It was rumoured that he was stopped by the police because he had a broken carlight and the police found his illegal weapons along with alcohol in their car.

Most of his fans thought it was a lie but some people believed the rumors. It is easy to place a rumor today but it can make a big problem in people’s lives.

A lot of people started tweeting #freeAK to support him. This was a really important thing for him and he felt truly loved by his fans.

Because he was so private about his life some people assumed he was gay, but after some time he started posting videos and photos with his girlfriend which shut down all the rumours. His girlfriend appeared on his Youtube channel a lot.

DJ Akademiks stated that Charlamagne Da God is one of his biggest role models. DJ said that he took a lot of things from other artists and created his own channel that way, he learned by looking at other famous people.

DJ Akademiks always had issues with his weight but in the past few years he lost quite a bit of it so some portals posted this news.

He is still pretty overweight but is most definitely healthier. His fanbase doesn’t care about his weight because they don’t follow him for looks, but they want to make sure that he is healthy so he can make more songs.

He talks a lot about the fact that he is struggling with his weight and, although he does not want to seem like he is too upset about it, it is a problem for him. He changed a bit and that left a positive impact on his life.

People think that his girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) was the reason for him to get healthier because she made him think about his looks and his state a bit more.

He has over 2 million followers on his Instagram channel which he uses as a great platform for his videos.

He especially likes Nicki Minaj and often invites her to make a film with him so tgey could post it on their accounts.

Quick summary

Full name: Livingston Allen

Date of birth: May 17, 1991

Birthplace: Spanish Town, Jamaica

Age: 28

Profession: YouTuber, comedian, actor, prankster

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $600,000

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