Alice Fredenham Net Worth 2024: Earnings and Investments!

Alice Fredenham is a British singer known for her performances on popular show called “Britain’s Got Talent” which is one of the most popular shows in UK. Her performance was viewed in millions but there was a controversy about it. Some people stated that she had faked her stage-freight in order to get sympathy.

They supported their statements with a video of her performance on “The Voice”, where she had no freight and looked very confident.

Early years

Alice Fredenham was born in Harpenden, in United Kingdom in 1985. This can be proved by her social background, growing up in typical British family that stuck together.

From 1997 to 2001 Alice attended St Albans Girls School. She said that her education was great but he could never find herself in science or similar because she was more an artistic soul.

That is why she joined a choir at school.

She used to work as a beauty therapist and she sang on parties and weddings. This was her way to practice her vocal abilities and earn extra income. People also liked her because she seemed a bit shy snd because she loved old evergreen music.

From a young age she was very passionate towards singing, which was the reason she didn’t proceed further education and focused on her career as a singer. She said that the school only brought her back by taking away her precious time.

How Much Wealth Does She Have?

According to source, As of 2024, Alice Fredenham boasts a net worth of approximately 1.5 million, accumulated through her earnings from singing, brand endorsements, and various business deals. She owns a residence in Harpenden, UK, which serves as her base between frequent relocations for her singing projects and concerts.

YouTube Channel And Investments

Alice operates a thriving YouTube channel, sharing her original music videos and renditions of well-known tracks. With a solid subscriber base, the advertising revenue from her channel plays a significant role in boosting her net worth.

Alice, following the footsteps of numerous celebrities, has smartly allocated her earnings into investments. Her ventures into real estate and other areas have notably augmented her financial standing.

Instagram Account

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Career development

She auditioned for TV show “The Voice” but haven’t got past auditions which made her really sad and she felt like Britain’s Got Talent was her only chance.

The rejection from The Voice was a very big punch on her confidence and she stated that she was crying in bed days after the show. She had to rethink about her decision and therefore she needed time to get ready for a new challenge.

Her boyfriend talked her into joining “Britain’s got Talent” very soon after her fijasco with “The Voice”. He was convinced that she would be more successful this time.

In 2013, she gave audition on TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” with song titled My Funny Valentine. All the judges were shocked by her good performance. They really felt like she had the talent.

The judges in that season were Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams.

Simon Cowell described her as being like “liquid gold” because he was impressed by her singing. This is very rare for Simon is not often impressed by one’s singing skills, especially on the show where he tends to be very grumpy.

Video from this audition went viral on the internet and got 38 million views on YouTube. Everybody liked her shy performance and her “jazz” voice.

Alice didn’t go past semi-final, but she grew a huge and fanatic fan base through her social media account which was later seen when she collected money for her album.

She messed semi-finals performance herself, because she was too nervous and she missed her lines of “Cry me a River”.

She even bursted in the tears when she came to the backstage after this event. Media often talks about this and she doesn’t like to recall the moment.

In 2015, she was going to sign a contract with Sony (to complete a short demo deal they made earlier), but Sony didn’t proceed with their offer and withdrew the offer for releasing her first album. Sadly, she hasn’t really got another deal like this.

She was very dissapointed with their decision due to the fact that she thought it was a done deal.

She raised about £40 thousand to fund her debut album using Kickstarter website (her fans supported her). She said that she was very thankful that her fans stuck around with her during her career.

In 2017, Alice released her first album called “Under the Covers”. In this album, she made covers of classic tracks with her own twist on it.

“Under the Covers”  album was made and recorded at Real World and later released by Cherry Red Records. It contains singles such as “Wishing on a Star”, “Bluebird” and “Coconut Grove”.

She invited a known musician Theo Travis, a famous British flutist and a saxophone player, who gave his touch to her songs.

Personal life

She has a house in Harpenden, a town in Hartfordshire (United Kingdom). She loves UK for she had grew up in it.

Alice is romantically involved with Joe Lenzie and she feels great in this relationship because she feels that he supports her and is proud of her.

Joe Lenzie is one of the famous men of Sigma, a innovative new music producer duo. Maybe there is chance for a future collaboration.

He evidentelly helped her with her confidence and he always tells her that he is very proud of her.

Alice doesn’t have confidence and she blames her ex-boyfriends for it. She had some really rough relationships, but she is happy now with Joe.

She still lives with her parents in their $1 million dollar home although she is in a serious relationship.

It seems like she is not ready to commit because she was hurt in the past many time by her partners.

She never had any musical education and she never took singing lessons. Maybe this is a reason why she didn’t have self-confidence because she thought the judges will see that she has no real musical background.

Quick summary

Full name: Alice Fredenham

Date of birth: 1985

Birthplace:  Harpenden, United Kingdom

Age: 33

Profession: beauty therapist, amateur singer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: 1.5 Million

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