Blac Youngsta Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki

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If you call him by the original birth name Sammie Marquez Benson, perhaps his fans and the world may not know about whom you are talking. But if you call him by the stage name Blac Youngsta the fans and followers would erupt in joy.

The hip-hop artist had already given some fantastic tracks to relish. The list of his songs includes ‘Booty’, ‘Hip Hopper’, ‘Drug Lord’, ‘I got something to say’, ‘Shake Sum’ and more.

His popularity would really make anyone astonish as he has already drawn over 2 million followers on his personal internet profile of Instagram. His superb albums had earned him a huge reputation as one of the most outstanding rappers of his time. ‘Young and Reckless’ and ‘I Swear to God’ had really satisfied the innumerable listeners all over wherever people love raps. ‘Heavy’ which has been released in 2014 has brought him enviable fame nationwide.

From then he is just trying his level best to fulfill the demands of the music world. He had already worked with ‘Mogul Management’, ‘Play Too Much Entertainment’ and ‘916% Entertainment’.

Starting was not so easy and while growing under the guidance of grandparents had to earn early to eat properly. Nothing comes easy. Youngsta is definitely one of the best examples who can show the world how to raise high instead of odds. There is no point cursing the fate and wondering in misdeeds which is very common in average teenagers. For them, Youngsta is an inspiring and encouraging personality.

He had really shown that if there is will there is a way. The man not educated and raised in the most inappropriate atmosphere had not only earned popularity and fame. But with it, he had accumulated a hefty net worth.

He still has a long way to go but already had gathered more than $2 million dollars as his estimated net worth. It is worth mentioning that this popular rapper is the owner of a mansion in Los Angeles which cost over $30million dollar. What is more noteworthy is that he had not forgotten the contribution of his grandmother in his life. He bought one house for his granny.

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Early Life

Blac Youngsta was born as Sammie Marquez Benson. The young handsome rapper who has just turned 28 was born on 8th April 1990 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America. We never know anything about his father and mother.

We also do not have any idea why and how he along with his brother reached to their grandparents. It can be easily understood that how this young boy and with his brother has been raised in the childhood. It can be stated that this rich singer of today has grown up without proper and enough food even. The question of education does not arise at all.

His grandfather was rather forced to do various odd jobs. But still, his grandma was failing to manage life as required.

Along with the financial crisis the grandparents were also very much bothered for Youngsta and his brothers because of the notorious locality. McMillan is really very infamous for its notorious atmosphere.

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The young Youngsta could have chosen the wrong path. But instead of the high temptation of teenage, he took the responsibility of supporting the family. To help his grandparents he started working at a grocery market in the locality.

Actually is not the question of money but more severe just food for which the young Youngsta started the job. The hunger persuaded him to put fake pick-up orders at the store. When at the end of the day no one came for the ordered food he took the food. But he was caught soon and lost the job at the store.

Eventually as expected he joined a narcotic group to earn some money. Though some link with the unsocial activity was there in the twenties, he started finding interest in music. Simultaneously his unsocial activities were also there and as expected he was caught for unlicensed drugs and weapons. On various occasion, he was arrested and was behind the bars. The passed the longest time in prison when he was imprisoned for a year.

Quite surprisingly in contrast to other prisoners, he started rapping in the prison. Interest grew each day and soon he realized that with little more effort he can build a career in rapping. He started singing ‘Bills Bills Bills’ of Destiny Child and many other famous tracks of eminent singers. Gradually suggestions started coming in for rapping career.


In 2012 with the release of his first mixtape titled ‘Fast Brick’ he began his musical career. The first release was not easy and it took many hours in the studio to reach a satisfactory recording. The self-released mixtape earned the rapper near about $50 thousand dollars which are enough to encourage the rapper to proceed with his raps. A few months later in the same year in April he came out with his second mixtape based on the first released and titled as ‘Fast Bricks 2’. DJ Yung Rich hosted the production and added more tracks to the original compositions. The world saw a real promise in his second release.

After the two successful releases, Youngsta went into the deal with Empire. On 1st July 2014, he released his third mixtape tilted ‘Fast Bricks 3’. The release included more than 20 beats. This includes Baby Momma, Glocs and Nines, Plot on Me, Money Baby and Love My City. One of the tracks titled “Ain’t Sparrin’” was uploaded online. This third release also made him richer by some good sale. He was then spotted by YoGotti. In 2014 Youngsta release his debut single titled ‘Heavy’. The single was widely accepted by the audience.

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The next endeavor of the rapper has come up in the form of another mixtape on 24th September 2015. The mixtape was titled as ‘I Swear to God’. The mixtape was enriched by seventeen outstanding tracks and some supreme featuring of BoosieBadazz and YoGatti. Some of the memorable tracks of the mixtape are ‘I Remember’, ‘Swear to God’, ‘All these Bitches wants me’, ‘Whole Life’, ‘One Bedroom House’ and ‘Away from Me’. The success of the mixtape can be illustrated by giving some figures as by 2017 the mixtape has been streamed over 234,000 times.

Furthermore, it has been downloaded online over 66 thousand times. As reported the release has made Youngsta richer by $62,000 dollars.

By now he is an established artist in the pop world. The next outstanding release came in the form of ‘Young and Restless’ in 2016. The release was made available through digital downloads. It included some of his previous works. The production has been enriched by the outstanding featuring of Tay Keith, Greedy Money, Dondre Marley Keys, Tayerrific, Cheese Beats and some more. The mixtape has been streamed more than 450,000 times only on Datpiff. The yield from the successful release was almost $40,000.

On 8th September 2016, the rapper released another mixtape titled rather coarsely as ‘F*ck Everybody’. This was his second release of the year. The mixtape has the featuring of YFN Lucci, Quavo, Jacquees and Young Thug. The mixtape consisted of 15 tracks which included ‘Youngsta’, ‘School’, ‘Ask for it’, ‘Hustle for Mine’, ‘Gun on me’ and more. The responsibility of production was handed by Dun Deal, Zaytoven, Cassius Jay and London on da track. The release has a mixed reaction from the world of music.

The rapper has not restricted him in the release of mixtapes alone rather he had also come out with some fabulous singles during these years. In 2016 with the featuring of Rich HomieQuan he released a single titled ‘Beat It’. He went on to a release of YoGatti ‘Wait for it’ as a featuring artist. Over these years Youngsta has made guest appearances for many prominent personalities of the rap world. Some of the major contributions as a guest include Snootie’s ‘Problems’ and WalkaFlocka Flame’s ‘Get Whacked’. He had also contributed to the works of Gutta Child, Yung T, and Migos.

Apart from the released Youngsta earns handsomely from several live performances across the country. In 2016 he was seen in more than 20 concerts. His internet official profile is also contributing financially along with his popularity.

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Advertisement between the music tracks had gathered approximately 50 thousand followers which actually enrich him monetarily. Very recently the rapper has fallen in trouble with the shooting incident of Young Dolph. This had definitely badly affected his earnings otherwise he could have managed some more dollars in last two years.

Personal Life

Youngsta does not like to disclose his personal matters to the public. Some time ago a rumor has spread out that he is keeping relation with some transgender named Bell Williams. The rumor later appeared to be true as Bell posted their photos on the Facebook. He has a big mansion in Los Angeles which costs him more than $30 million dollars. The virtual tour of the prestigious possession was uploaded onto YouTube.

He got one Lamborghini but unfortunately, it was stolen. In May 2017 along with two companions Youngsta had surrendered to police regarding a shooting incident in February. Luckily the victim Young Dolph escaped death or any injury as his Charlotte is protected by the bulletproof glass. He was charged with felony conspiracy and firearm discharging.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Sammie Marquez Benson

Date of Birth: 8th April 1990

Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America

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Age: 28 Years Old

Profession: Rapper and Hip Hop artist

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 175 cm

Weight: 76 Kg / 168 lbs

Net Worth: $2 Million

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