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Brittanya Razavi is an American social media and porn star, model, actress. She have more than 12 million followers on her Instagram profile and she also have her own clothing line called 187 Avenue.

She is co-owner of the company “187 Avenue inc” where she sells clothes for different target groups (men, women, kids) and also accessories such as phone cases, hats etc. Her products people can buy in more than 500 stores of her brand all over the world or on her official web site.

In 2017 Brittanya’s net worth is estimated on $6 milion on Forbs list and in the last year it was even $10 million.

Brittanya also earns money by selling her videos on the specialized web sites.

She had a very difficult childhood because her father went to jail when she was 15 years old and her mother had to raised up kids alone so Brittanya started to work as a teenage girl.

She became very popular after participations in TV reality shows “Rock of love bus” and “Charm School”. She attracted the huge attention of people and media by taking a rolles ih these shows. She reached more than 10 million of followers on the Instagram and just in eight months she was posing for the covers of many magazines.

Nowdays Brittanya is in the happy marriage Lucky Moe Razavi. They have two sons, Cash King and Legend.

More about career and personal life of Brittanya Razavi you can read in the text below.

Early years

Brittanya was born on July 7th 1985 in Oxnard, in California. Her born (initial) name is Brittanya O’Campo. She have Mexican origin and she is the youngest child of five children in her family.

She has the older sister Tiffany O’Campo who is also bussines woman and four brothers about which there is not any information in public.

Brittanya was growing up in family of good material status although her parents was poor in the begging and she had to shared room with her siblings when they were kids. Unfortunately her father had gone to prison because of criminal acts when she was 15 years old and from that time everything had change ih her life.

Her mother had to raised up children alone without help of anyone else so Brittanya also began to work when they moved out.

She keeps her early private life from public but it is known that she got pregnant soon after her father went to jail. She has had her fist child only with 16 years but that child raise up her grandfather. The name of  her first son is Romeo and he is spending a part of the year with his father (Brittanya’s ex boyfriend) but mostly time he is with her grandparents.

Career development

Brittanya Razavi attract the attention on her social media profiles because of constantly posting photos and videos. Big popularity brings her a great offer and opportinuty to perform in TV and reality show “Rock of love bus” which was based on getting symphaties Brett Michael, the front man od the famous music band “Poison”.

She came in the final of this show but she was eliminated because she wants to hit some of participants even though she was successful in seducting Brett Michael.

Than she get a chance to perform in another reality show named “Charm School”. The aim of this VH1 spin-off show was turning the most aggressive and crazy women from reality shows into real ladies. She was fourth place in this TV show.  In 2010 she get a nickname: Black Widow of VH1 channel.  After a taking a part in these TV shows she gained over than 10 million fans and followers on her Instagram profile and her career was developing very quickly. Many brands and companies offered her a collaboration in a commercials campaigns on her social networks accounts.

She also take a short participation in TV show “Love Money Show” but she already became famous by performing in “Rock of love bus” and “Charm School”.

She started to getting offers from many magazines to take photo shoots for their covers. In just eight months she was posing for Rebel Ink, MMA Sports magazine, Spire Magazine, Savage Tattoo, Tattoo Energy and some others magazines.  Nowdays Brittanya earns money by promoting different products of well known brands on her social media profiles. Many of her posts are sponsored.

Besides that, she created her own clothing line called 187 Avenue and she is also co-owner of online store “187 Avenue inc” where she sells her products and accessories.   Her company is big and she have offices and even 500 stores all over the world. “187 Avenue inc” isn’t based only on clothes. The products of this company is also phone cases and baby line things.  She have a few clothes collections for adult persons such as plus size woman clothes, T-Shirts, sport’s jerseys and jackets for men, shoes, hats etc.

The T-Shirts and jackets for men have very interesting printed drawings of Indians, clowns, skeletons, unusuall creatures etc.  And that’s not all. She is even the co-author of the book named “Millionaire Self  Talk” and she is owner of a web site where people paying to watch her private video clips called Britanya TV. Brittanya is also a porn star. She is acting in adult movies which people can see on the web site PornHub.  On Forbs list her earnings, net worth, is estimated on 6 millions dollars in 2017, and in last year her profit was even 10 millions dollars.   Personal life

Before her participating in reality shows, in 2008,  Brittanya spent six months ih jail because she attacked a woman with a pimp chalice.

Before her marriage with Lucky Moe Razavi she shortly dated with Nico Vaquez.

Brittanya Razavi have two sons with her husband Lucky Moe Razavi who came from Iran. She was putting an effort to raised up her children well and she is very successful in it . Brittanya and her husband are in harmonius marriage and they are good parents to their kids who have Mexican and Persians descent.

Brittanya lives with her family in Murrieta, California, in a big and luxury house with a huge yard.

Her first son in marriage with Lucky Moe Razavi is born in 2011 and his name is Cash King. They named their second son Legend.

It’s a interesting fact that her sons also have their own Instagram account with more than 30 thousands of followers. She runs their profile and promotes her baby and kids clothing line by advertisement’s posts.

Britannya and Moe Razavi adores tattooes which they have all over their bodies.

She first tattooed when she have eleven years and she continue to tattoed later. Some of  her tattooes are intended to her husband and children and they have special meaning to her while others doesn’t have any meaning, they are just decorations on her body.

Moe Razavi tattooed the Britannya’s portrait on the top of his head.

Britannya also likes to experiment with her colour of hair and she often dies her hair in blonde or in red mostly. The natural colour of her hair is dark brown, almost black.

She posts on her Instagram profile very explicite and almost naked photos on which followers can see her tattooes, lush breasts and sexy round body. She have hazel eyes.

Net worth

Brittanya Razavi earns per year about $800.000

Her estimated net worth in 2017 is $6 million and in in 2018 it’s $10 million

Quick summary

Full name: Brittanya Razavi also known as Brittanya O’Campo which is her born (initial) name.

Also people recognized her under the name Brittanya McCall Razavi.

Date of birth: July 7th 1985

Age: currently 34

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Birthplace: Oxnard, California, United States

Profession: Socail media star and influencer, model, TV and reality star, actress in adult movies.

Net worth and salary: annual salary about $800.000

Estimated net worth in 2017: $6 million

Estimated net worth in 2018: $10 million

Height: 158/159 cm (5.2/5.3 feet)

Weight: 55/56 kg (121 pounds)

Body Measurement: 36-25-38

Marital status: in a marriage with Lucky Moe Razavi

Children: two sons with her husband and one son who lives with her grandparents.

Residence: Murrieta, California

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Origin: Mexican

Ethnicity: white

Social media accounts and web site:




Offical web site:


“Dysfuntcional friends” (2012)

TV show “Charm School” with Ricki Lake (2009)

Reality show “Rock of Love” with Bret Michaels, the front man of the music band “Poison”


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