David Jeremiah Net Worth 2024: Know the Wealth of a Famous Pastor

Reports say that David Paul Jeremiah was born in Toledo, Ohio. He is a founding member of Turning Point for God and the senior leader of Shadow Mountain Community Church. They had four kids together. His name was James Jeremiah.

David and his family moved to Dayton, Ohio, where his dad, James T. Jeremiah, was the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church while he was a kid. In 1953, his dad became head of Cedarville College, which is now Cedarville University. That’s when they moved to Cedarville, Ohio.

David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah Net Worth in 2024

In the United States, David Jeremiah wrote books and led churches. Celebrity Net Worth says that he is worth $50 million. A man named David Jeremiah was born in Ohio in February 1941. The main leader of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, is him.

Jeremiah also started the radio and TV ministry Turning Point. Following his graduation from Cedarville University, he went on to earn his master’s degree at Dallas Theological Seminary. His name changed to senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church in 1981, and he led the church to join the Southern Baptist Convention.

He started Turning Point Ministries in 1982 and has won awards for the Turning Point show, which can be seen on more than 2,000  TV stations around the world and heard by more than 480 million people on the radio.

A nine-time New York Times Best- Selling author, David Jeremiah has written more than 50 books, such as Prayer: The Greatest Adventure and My Heart’s Desire. He is a member of President Trump’s religious advisory board. 

David Jeremiah Achievement

Aside from his love for sharing the gospel and teaching people about the Bible, David Jeremiah is a well-known author. Since then, his writing has won him a lot of praise, and some of his books have become bestsellers in big newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 

David Jeremiah

The awards from Publishers Weekly, USA Today, two Gold Medallion Awards, and the ECPA Medallion of Excellence Award made his image as a successful writer even stronger. 

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About the book

More than 50 books have been written by Dr. David Jeremiah. They are about many things, like studying the Bible, seeing the future, and growing spiritually. Also, “The Jeremiah Study Bible,” “The Coming Economic Armageddon,” and “What in the World is Going On?” are some of Dr. David Jeremiah’s well-known books.

David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah Communiation with Audience

“Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah” is a weekly TV show that Dr. David Jeremiah hosts. “A Word Every Day with Dr. David Jeremiah.”How he talked to people of Dr. David Jeremiah’s best qualities is that he can explain difficult ideas in a way that is clear and interesting.   

As a pastor and teacher, Dr. David Jeremiah’s job is to help people understand God’s Word better and to help them grow in their faith and friendship with Jesus Christ. David Jeremiah is a very well-known person on social media sites. He has more than 230 thousand fans on Twitter. Along with someone who posts his  photos and videos on social media to interact with his friends. 

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