Lirik Net Worth 2024: How wealthy is the Twitch Streamer?

One of the most-watched streamers on Twitch is Saqib Ali “Lirik” Zahid. In the early 2010s, when he played Day Z, he became famous for the first time. From there, his fan base slowly grew.  His name was put forward for the Shorty Awards as “Twitch Streamer of the Year.”

At the same time that the streamer signed an exclusive deal with Twitcha lot of other streams were moving to Mixer. Lirik is still one of the most famous streamers on the site, even though he doesn’t use a face cam and keeps his personal life very secret.

About 20,000 people watch his streams on average, and he has over 2.8 million followers on the site right now. In 2018, he was asked to take part in the PUBG Winter Charity tournament, which had a $200,000 prize pool.


Lirik’s Net Worth in 2024

An American named Lirik streams and plays video games. According to Celebrity Net Worth, He is worth $8 million.2.9 million people follow Lirik on Twitch, and 275,000 people subscribe to him on YouTube. Discord pays him to promote their service, and as of 2017, he was one of only 200 people who got paid to do so. Lirik got a YouTube Creator Award when 100,000 people started following his account. Lirik’s Career

When Lirik started the Twitch feed “LIRIK” in 2011, he played “World of Warcraft” at first, but then he switched to “DayZ.” Lirik’s Twitch channel started getting between 20,000 and 40,000 viewers for each show over time. As of this writing, his channel has almost three million followers.

His YouTube channel, “Lirik,” has more than 38 million views and 275,000 followers since he started it in 2012. People on Discord asked Lirik about how he became a streamer, and he said, “I was a viewer for ~2 years, first on then following Towelliee because he played ‘WoW’ and so did I.


After a bit I wanted to dive into streaming. I really liked it and it was very very addicting. I got lucky with the games I played. They really resonated with me and my personality. I think people caught on to that. I just kept going with the flow.”  He was asked to join the 2017 “PUBG” Winter Charity Invitational, where the top three teams would choose which causes would receive $200,000.

The “Gazette Review” named Lirik #5 on their list of the “Top 10 Richest Gaming Streamers” in 2017. His worth was said to be $1.3 million, and he made “over $200,000 annually from subscribers alone.” Early in 2018, Lirik tweeted, “Sorry, just need time off the internet. I’ll be taking a break from streaming.


” Living in a joke land every day gets old, mentally. In the end, I want to know what the point is, what my next steps should be, and how to change my habits. He also said, “I already know I’ll be back soon.” Not more than a week.

Thoughts? I’m still hooked on streaming and love it so much. I’m just going through a burnout phase. Lirik signed an exclusive deal with Twitch in December 2019 that will last for several years.

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How much does Lirik make? 

Lirik makes a lot of money every year— at least $1 million, according to estimates. He gets most of his money from Twitch, donations, and partnerships. It makes him about $400 a month on YouTube and about $45k a month on Twitch. He also makes money by selling things, like clothes from his line.


It is thought that Lirik makes between $473k and $596k a year from both his Twitch and YouTube sites. His Twitch account would make more money than that, though, because he gets more gifts and more subscribers who pay more. Besides that, he sells things and works with well-known businesses.

Money made from other activities’ sales of goods brings in no known amount of cash. Not a single one of his other business plans is known.

Making money as a YouTuber


Lirik does not regularly add new videos to his YouTube page; instead, it is used to store old videos, clips, and highlights from his Twitch streams. That means he makes between $300 and $500 a month, or $3.6k to $6k at the very least. 

Earnings a Twitch streamer 

Lirik makes a good amount of money from his Twitch channel and from the advertising deals he keeps getting. In 2017, it came out that Lirik had made $200,000 just from getting subscribers on Twitch. It  is thought that Lirik makes between $39.2k and $49.2k in a single month in 2021 and between $470k and $590.4k a year.


This is just from his Twitch subscribers; it doesn’t include the money he gets in gifts. Other Deals for SponsorshipLirik has been supported by more and more companies. So far, HyperX, Discord, CyberPowerPC, Gilette, and Studio Wildcard (for Ark) are a few of the big names that have given him money.   

Amount Spent

Lirik said in February 2020 that he would be moving into his own home in March. Lirik doesn’t talk much about his personal life, so we don’t know about any other costs.

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