Bj Baldwin Net Worth 2024: Know More About the Monster Energy Truck driver!

BJ Baldwin is a famous off-road racing champion known as one of the most successful Monster Energy Truck drivers ever. Find the net worth and some other details of the person from this article.

Bj Baldwin Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $800,000 and he is a proud winner of 7 national off-road championships.

Early years

He was born on September 6, 1979, in Las Vegas in Nevada in United States. He became a racing lover after one trip with his family where he had a possibility to ride a Chenowith and race with it on the road.

His sister Staci with whom he is very close, found out about his passion for roadtrucks and racing cars. She decided to help him buy him a car and he joined S.C.O.R.E. Championship Racing series. His father was named Bob and he is an executive at Vegas Casino Resort. His sister Staci gave him the money for his 1st car.


How Much Wealth Does He Have?

According to source, the estimated net of BJ Baldwin is $800,000 as of 2024.  Bj competed in almost 50 desert races before he took his first victory. He won a lot of titles: B.I.T.D. Champion Title, S.C.O.R.E. Champion title and he even won one of the most important race in the world: he became a Dakar Champion in 2008.

BJ won Toyota Milestone Award as much as 5 times. After changing a few cars, he decided that his special vehicle in which he feels best is a Chevy Truck (Silverado).

Other than earning his income from racing, he get’s a lot of endorsements and the two of his biggest sponsors are Monster Eenergy Drink and Toyo Tires. Those two companies are very huge in their branch and will not sign an endirsement deal with anyone.

His favorite video game from his childhood was „Ivan Ironman Stewart’s Super Off Road“. It was again the video game about racing.

After his sister bought him a car, and he improved a lot in driving, he changed his car to Toyota Bunderson 10. After that he bought a Porter Trophy Truck and joined Primm 300 race. He always streamed to better and faster cars as he was getting better in racing.

In 2003 he came out in the 5th place in „Boja 1000“ race. This was a big surprise since he even had a little car incident during the race but still managed to be in Top 5. That brought him respect amongst other drivers.

Larry Ragland, a known racing legend, liked BJ’s style in driving so they have become good friends and Larry became his mentor.

Larry joined his team and he helped him to get better in racing and be more skilled in various elements of driving.

With his help BJ won 2nd place in „The Desert Las Vegas to Reno Race“ which was a big success for him. He started doing great and became improved in many ways, as a driver and a contestor.


He won 2006 SCORE championship and next year he was a winner at SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge. So,  with this two wins, became the 1st racing driver to win this races two years in a row.

Today he drives a Trophy Truck named „Rampage“ and his biggest sponsor is Monster Energy.

Ragland was a big role model for BJ and while he was training him on roads from Tinidad to Boya to get him in shape.

Some cities, like Mexico and Tacoma, were shut down for those races and some streets weren’t even in function because they were driving there. That shows the importance of racing in California and USA.

“Ballistic BJ Baldwin” became his new nickname (although he thinks the nickname is a little bit funny – but he got used to it).

BJ set a new world record in Havana, the capital city of Cuba, where he has set a new record in the longest jump with Monster Energy Trophy Truck which is now the astonishing 58,2 meters. It was in the series called „Recoil“.

He succeeded in this attempt while driving a customized Toyota Tundra which goes over 230 km/h on any surface.

One of his most known videos is the one which he made in collaboration with his sponsors Toyo Tyres: he drove a customized tank which was manufactured between 1952 and 1971, but they’ve put a V8 engine in it plus two extra tyres. It was like a Transformer on the road.

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Personal life

BJ Baldwin Net Worth

He is married to Lisa Baldwin (Instagram) whom he loves dearly and often posts her photos on his social media accounts. She is very beautiful. He has a son named Jaeden, born in 2016.

He is known as a great supporter of Donald Trump which he often indicated through his Instagram account.

He is known to do what no one else wants and to drive through the most difficult roads and nature.

His son Jaeden doesn’t live with him but with his mother with whom BJ is no longer in a realtionship with. This makes him very sad, especially when he has to return his son to his mother.

He often emphasizes how he takes better care of himself because of his son, worrying about leaving him without a father. He is now in a happy relationship with Lisa.

When people ask him what would he do if he wasn’t a racer, he laughs and says that he would then chose a career of professional stripper.

He is very active on his social media profiles: he is most active on Instagram where he collected over half a million followers.

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