Reekado Banks Net Worth 2024, Bio, Age, Height

Reekado Banks is a famous Nigerian singer that came into the spotlight thanks to his amazing talent. We are going to talk about Reekado’s net worth, personal life and net worth.

We will see how he managed to reach the popularity he has right now but also what new projects he is working on right now.

Early Years

Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon was born on December 6th 1993 in Lags in Nigeria. Reekado grew up in the family that loved music, so he was bound to enter the musical scene one day.

His father was a pastor in Ondo State while his mother worked as a caterer.

Reekado grew up in a family of five, with an older brother and a younger sister. He loved music from early on and everyone knew his as the talented kid in the neighborhood.

Since his parents were very religious, he grew up in a very strict family and was considered a good kid.

At the age of 14 he began recording his first songs. His brother, who was a producer then, helped him create or record his first songs. His brother was a huge influence on him and tutored him on how to sing, how to perform and how to achieve the goals in music that he wanted to achieve.

While he was still a teenager, he came up with a name Reekado Banks, by putting together the parts of his last name. He started performing under this name professionally and kept it until now. The name can be translated as strong ruler.

Even though he knew he is going to be in music for the rest of his life, he still wanted to finish college and receive a college degree. He graduated from the University of Lagos with degree in strategic study and history. While growing up, he mentioned that his biggest influences were DJ Jimmy Jatt, Don Jazzy and M.I.

Career Path

Reekado’s career started pretty early on when he started recording his first songs with his brother. This was the time when he created his stage name Reekado Banks and the first time he was faced with professional music production.

His professional career started when his brother sent some of his songs to the Mavin Records. They were on search for new talents, and his brother saw a chance to get his brother a breakthrough. Ne was selected in the end by the Mavin Records among 5000 other people.

For the National Mirror he said that his brother sent his songs and agreed with the label about everything instead of him. Even though his brother did this without consent, Reekado is still happy that this happened. He often says that he likes creating music for everyone, and different songs styles for everyone’s taste.

His first single came out in 2014 under the name Turn It Up. The song was released the same day when Reekado signed a contract with the Mavin Records. He was joined by Tiwa Savage on this song and this was also the first single he released for the Mavin Records.

The song was an absolute success and his was the moment when he started gaining fans. Reekado was also a part of the song Dorobucci together with Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy and Korede Bello. Besides being in the same project with these talented singers, he also joined them later on in songs Looku Looku, Arise and Adaobi.

In 2015 he came out with a song called Katapot. The song was meant to be a diss track for Wande Coal and D’banj. The same year, Don Jazzy took to Twitter to say the song was not a diss track. For an interview Reekado did for the Vanguard, he said that the song wasn’t a diss track but only a song for his fans.

2015 was obviously Reekado’s year since a Nigerian telecommunications company signed an endorsement deal. This definitely gave him a bit more star status and put him more into the public eye. After 5 years of being with the Mavin Records, and announced that he is going to start his own brand Banks Music.

Reekado’s net worth is estimated at around 600$ thousand. Even though he earns a lot of money from his performances and his music, he is still a break through star and we can expect him to get his net worth higher. By owning his own company Banks Music, he will certainly be earning more money in the future.

Besides music and his record label, he also has many endorsements that allows him to have a pretty good net worth, considering his age and career experience. Reekado keeps recording new songs and we will definitely see something new from him pretty soon, unless he goes behind the scenes and starts producing music instead.

Reekado has many followers and subscribers on his social media. He likes sharing his performances and information about his new projects.

Personal life

Reekado was born in Nigeria, like we already mentioned, and he has become one of the biggest young singers in this part of the world.

He grew up in a family that was in love with music from the early on. His mother and father were pastors, so music was in his soul from the moment he was born.

He was a very talented kid and in school he started performing at smaller events and building his confidence for alter on. He often said that his older brother had a very big influence on his career. He basically sent his songs to the Mavin Records, while they were searching for talents.

His record label instantly loved the young artist and he was selected among 5000 other people. This only shows how talented he was. Reekado came up with his first stage name early on, and it was Spicy.

He later on changed this name into Reekado Banks, by combining parts of his surname.

His brother is still a big part of his career and in 2015, Reekado announced that he has ended his cooperation with Mavin Records. He decided to start his own label called Banks Music, so we can expect new music from him as well as from other artists who sign up with his label.

Reekado is very talented and received an award for the Rookie of the Year in 2014 and Next Rated Award at the Headies in 2015.

Growing up in a religious family influenced him greatly. He often says that his talent is a gift from good and that everyone has different talent. In an interview he did in 2015, he shared with his fans some of the curious things about him.

He said that he has one tattoo, and the tattoo is actually his name. He liked playing football and his favorite team is Arsenal F.C. his favorite meal is noodles and he is a fan of sugarcanes. Another interesting thing about him is that he charges 700N thousand for his performances, which is a pretty high price.

Reekado loves his family and is very tied to them. He bought a home for his parents. In 2017 he received an expensive gift from one of his fans. It was the Mercedes C300. Reekado hasn’t announced any of his new projects yet, but we will probably see something new very soon.

Reekado is a great example how people don’t have to be changed by the fame and how we can all still stay grounded besides everything. He is currently very popular in Nigeria, but we will see if he will try to breakthrough on the international music market. Until then, we have his old songs to enjoy.

Quick summary

Full name: Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon

Date of birth: 6 December 1993

Birthplace: Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Age: 26

Profession: Singer, songwriter

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: $2.5 million

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